Prayer for someone going through a hard time

by Magnet (Ireland)

Dear God, I’ve prayed to you all my life please help me again, my heart is aching, my boyfriend is going through a hard time as he has been burnt by bad relationships, he has a 5 year old son who lives with his mom a distance away, he only sees him at weekends, he does not get on with his son’s mother.

He has slipped in to depression but doesn’t know it. He is completely stressed, he has asked that i give him some time alone to sort things out for himself, i am heartbroken, don’t know what to do, have no contact with him for last 3 weeks.

Please heal him from his troubles and bring him back to me, we could have a nice life together, he is such a kind person, but life was unfair to him. Put your healing hands over us both and give us peace in our lives, i will always believe in you, you were the only friend i had when i was young and going through abuse, i could talk to you at night when i went to bed, i know you have helped me all my life, dear god, i’m begging you to take away my pain.

Give me a sign that everything will be ok, I need you so bad in my life right now. Thank You God.

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God will Heal the Sick. Pain and suffering are, unfortunately, a reality of life. At some point in our lives we will hurt, or someone around us will hurt. There will be a life changing accident or soul crushing diagnosis that will shake us to our souls. It can be worse to see a loved one (family member or friend) in pain. Many a mother has said, “I would take on my child’s pain if I could!” Seeing a loved one in pain can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, and angry. We ask God, “Why did You let this happen, Lord?” and feel that “There’s nothing I can do!” There is something we can do – we can always pray! But does really everybody know how to pray for healing for someone else?

Here’s how to pray for healing for someone else

Few tips for how to pray for healing for someone else:

  1. Listen! You need to understand the requirement.
  2. Bring your loved one’s prayer requests to God. God hears our prayers!
  3. Ask others to stand in prayer with you. Corporate prayer is powerful!
  4. Ask church leaders to come and lay hands on her and pray.
  5. Be an encourager!

1. Listen with compassion

When someone is going through a hard time it can make a world of difference when loving friends asks, “How can I pray for you?” without judgement. Understanding what another person is saying requires paying close attention to what they are expressing. This is an important key in discerning how to pray for healing for someone else.

Here are a few examples:

A friend who is not feeling well has a lot of things on her mind. If she is nervous about an appointment, tell her, “I will pray that you will have peace during your appointment and that your doctor(s) will have insight into how to treat your illness. I am praying for your healing!”

A coworker is struggling with a new medication. He is frustrated because he just wants to pain to stop! You can tell him: “I understand that you are frustrated about your different medications. I will pray that your body will respond to medication and that you will heal. I’ll also pray that your doctor(s) will help you find the right combinations to deal with your pain”.

A gentle reminder – do not use prayer requests as an excuse to share your friend’s personal business. Respect her privacy! Don’t share anything unless she has given you permission to do so! Prayer requests are not to be treated as gossip!

2. Bring your prayer requests to God

When I think about how God allows us to enter into His throne room and bring our requests to Him. This is not something we should take lightly especially in learning how to pray for healing for someone else. God hears our prayers!

The Bible is full of promises about God’s faithfulness. Bring your loved one’s prayer requests to God during your quiet time. Include Bible verses about healing in your prayers like Jeremiah 17:14, Isaiah 40:29, and Psalms 30:2.

Using the same example as your friend who is nervous about an appointment, here is how you can pray for her:

“Dear Lord, I want to bring my friend to you right now. I know that she is not feeling well and worry is taking a lot of her emotional energy. I pray that You will give her special peace in the midst of her crisis; draw close to her. Give her confidence that healing will come. I pray that that You will give her doctor special insight and wisdom during this upcoming appointment. Show them how to treat her to relieve the pain and bring healing. I remember the portion of Isaiah 53:3 that says, ‘…by his wounds we are healed’. I believe you, God will heal the sick! Thank-you in advance for what You will do! Amen”.

Take a minute to send a text message to your friend and say, “I just said a prayer for you!”

3. Ask others to stand in prayer with you

The Christian Church is a community that we rely on for support and community. When it comes to praying, corporate (or prayer within a group of Christians) is powerful. Remember Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”.

