Prayers for debt freedom

by Eric (Everett,Washington.)

my heavenly father, i thank you for today. thank you that am alive and that you have blessed my life with good health. i adore and cherish you.father one thing that disturbs my heart is the way that i live with fear.

Remove that fear in me. The fear of being in debt and being financially not stable. my lord your name is great and there is nothing above you and that is why am changing my ways and coming to you cause you are the only one who can have shown that your help is free and you provide 100% for those who believe and trust in you.lord for all those debts that i have acquired please cancel them for me.

as i live everyday in this earth let me seek your help. provide for me cause what am only asking is to live knowing that my rent would be paid and my bills would be paid too.thats what am only asking from you lord. am not asking for millions cause what i need right now my heavenly father is for you to help me. i believe and trust in you.

In jesus name i do pray and believe


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by Sarlot (Malybaly Philippines)

Hallelujah Lord Jesus, we praise you and glorify your name. Thank you so much for every blessings we received and for guiding us everyday. Jesus, forgive our sins Lord, and guide to do the things according to your will. Lord, I sent up this prayer request for those who are in financial crisis, who are suffering from debt burdens that they may find the right solution for their problem. That they may get enough resources to cover all their debts. Lord, we know that the situation we are in right now is caused by your enemy. Guide and protect us Lord that Satan will not rule over our lives.

Lord save us from this financial trials. Please help us Lord. Hear our prayers. Do not allow us to stay in this situation, but let us move forward and walk closer to you Lord.

I pray that my Brothers and Sisters will help me pray those who are in need, those who needs assistance. Let us pray for one another because the power of the joined prayers is more powerful. Thank you so much Lord. Thank you so much brothers and sisters for taking time reading this and for praying for me and for others.

in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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Here’s a small sample of the kind of prayers

you’ll be praying to become debt-free:

1. From today, my portion in life has changed from

that of borrower to that of lender and giver in

Jesus’ name.

2. You mountain of debt, programmed to put me in

poverty, be cast away in the name of Jesus.

3. Let all my stolen blessings be restored to me

a thousand fold in the name of Jesus.

4. Every satanic banker representing me in the spirit

world, be arrested by the angels of God in the

name of Jesus.

5. Today, I raise the altar of continuous abundance

upon my destiny in the name of Jesus.

6. Let divine magnets of prosperity be planted in

my hands in the name of Jesus.

7. As a result of my prosperity prayers, I receive

the mandate to enter into the covenant of wealth

in the mighty name of Jesus.

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