Prayer for new mom and dad

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. Mom made it back to Florida safe and sound! She stopped in Tenn and spent the night at Uncle John and Aunt Sandy’s condo and that helped a ton! Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Sandy!! Mom had a great time playing Wii….sounds like you might have started something…..I’m sure she’s out looking for one right now. 🙂

Dad’s Memorial Service has been scheduled in Florida. Mom had to wait to hear back from the priest. Here are the logistics:

Monday, June 8th8:30 am MassSt. Paul’s Church in Leesburg, FL

There will be a small reception immediately following the mass in the church hall. Not all of us will be able to make it to Florida but we’re so happy for those of who are able to be there. Mom has lots and lots of friends in Florida but there’s nothing like family during a time like this. Please be safe if you’re driving down.

I was so very sad to hear the news that Uncle Bill wasn’t feeling great and that hospice was called in. I’ve been keeping up with Michele’s blog to get a daily update. Sounds like he’s having a better day today. Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters and I all truly understand what they’re going through. They will all need our support more than ever, through prayers, laughs and tears (and yes, pizza and beer….) 🙂 I think we’re all feeling emotionaly drained right now with Dad’s funeral only a month ago but we need to keep on going for family’s sake….and we will.

Love you all!Theresa

How is it possible that you forget you mother and father on the occasion of Merry Christmas 2018. Mom and dad are your family and you should wish your parents in a unique style. Here you will get amazing ideas to wish your Mom and dad on this Christmas. I create and some are collected but all are best Merry Christmas Quotes for your mom and also for your dad.

Your parents don’t need much more from you, if you want to enjoy parties with your age friends especially I am talking about youngster then go for it but before going into party, just wish your mom who prepare a food for you and ready to work for you without any holiday even she has no holiday on Christmas day. Also wish your dad who earn money for your studies, for your clothes and for anything you want. See few cute Xmas wishes and quotes for your mom and dad.

Tell your parents that you are special part of Christmas to me!

prayer for new mom and dad

I am very grateful and proud to have you as my parents.

prayer for new mom and dad

Xmas Cards for Your Parents

Its a short letter to your parents (Mom and dad) to wish Happy Christmas and Holidays. Tell them about your celebrations. Send them prayers for the day with your love.

prayer for new mom and dad

Xmas 2016 Wishes for Mom and Dad 

You may find countless wishes on the web for your mother but I collected latest greetings and wishes for your mom that really inspires her and it is great opportunity to say her Thank you Mom and I love you Mom. Same for dad, Thank daddy and I love you dad and merry Christmas to both of you.

If you don’t live with your parents, this distance Christmas wishes are for your parents. We decorate them with eye catching Xmas themed images.

prayer for new mom and dad

I am so lucky and blessed to have parents like you, Say Thanks to your parents for their unconditional  care, love and guidance.

prayer for new mom and dad

Cute Distance Greetings and messages for your Mom, dad and family!

If you are celebrating 25th December away from your family and missing them, you can also use this images to wish them and tell them that you are missing them a lot.

prayer for new mom and dad

Best Christmas Quotes to Mother and Father with Images

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

Love Xmas Wishes for Mom and Dad with Social Images

prayer for new mom and dad

These are kind of letters to your Dad on Xmas and you have to wish them with the help of these sayings.

prayer for new mom and dad

Christmas Messages for your Parents

If you live far from your parents and missing them on the Christmas then you should call your parents and send them personalized messages via SMS or via greeting card images to tell them you are missing your mommy and papa. Also send them your best wishes and happy winter season.

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

For amazing Parents..a short saying..

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

If you like these images of wishes and greeting cards, please must share them on your social walls. Thank You.

A funny handmade Christmas Card for father / dad

prayer for new mom and dad

Long letter for your Family and Parents on Xmas 2016

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

A short Xmas Letter for your mother to memorize your old days of childhood.

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

prayer for new mom and dad

My 3-year-old daughter prays for her husband every single day. She is always talking about her wedding and even gets on one knee to propose to her dad (and to me!). Her little face lights up with the question: Will you marry me?

She’s so absolutely adorable, and it provides for many teaching moments about how marriage and family works. This stage of “I want to marry my dad” and “I want to grow up to be mom so I can marry dad” is a new and bittersweet experience because I was a single mom when Elisha and Elyssa were this age and they didn’t have a father figure.

prayer for new mom and dad

So although praying for my husband is something I already do on a regular basis, my Little Pige has inspired me to pray for him more earnestly, and to say prayers that will bless him in every area of his life. I want my marriage to always be strong and I want us to grow closer together and to enjoy one another. 

Whenever I pray for him, I develop a thankful heart toward him and I am more able to see his support, his patience, and his willing heart. Whenever I pray for him, he changes, because I change the way I see him.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.“

prayer for new mom and dad

So this month, I challenged myself to pray for my husband all month in a specific way. It’s not too late for you to join me in the challenge. If you can squeeze in five more minutes, I encourage you to also journal about the experience. 

I pray that my husband will grow spiritually, discover and multiply his gifts and talents, and pursue daily rituals that will help him cultivate his divine nature, purpose, and identity.

I pray that my husband will increase in knowledge, great wisdom, understanding, perspective, and insight. I pray that he keeps a sober mind so he can make wise decisions that bring him happiness and peace.

I pray that my husband will be quick to recognize paths that don’t serve him and humble and teachable enough to switch to be in alignment with the right course.