Here’s how you can implement corporate prayer:

  • If your loved ones gives you permission, share her prayer request with a trusted group of Christians from your church of Bible study.
  • Ask your Bible study to agree with you in prayer for healing.
  • Ask your friends if they have any words of knowledge to share or if they have similar stories of healing.
  • When you loved one experiences an answer to prayer, share it with your Bible study.
  • Give praise to God.

4. Laying on of hands and Anointing of the Sick Sacrament

In the book of James (5:14-15), Christians from the early church were instructed to call the elders to pray for and anoint the sick. They would come together in agreement for healing.

If your loved one feels comfortable with it, ask church leaders to come and lay hands on her and pray. You can gather at a church or in a home.  Many Christians use anointing oil when they pray. A special reminder – anointing oil is symbolic of dedication to and trust in God; the oil does not have any power in and of itself. Talk with your pastor about the process of laying on of hands.

Catholic Church has Anointing of the Sick Sacrament, which is intended to strengthen those who are being tried by illness. This sacrament is administered by a priest, who lays hands on the sick and pray over him, then anoints patient’s forehead and hands with blessed oil. The first grace of this Sacrament is one of strengthening, peace, and courage to overcome the difficulties that go with the condition of serious illness. By Anointing of the sick Sacrament, all Church is invited to pray for their brother in Christ, not leaving him alone to fight with illness and pain. Intercession of God and Church would be a great help for him.

5. Be an encourager

Imagine what you need when you’re not feeling well. Someone to sit quietly with you and keep you company? Someone who is cheerful and reassuring? Thinking through this can help develop empathy for others who are suffering.

Spending time with a friend who is suffering because of health can be very discouraging. It is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all the negatives. While it’s important to be realistic about any situation, you can support your friend by focusing on being an encourager. Be prepared with some Scriptures to share, some positive news, or a song that touched you.

Even if your loved one isn’t feeling well, your words will be heard and your thought will be appreciated.

Pain is an unavoidable part of life, but it is an opportunity for us to experience God’s presence and faithfulness in a real way. He is there to listen to our prayers and heal us. We learn how to pray for healing for someone else through the Scriptures, asking other Christians to pray with us, and by being encouragers. God will heal the sick!

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Maybe your friend just got a bad diagnosis. Or your sister is going through a divorce. Either way, bad things happen to the people we love, and that sucks, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore it. Enter a terrific new book, There Is No Good Card for This, which walks you through how to react when the people you love are in pain. Written by two cancer survivors, Kelsey Crowe, Ph.D. (founder of the nonprofit Help Each Other Out) and Emily McDowell (who’s funny empathy cards caught our attention back in 2015), this helpful book has advice for what to say and do when friends and family are going through everything from illness and loss to infertility and divorce. The whole book is more than worth a read, but here are ten takeaways—things you should never say to someone going through a hard time.

McDowell and Crowe note that compassion is not the same thing as pity. Saying things like “That’s just so sad” isn’t supportive. The authors give us this situation: You see an old man walking slowly with a cane. You could think, “It must be so hard for that poor guy. I feel so sorry for him,” or you could think, “Wow, that guy is inspiring. I hope I can do the same at his age.” The former is pity; the latter is compassion.

prayer for someone going through a hard time

When someone close to you is going through a difficult time, as we all will at some point in our lives, you want to support them and help them see that things will get better.

We all go through challenging times and experience ups and downs. Most of us can cope with one thing going wrong in our life, but with two or three things go wrong at once, it can be harder to cope.

The difficult periods of our lives is what shapes us and help us to grow, and then move on to bigger and better things. You don’t develop strength and backbone sitting at home watching Netflix.

Below is a top ten list of great things to say to inspire and lift someone up.

Ten kind things to say to someone going through a hard time

  1. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
  2. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.
  3. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
  4. Not to spoil the ending for you but everything is going to be OK.
  5. If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.
  6. When shit happens, turn it into fertilizer!
  7. Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.
  8. Life is like a roller coaster, you can either scream every time there is a bump or you can throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.
  9. If we all threw our problem in a pile and we saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.
  10. God only gives you what you can handle. Apparently, he thinks you’re a bad ass.

Via A – Z Quotes

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Got any comments, questions or tips for helping someone going through a challenging time? Share them in the comments below.

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