Lord guide me in the right direction

by Lorena (Colorado)

Lord I pray to you for many things, I have probably talked your ears off the past few days. I pray that you help Richy’s family get through whatever obstacle they are facing and that their problems will soon fade away.

Give them the strength they need and your love at this time. I also pray to you that you will help ease this transition between him moving out back to his parents. As he is faced with hard times, this is also hard for me. I ask you to help ease my pain.

That you help keep our relationship strong. That our love will grow fonder. I pray you will help us through this hard time. In Lords name Amen.

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by Petals (Manila, Philippines)

I pray to the Divine St Jude to pray with fervent intervention to the Father Almighty for all my petitions that include financial healing, debt relief and urgent employment to generate viable income. St Jude please pray

for a Life Partner to care and hold me for now and in the future – someone who I will love and will love me as much in return. Someone who will also praise God and His Glory. These, I ask in the Holy Name of Jesus through the intense intercession of Saint Jude in consonance to the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I sleep with the Hope, Faith and Trust that tomorrow brings all the answers to my fervent prayers. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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Will update someday in the future.

lord guide me in the right direction

lord guide me in the right direction

Welcome to Iris’ Night lord guide!
I’ve been maining a Night Lord on multiple servers
and I figured I’ll share some of my knowledge
regarding Night Lord to everyone here!​

Most of the things you should know about a Night Lord will be covered here.
You’re not required to follow exactly what this guide has to offer.
You’re free to build your Night Lord differently as you see fit.
This is just a guide to lead you to the right direction.​

lord guide me in the right direction

Pros – Night Lords are considered one of the Top single-target DPS class in game.

– Possible the strongest bossing class around and hence highly sought after in boss runs.
– Extremely agile with mobility skills like Flash Jump and Haste
– Possess one of the highest Avoidability and Accuracy among all the class.
– Alchemist enable attack potions to last 50% longer.

Cons – Relies heavily on party buffs like Sharp Eye. Night Lords lose around 40% of their DPS without Sharp Eye.

– Extremely expensive to fund. Requires good equipment to dash out high damages.
– One of the worst grinder around. ( Gain majority of the exp from bossing)
– Requires HP Washing to boss during early stages.

There are several ways to build a Night Lord.
You are not required to follow this path.
But it is recommended to do so.​

DEX-less transitioning to Low-DEX As Maple Items exist in MapleSaga up till Level 77. And Maple Items requires no DEX, it is recommended to go DEX-less up till Level 77.

You will start off at Level 10 with 25 DEX. And it shall stay this way up till Level 77 as putting all your AP into LUK will only increases your damage which would greatly benefit you and only make it easier to level.

From Level 77 onward it is recommended to start adding some DEX as you will be able to equip End Game Gears like Red Craven and Dragon Sleeves. So it is advised that you’ll have at least 140 DEX by Level 100 to equip Red Craven and henceforth. Note that the 140 DEX requirement includes your DEX equipment. So with Items like Zakum Helmet and a decent Top and Bottom which gives DEX, you could reach 140 DEX easily with only 70-80 Base DEX.

Note that you could reset your DEX back to your LUK with AP Resets.

So don’t be afraid to add more into your DEX as you will be able to reset it eventually. lord guide me in the right direction

Level 10: +1 Lucky Seven (1)
Level 11 – 12: +5 Nimble Body (5), +1 Keen Eyes (1)
Level 13 – 15: +7 Keen Eyes (MAX), +2 Lucky Seven (3)
Level 16 – 22: +17 Lucky Seven (MAX), +3 Disorder (3), +1 Dark Sight (1)
Level 23 – 30: +19 Dark Sight (MAX), +5 Nimble Body

(10) You start off by adding 1 SP on Lucky Seven as it’ll be your main attacking skill all the way up till 4th job. Put 5 SP on Nimble Body to unlock Keen Eyes. Go on maxing Keen Eyes as it will triple your throwing range. And then go on maxing Lucky Seven for more damage. Once you’re done maxing Lucky Seven put 3 SP on Disorder to unlock Dark Sight and then pour all of your SP on Dark Sight as maxing it means you wont get slowed down while in DS. Put the rest of your SP on Nimble Body.

Level 30 – 31: +3 Claw Mastery (3), +1 Critical Strike (1)
Level 32 – 41: +29 Critical Strike (MAX), +1 Claw Mastery (4)
Level 42 – 44: +1 Claw Mastery (5), +6 Claw Booster (6), +2 Haste (2)
Level 45 – 50: +18 Haste (MAX)
Level 51 – 55: +14 Claw Booster (MAX), +1 Claw Mastery (6)
Level 56 – 60: +14 Claw Mastery (MAX), +1 Nimble Body (11)
Level 61 – 63: +9 Nimble Body (MAX)
Level 64 – 70: +21 Drain (21)

Start off by adding 3 Claw Mastery to unlock Critical Strike, then go on maxing Critical Strike as it’ll increases your DPS by almost 50%! Then add a little bit more on Claw Mastery to unlock Claw Booster. Claw Booster could be left at 6 as the speed will stay constant after that. Max Haste for better mobility. After that max Claw Booster. And then Max up Claw Mastery. You can put the rest of the SP into Nimble Body to max it up or you could max up Drain. I personally go with maxing Nimble Body as the difference between maxing Drain or keeping it at lv21 isn’t that great.

