Prayers for college acceptance

prayers for college acceptance

This prayer for acceptance is taken from the Let it Go, 10 Meditative Affirmation Prayers CD. It is based on ten spiritual practices I discovered that allowed me to let go of the physical weight I struggled with most of my life, along with the emotional and spiritual weight I carried.

Acceptance is one of the most powerful spiritual practices that, if we do it, our lives will have greater peace and joy.

Accepting God’s Love

Too often, we accept what the world tells us: We’re not smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, old enough, young enough, experienced enough… I hear God say, “Enough!”

Until we understand and accept how much we are completely loved by God, we will struggle, seeking acceptance from others instead of knowing we are enough, more than enough in God’s eyes.

Accepting Life as it Comes


Prior to what our marketing culture wants us to believe, there is no anti-aging miracle. We are aging each day. Looking on the bright side, with age comes wisdom. On the not so bright side are health issues. There are many losses: loss of mobility, loss of energy, loss of friends, spouses, loved ones, etc.

Not accepting losses causes even more suffering.

Life Events

Life is messy. Births, deaths, moves, divorce, breakups, job loss, being downsized, physical or mental limitations, being exposed to abuse, are just a few examples of what can happen. Many situations happen with no choice given to us. Outcomes were not what we were expecting.

Denial, grief, anger, and resistance are natural feelings. But holding onto these feelings, however, and not accepting and letting this angst go will cause further suffering.

The Past

The apostle Paul wrote: “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.” (Romans 15:4 NIV)

We are meant to learn from our past, not live in the past. While it’s important to remember our roots, we can’t let mistakes, abuse, or hurts affect the present moment. Accept, forgive, and move forward.

I hope that these examples have illustrated the powerful spiritual practice of acceptance.

A Prayer for Acceptance

Dear Gracious and Loving God,

As I take this time to be still, help me to let go of anxiousness and feel your peace.

Your Word says that you are love and where there is love there can be no fear.

Help me to let go of fear and receive your perfect love.

I come before you with heaviness because of being hurt by others.

Help me to accept the effect that their actions have had in my life and to let go of this hurt.

Holding onto past hurts – Holding onto resentments and judgments weighs me down.

I release this hurt.

I release this weight on my body and spirit. I ask your love to carry me.

I let go of hurt, resentment and judgment.

I forgive those who have hurt me.

Because I practice awareness in all areas of my life, I am aware of self-criticism or poor choices.

I accept my actions. I forgive myself and let go of poor choices or self-criticism.

To receive or accept love, I let go of building walls of self-protection.

Help me to receive and accept love.

Help me to freely give love.

Help me not to strive for perfection but to make progress each day.

I accept the choices I make.

I can trust myself.

I make good choices.

Each day, help me to step into the glorious person you created me to be.

I accept and find comfort in knowing—I am completely loved with your divine, perfect love.

In the name of your Son whose example lights our way,


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Worried about how to get college acceptance for homeschool high schoolers?

prayers for college acceptance

College Acceptance for Homeschool High Schoolers

In my years as academic advisor for our local homeschool high school upperclassmen, I often talked to parents who were concerned about what happens AFTER high school. They wanted tips to get college acceptance for their homeschool high schoolers.

Click here for more information.

Here are 5 tips I always share with them for getting college acceptance for homeschool high schoolers:

  1. Don’t overshoot- It is a waste of time to apply to colleges WAY over a teens’ ability. A good rule of thumb is to check college websites for the statistics on incoming freshmen. Your teens’ test scores should be fairly close to those scores. (If they are much under the average score, your teens, if accepted, may start out at a disadvantage.)
  2. Have academic rigor and explain it on the transcript- Many colleges are looking for academic rigor in at least some courses. You and your homeschool high schoolers should choose a course, or courses, each year to level-up to honors. Show the level on the transcript and include a legend on the transcript that explains how the level-up was earned.
  3. Show the sparkle– Your homeschool high schoolers should explore and expand interests with extra and unusual electives, invest in extracurriculars that requireClick here for more information.

    some commitment, and include plenty of service hours. This gives the transcript sparkle and makes your teens standouts! (Try unusual courses like Human Development, Public Speaking, Drama, or Philosophy.)

  4. Make sure your homeschool high schooler can write and edit- This is VITALLY important for colleges that require admission essays (and for the entire time they are in college). Nuff said. Get a good curriculum that is fun, no busywork, accessible, and self-directed and have your teens write, write, write! (7Sisters writing guides were designed to develop college-prep skills in a don’t-make-your-teens-hate-writing format.)
  5. Get good references- Have your teens spend the high school years developing some solid mentorships. This is good for your teens’ souls. AND it gives you reference writers who actually know your kids- so they can write a great reference for them.

    Click here for more information.

These are all things where you and your teens have some control. There are things that are out of your control (# of seniors applying for a limited number of spaces at a college, the mood of the admissions officers on the day they read your teens’ application, and God’s will about the situation.) You can trust God to open and close doors on these things. Do what you can and leave the rest to Him.

Wonder what highly selective colleges are looking for in an applicant. Click here to read more.

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prayers for college acceptance

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College Acceptance for Homeschool High Schoolers


Once you’ve found your dream school the question becomes: will I get in? It’s hard to predict accurately, but the college’s acceptance rates can give you an idea of your chances.

Acceptance Rates Basics Acceptance rates are important in your college search process, but what exactly are they?

Put simply, a school’s acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants who are admitted. It’s pretty easy to find out the number of people getting into the school you’re interested – just check out their profile on Cappex.

What’s a Good Acceptance Rate? There’s not really such a thing as a good or bad acceptance rate. In general, schools with low acceptance rates (lower than 10 percent) like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are more selective or have high standards or have tens of thousands of students applying for relatively few spots.

But that definitely doesn’t mean schools with higher acceptance rates are bad schools! They may just have less strict admission requirements or have larger campuses that can accommodate more students in the freshman class. Look at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University, or the University of Arizona – they’re all great schools and they all have acceptance rates higher than 60 percent.

Which Ones Should I Apply To? That’s up to you! If you want to put some highly selective schools with low acceptance rates on your list, go for it!

However, to maximize your chances of getting into a school you love, it’s recommended students put safety, reach, and match schools on their college lists. By adding schools with all types of acceptance rates, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up at a great college and have the best four years of your life!

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