A prayer for my son on his birthday

by Vicky (Zimbabwe)

Oh precious Jesus, please bless my son today on his 23rd Birthday. I pray for your divine intervention on the healing of his spirit and fill his soul with your love. Protect him wherever he goes and guide him on his rough roads, bless him today with love, peace, joy and wisdom from above. I pray that you lead him on the right path and show him how much you love him. Bless him with favor especially amongst family, friends and employment.

I pray that you bless him too financially but still always bringing him towards you so that he may never stray. May you bring wisdom and love to his wife too and bless their marriage with a supernatural yearning and love for your word. I pray this all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


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It is yet another day to celebrate your son’s birthday, right? Then be ready to get the best of birthday prayers for him.

Cute Birthday Prayers for My Son

1. Son, it’s another beautiful year of your life. May this never be the last, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, Son.

2. Happy birthday to my wonderful Son. Grow in wisdom and understanding. Amen.

3. Isn’t amazing my boy is grown up to a responsible adult? I pray may this day be colourful in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to my son.

4. You’ve been a great source of happiness to your father and I. I pray may you never stop making us happy in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday… Be good!

5. You’re naughty, intelligent, nice, and fun to be with. You’re my strength. I pray for incomparable wisdom and knowledge of God upon you. A wonderful birthday to you.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for My Son

6. I appreciate God in your life today, for keeping you this far. It can only be God. Happy birthday, dear son.

7. You’ve always made me know that the love between a mother and child is the best thing. Thank you for love. Happy birthday, my son.

8. I thank God for giving to me a clear picture of my character. You’re the best son. Enjoy your birthday.

9. Like the sun shines in the morning, may God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you from this year, and forever. Happy birthday, son.

10. You understand me. You know when I’m happy or sad. You know what I want. Son, you complete me. As you’re a year older, may good things never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday, my son.

Special Birthday Prayers for My Son

11. God has brought you this far, not man. May you never stop doing God’s will. Happy birthday, darling son.

12. The Lord that has made me conceive you, and made me deliver you without any problems, will never depart from you. Keep flourishing. Happy birthday, my son.

13. You might not be where you’re supposed to be. But remember, you’re not where you used to be. May God connect you divinely as start another year of your life. Happy birthday, son.

14. I have always known you’ll grow to be a great man. Thank God for showing you the way. Happy birthday, son.

15. As you’re a year older today, remember you’ve achieved a lot to thank God for. God has always been your backbone. And He will never depart from you. Happy birthday, best son.

Happy Birthday Blessings for My Son

Awesome collection of birthday blessings for your son on his birthday.

16. I thank God for the gift of a wonderful son. I love you very much, son. Happy birthday, and age gracefully.

17. I celebrate with you as you add another glorious year. Happy birthday, my son. You’re lifted.

18. I sing praises to God for giving me the opportunity to celebrate yet another year with you. May today mark the beginning of greater things in your life. Happy birthday, my strength.

19. You lift my spirits up whenever I’m down and feel unaccepted by everyone. You’re the reason for my living. Happy birthday, great son.

20. You’re the best son living. Happy birthday.


Dear Son,

Today you turn 16. You are no longer a child but nearly a man. And as much as I celebrate the ever more amazing you, I want to wrap you up in super duper extra strength bubble wrap and keep you safe and sound as you navigate the next few years.  In light of the obvious practical issues with doing this, I offer this prayer instead.

May you always remember to silence your phone before you drive. My heart couldn’t take a last text from you about what you want to eat for dinner. And furthermore, may other cars steer clear of you on stormy nights, in winter storms, in summer downpours, and on sunny days. May every road you travel bring you safely back to us in one piece.

If you decide to skydive, hang glide, scale huge mountains, wrestle alligators, or fly a small Cessna, may you have every bit of luck to get you back home and the good sense to know that your mother doesn’t need to know about that craziness until long after the fact.

May you make good decisions every time.  But when you make the bad ones, may you be given a moment of grace so that the consequences aren’t life-altering, heart-breaking, or soul-crushing. May you appreciate this moment then for what it was: a gift and a chance to grow. May you understand why we will feel the need to take away the car/phone/TV/computer to help you learn this lesson.