Level 70: +1 Avenger (1)
Level 71 – 80: +30 Shadow Partner (MAX)
Level 81 – 88: +4 Avenger (5), +20 Flash Jump (MAX)
Level 89 – 97: +25 Avenger (MAX), +2 Alchemist (2)
Level 98 – 103: +18 Alchemist (MAX)
Level 104 – 110: +20 Meso Up (MAX), +1 Shadow Web (1)
Level 111 – 117: +19 Shadow Web (MAX)
Level 118 – 120: 11 free SP

Start off by adding 1 SP on Avenger to better gather mob. Then max out Shadow Partner as it gives you so much more DPS. Shadow Partner at max level gives you 50% more DPS but it eats out summoning rock so don’t even bother using it if it isn’t max. Flash Jump should be maxed after that for better mobility. Avenger can be maxed later for better damage and alchemist should be maxed next. Alchemist is useful for when you’re on attack potion like Onyx Apple or Heart Stopper as it allows them to last 50% longer. And then go on maxing Meso Up for slightly more mesos during grinding. Shadow web is maxed last as it isn’t very useful. Dump your free SP to anything.

Your skill order would largely depends on the availability of the Skill Books.
This is how i would prioritize them: –

Triple Throw

Shadow Shifter
Maple Warrior
Shadow Stars
Ninja Storm
Ninja Ambush

Triple Throw 10 is maxed first as it will be your main DPS skill. This is where you can finally ditch Lucky Seven. Triple Throw at Level 1 is already more effective than Lucky Seven. Shadow Shifter is maxed before Maple Warrior as Shadow Shifter allow you to get hit less often which increases your DPS. And also as you’ll be in a party for bossing its highly likely someone else already maxed Maple Warrior. Maple Warrior is maxed next as it increases your damage range. Shadow Star is then max after as it allows you to save on your stars. Ninja Storm pushes mob away from you which enable you to attack more often. Venom, Taunt and Ninja Ambush isn’t relevant to your end game interest which is bossing.

lord guide me in the right direction

Henesys Hunting Ground would be good.
You can try out the first Hell Map on the list.

You could go for the first Boss Party Quest.
The 2nd Hell Map would be good exp as well.
Alternatively you could try out Bubblings.

Teddies at Sky Terrace would be the optimum place to grind.
Evil Eye Cave would provide decent EXP too.

Boss Party Quest would give the most EXP at this level.
You could also do some grinding at Platoon Chronos.

At this level it is recommended that you grind at Coolie Zombies at El Nath.
The Straw Target Dummies at Mu Lung is also a great spot to grind at.

Boss Party Quest at this level would give amazing EXP.
Alternatively you could also grind at GS2.

Grinding at GS2 would be the best option at this level.
You could also try places like Coolie Zombies and Voodoos.

At this level the best leveling option would be Boss Party Quest.
Alternatively you could also grind at Wolf Spiders.
During higher level you could also try killing some Headless Horseman.

You could go for Boss Party Quest, or you could grind at Skeles.
During the early level you could look for Headless Horseman
and during 4th job you could try forming a party and go hunting for Bigfoots.

At this point of your level you probably would start going bossing constantly.
I would cover more regarding the bosses soon when there is a need for it.

lord guide me in the right direction

Night Lord as a ranged DPS attacker naturally comes with low HP. They make up for that weakness with high Avoidability. But they still require a certain amount of HP to tank bosses like HT which could 1 hit KO most Night Lords in certain situation. *Note: It is recommended that you wash but HP Washing is in NO WAY essential. It is a luxury and not a necessity. You could still survive at bosses like HT and Anego without washing albeit with a little difficulties. ( I will cover the ways and methods to survive at bosses which could 1 hit KO you soon enough.) How much HP do you need to wash?5,600 HP by Level 155 (To survive Horntail – dependent on HB)7,600 HP by Level 155 (To survive Horntail – do not require HB)* Do note that having 7.6k HP doesn’t necessarily mean that you will survive HT without trouble. I would recommend washing up till 9.2k HP. Below is the reason why :

7.6K HP means that you wouldn’t get 1 Hit KO by HT’s leg. But there are situations where you get knockbacked to the wall where the rocks will drop from the top which deals 1.5k damage to you. Worst case scenario, if you got knockbacked to the wall which will leave you with close to no HP and coincidentally the rock dropped from above right after you got knocked and left with no HP, you will die if you couldn’t use a potion in time. To most people this doesn’t really matter as the odds are unlikely, but this is just a precaution as this could happen albeit the odds are close to none.

5.6k HP by level 155 : This can be achieved without any Base INT. Most NL can achieve this HP just by washing the excess MP from leveling and job advancement. Having a Zakum Helmet or just about any INT equipment will be more than sufficient. 7.6k HP by Level 155 : This HP can be achieved with some Base INT. As of now there isn’t much INT equipment in MapleSaga, hence why i would recommend adding some AP into INT to safely reaches this amount of HP without troubles. Any HP more than this isn’t necessary as most bosses who deal more than 9.2k HP could be easily avoided or overcome.* As MP Washing isn’t possible in MapleSaga, hence having 30k HP isn’t possible as of now. I will cover more regarding HP washing/ Ways to avoid being 1 hit KO by bosses/ Tips and tricks to positioning yourself during bosses and any relevant topics regarding Night Lords soon enough.

lord guide me in the right direction

Credits to @Kaii for helping me out with some of the information.
Credits to @alex for this amazing Server!


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