I need prayers please

by Alyson (Denver CO)

I need prayers for my husband of 9 years. I want a prayer for his salvation. I need to wage war on this situation spiritually. His name is Dave and he left me and our three month old daughter for another women. I would like for our marriage to be restored and for him to be touched by the holy spirit. Please pray that the women Devon releases him back home to his family. please pray he is awaken with dreams and touched by Christ. Please pray the hedge of thorns over this women. Thank you!!!!! please pray for a miracle and the restoration of my marriage.

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I was at the hospital all day with my best friend, Mattie. She had a biopsy on her colon this morning. They are looking for cancer, seeing they can’t seem to find anything else causing her problem.

Mattie has Chromes disease as it is. I don’t want this to be cancer. They did find ulcers during surgery, but do not think that is the cause either.

I love her with all my heart and don’t know what I would do without her in my life. So please, all you believers and non believers. Please pray for my friend, that the test results turn out negative.


I don’t want someone in my life I can live with. I want someone in my life I can’t live without.


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