May you pick a college that we can all afford that gets you where you want to go. May you be blessed with friends there who will help you bridge that last important step to full manhood. May you appreciate the wonderful opportunities college affords. And may you have a ridiculously good time there. Bills and responsibilities and weekly paychecks will all come soon enough, so have fun.  Just not the kind of fun that requires bail money. May you have the wisdom to know the difference.

May you forgive us our trespasses. These are the years where we are revealed fully to you for good or ill. May we measure up to the job we were striving to do. If you ever suspected we are winging this parenting thing, you were only partially right. We took our job very seriously—read the parenting books, asked for guidance, fretted about travel teams, laid down technology rules and saved for college tuition—but we wonder often whether all those decisions were setting you on the right path. Throw us up a flare once in a while to let us know things are going well on your end. And know fully that every mistake was one of the heart. You’ll see someday just how blind and crazy love can make you.

And speaking of love, take your time. True love is worth the wait. May you find someone who loves you, not like we do, but completely, honestly, and deeply. May your future partner be your friend too who can help you on your way. There is nothing like a partner who can help you laugh through life’s hiccups, hold the bucket through life’s illnesses, and grab the tissues through life’s disappointments and heartbreaks. And as a bonus, may you find someone who happens to think that I am great too. I don’t want to have to beg you to visit, so find someone who loves your family as much you do.

May you pick a job you love that makes enough money so you can move out of the basement, but not so much that you are trading happiness for a fat paycheck. Money is great. We are big fans of money, but it pales in comparison to time with the people you love.

Oh, and here’s prayers for a life well lived. Be all in. Explore, read, see the world, get involved, defend a cause, right a wrong, step out of your comfort zone, sing, dance, make a fool of yourself, swim, run, hike, watch sunsets, play games, and look at stars.

Live long and prosper, sweet boy. The best is yet to come.

Love, Mom


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Happy birthday messages and prayers

A birthday prayer
May our God bless you today
and each day that follows
May you hear his voice
Follow his footsteps
Be comforted by his care and live in his grace.
Now and forever. Amen

Cute Happy birthday wishes 

You have turned i today , we pray and wish that you have a life full of joy,
happiness, success, prosperity, and love of friends, near and dear ones,
God bless you, dear child.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday wish and prayer

As you grow up. make sure you have more frames than memories

more opportunities than chances more hard work

than luck and more friends than acquaintance.
May you have the very best in life
Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for Wife

Happy birthday Jesus wishes

May the glory of Jesus lighten up your life and you feel

the love and compassion of GOD, on this special day of your! Be Happy and stay blessed!
Happy Birthday

New Happy Birthday wishes to Son

Love you son!
Wishing you all the happiness life can bring happy birthday!

A prayer for my Son on his birthday

Dear lord, your gifts are many i am thankful for every one.
one of the greatest gifts you have given is the gift of my dear son
Thank you for his life, dear Lord.
watch over him each day, may he be safe and free from harm. as he goes about each day,
bless him through life’s trials help him through life’s from wrong in

him choose right from wrong in example be for all to see,
standing tall, and proud and story

Inspirational birthday wishes 

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest Dad!

For all your words of wisdom for all the times you

stood by me for all the times
i feel so proud to be your daughter. for all the times

you would do the silliest of things to make me laugh, for all the
times your reassurance got me through though times

for the hugs that soothe me for the sacrifices you have
made for all this and more
I thank God that he decided to likes me with such a wonderful father

Latest happy birthday prayers

Today i pray to GOD that every path you take becomes free of obstacles,

every step you take becomes elevated towards success and every

breath you takes bring you closer to the peace of heavens.

with these wishes may you in a special new year in your life.
Happy Birthday

Happy birthday may God bless you abundantly

Happy birthday
May the lord bless you and protect you
May the lord smile in you and be gracious to you
May the Lord show you his favor and give his..

Birthday blessings for a friends

Thinking about you on your birthday and wishing you much happiness
May the Good lord bring you peace happiness and a life filled with

solitude here’s wishing you a holy and sacred birthday may God bless you abundantly.

happy birthday messages and prayers

Happy birthday wish and prayer

For i know the thougth that i think toward you. sayd the

Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, give you a future and a hope
Have a blesses and happy birthday

The lord bless you and keep you. the lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you

Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

May God bless you with his boundless love, calming peace and heavenly joy throughout the coming year
Happy birthday


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