Thanking god for healing me

I would like to thank all of those who prayed for me several days ago. I was having severe stomach problems, ended up in the emergency room with chest pains. Then, in the next few days, I was hospitalized. But, through it all, I remained steadfast in prayer. I stayed in contact with God. Others prayed for me, too. Then, on yesterday, I received a clean bill of health. Thank you God for your amazing grace and healing power. Thank you prayer warriors who prayed with and for me. I will continue to pray for others on this website and in my daily walk with God. For, I know that God has an amazing grace and He will come and see about us. Glory to God. ladyofprayer

By: “Thankful Heart in Iowa”

I was discharged from the hospital today with a normal white blood cell count after it having been elevated and for unknown reasons for quite some time. I would like to thank God for the gift of his Son, Jesus for the gift of salvation, and the Holy Spirit for His ministry to my body and soul, and all 3 for the eternal and unconditional love. Thank you Lord for your healing power, for giving me the resources to have the help that I needed, and for guiding the Doctor’s minds and hands. Praise you Lord.

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I’m believing and thanking God for healing in my body. I haven’t been to church in a long time and today the Pastor did an alter call for those who may be having health issues. I know he was led to do this by the Holy Spirit because no one including my pastor knows that I was diagnosed HIV positive in July of 2007. Brothers and Sisters please pray with me  believing and thanking God for his healing and his goodness. Despite what the doctor says  I chose to believe the report of the lord and he says I AM HEALED! Thank you Jesus for coming to my rescue!!!! Thank you Lord, all the glory and praise and honor be to God! Man I can’t tell you how awesome he is if I sat here and typed for the rest of my life!!!  MARK 5:21-36

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thanking god for healing me

“We feel pain as an outrage; Jesus did too, which is why he performed miracles of healing. In Gethsemane, he did not pray, “Thank you for this opportunity to suffer,” but rather pled desperately for an escape. And yet he was willing to undergo suffering in service of a higher goal. In the end he left the hard questions (“if there be any other way … “) to the will of the Father, and trusted that God could use even the outrage of his death for good.”
— Philip Yancey —

“The word treatment is usually applied to a prayer that is made for some specific purpose, as distinct from a general prayer, which is really a visit with God. You must remember that a treatment is a definite practical action, having a definite object and a definite beginning and end. It is in fact a surgical operation on the soul. Let us suppose that you decide to heal a certain difficulty by prayer. You know that your difficulty must be caused by some negative thought charged with fear and located in the subconscious mind. You therefore turn to God, and remind yourself of His goodness, His limitless power, and His care for you. As you work the fear will begin to dissolve, and the awareness of the Truth corrects the erroneous beliefs themselves. Thank God for the healing that you believe will come-and then you keep your thought off the matter until you feel led, after an interval, to treat again. He sent his word, and healed them … (Psalm 107:20).”

— Emmet Fox

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thanking god for healing me

thanking god for healing me thanking god for healing me

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