I pray that my husband will develop his leadership skills, so he can be a successful man, husband, and father, and can be a source of protection, guidance, and provision for everyone in his stewardship.

I pray that my husband will have the courage to safeguard his heart and honor his wedding vows. I pray that he is unmovable in his commitment, loyalty, and fidelity to our relationship.

I pray that my husband will stand for what is right, act with integrity, and stay true to his standards. I pray that he will have the strength to speak up, with firmness and clarity, and that his words will inspire others to respect his convictions, his beliefs, and his faith.

I pray that my husband will serve people cheerfully and from his heart. I pray that he is generous, loving, respectful, compassionate, empathetic, and comes to each interaction with pure motives.

I pray that my husband will be diligent, honest, and enthusiastic in his responsibilities. I pray that he is blessed with the skills, knowledge, and attributes that will help him prosper and find enjoyment and fulfillment in each task he performs.

I pray that my husband’s mind will be illuminated with discernment to priorities in his life. I pray that he has the bravery to forsake any distractions that may be sabotaging his ability to achieve what he desires.

I pray that my husband will be safe and free from harm and danger. I pray he is watchful in every step he takes.

I pray that my husband finds physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual strength, as well as perspective in hardships, challenges, and persistent issues he may face. I pray he has an increasing capacity to access his inner power, so he will not be discouraged, not fear, or dismay. 

I pray that my husband will actively seek to understand the ways I receive love and to clearly express the ways he wants me to love him. I pray we can foster an atmosphere of genuine intimacy and continue to pursue each other with respect, admiration, and the magic of romance.

I pray that my husband will speak words that build himself and those around him. I pray that he strives to purify his thoughts and that he is able to eloquently and lovingly communicate them.

I pray that my husband will be an example to others who cross his path. That his life would be a reflection of who his Heavenly Father wants him to be, and that he can impact our posterity in a positive way.

I pray that my husband is surrounded by godly men that he can mentor and can mentor him. I pray that he will be a good influence and be influenced only by goodness. I pray that his friendships are strong and carefully chosen, and they can bring growth and joy into his life.

I pray that my husband will choose healthy, holy, and honorable activities that he is passionate about. I pray that he experiences freedom, temperance, and self-mastery in all of his personal habits.

I pray that my husband will be quick to forgive himself for his mistakes and can reconcile with those he has wronged. I pray he can humbly learn from each experience, so he can move forward in a positive direction. 

I pray that my husband will discover and follow his God-given purpose. I pray that he can wake up excited to live a life he loves every day.

I pray that my husband will be blessed with mindfulness, balance, and peace. I pray that he can cultivate a calm attitude, and harness his emotions in a healthy and purposeful way.

I pray that my husband feels loved, respected, trusted, honored, and appreciated. I pray that he is able to see each gesture, each word, and each act of service as a gift to him and to be open to receive it fully and with gratitude.

I pray that my husband can be clothed with confidence. I pray that he smiles and laughs each day. I pray that his light can be contagious so others can be uplifted by his joy.

I pray that my husband can have dreams, goals, and aspirations for his future. I pray he can feel deserving of life in abundance and that his steps can be directed toward the prosperity God has in store for him.

I pray that my husband will be a loving, caring, and affectionate father who will guide his kids and teach them with light and truth. I pray that he can discipline them with gentleness, boldness, and in unity with me.

I pray that my husband can manage finances with discernment and wisdom. I pray that he will be a self-reliant steward and a visionary partner with regard to money, and that he will keep an eternal perspective in temporal matters. 

I pray that my husband will be focused on unity and will be relentless in his pursuit of oneness with me and our daughters.  I pray for agreement, clarity, and compromise in all our family meetings.

I pray that my husband will be strengthened in his fears, doubts, inadequacies, worries, and insecurities.  I pray that he is empowered and enabled to withstand pressure, and that he is equipped to be mentally stable during struggling, overwhelming or stressful times.

I pray that my husband is diligent in taking care of his body, and in maintaining his own welfare, wellbeing, and holistic health. I pray for healing, endurance, and patience with any disease, or discomfort that he may experience.

I pray that my husband treats every live being with empathy, kindness and respect. I pray that he can see each person as a son or daughter of his Heavenly Father, and embrace and celebrate their uniqueness.

I pray that my husband has faith that everything will work together for his good and to acknowledge God’s Hand in everything that happens in his life.

I pray that my husband can humbly forgive when he feels wronged. I pray he can let go of bitterness, resentment, and unresolved conflicts that burden him. I pray that he can be held, healed, and restored in his brokenness and unsettled pain.

I pray for my husband’s weaknesses. I pray that he can become self-aware and continues to pray for strength and to work on himself. I pray that he can use his weaknesses to grow closer to his Heavenly Father and fortify his testimony.

prayer for new mom and dad

I am grateful that my daughter taught me this lesson in praying for my husband. It’s already been an enlightening experience as I see my will yield, my expectations grounded, and my emotions settled. 

You can start the “praying for my husband challenge” any day of the month, and do it at your own pace. The last thing I want is for us to have yet another thing we’re going to beat ourselves up about. Just pick it back up and start when you left off. 

Do you pray for your husband or say daily affirmations about him? I’d love to hear how you believe that your positive words and intentions can transform our marriage.

© Elayna Fernández ~ The Positive MOM

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