Financial prayer request

financial prayer request

Financial Prayer
The Bible says quotes Jesus in the Book of Mark:

“But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ For it is the Gentiles who strive for all these things; and indeed your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”(Mark 6:30-24) However, there are times when we do need to ask God for additional help, especially during extreme difficulties. Try this prayer when you need a financial boost:

Heavenly Father,
I come before you today to ask for a financial blessing to improve my life.
My faith keeps me strong, and I know you will provide for me and the people I love.
I do not seek a large sum of money.
I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts or luxury.
I only ask for enough money to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.
Give me the means to do your work, and spread your Love.
I have so much to give, if only I were allowed the chance.
In your name I pray, Amen

You may also want to consider tithing what you can to the Church or to a charity. Generosity is greatly rewarded, though it must be done smartly too. Reflect on this prayer:

“Dear God, Make me a cheerful giver of all my tithes and offerings. I chose to receive all of Your promises and blessings as I am obedient to Your Word. Help me to remember the poor, knowing that I am lending to You and You will repay. Let me give with an attitude of gratitude and worship. I have nothing without You and I will take nothing out with me–only souls. I love to give! Help me to hear the exact amount and to whom to give of my offerings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Here is another powerful financial prayer:

Dear God, source of Love and Life who brings abundance to all,
Please bring prosperity to me and my family now.
We ask that these basic needs be filled:
Money to pay our bills,
Income to meet our mortgage (rent),
Enough to feed us healthy food,
And more than enough for health care and wellness.
Beyond the material needs, please uplift our souls.
Inspire our creativity and resourcefulness.
Guide us in improving our lives.
Please help us to hold on to faith
And let us find peace. Amen.

Send this prayer or your own personal prayer in faith today through Holy Land Prayer and we will pray for you at the holiest site on Earth, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

by Melanie Mcroy (Blounts Creek, NC USA)

The day after Christmas my relationship and supporter ended. We were not equally yoked and I will be ok however sad. I have surrendered all to the Lord and feel so much better. I put my faith in a man and not in God. I am a believer and ahamed I turned away. I have seen God work in my life and pray to have him again. My mortgage is due tomorrow ( multiple payments) facing forclosure and no money for the bills due. I pray for a financial miricle for need not greed. Please pray with me for this financial miricle and a response from the many jobs I have applied. This door has closed and I pray God will lead me to financial independance. I trust in the Lord and have my faith in him to somehow see me through. I am so thankful to have him with me to comfort me and guide me. I pray he will see the urgency in my financial needs. As a single parent I am use to struggle but this is bad. I have reduced everything to the minimum and need his financial favor to get back on my feet. I know there are others suffering financially all over and I pray for their financial miricle as well.

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Here are some things that would help us in our living arrangement and in our ministry.

If you would like to donate to help us with these needs/wants 🙂 then please follow this link.

of what is still needed on the House Details Below (TOTAL-$9710)

Outside of Domes ($3075) (URGENT)

Inside ($3925)

Misc. Items Inside and Out ($1250)

Volunteer Team Hosting Necessities ($1200)

Summary of what is still needed in various projects

Tree Planting Supplies ($220)

Solar Cooker Supplies ($420)

PVC Pipe Garden Experiment ($360)

1) House

  • URGENT-Outside ($3075-Still Needed)
  • Cement & Boards to Finish Roof of Toilet ($400)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • Cement to repair domes 50 bags-($375) – 
  • (20 donated still need 30) – ($225)

Paint for the outside plastered walls-40 Gallons ($800) Repair to Kitchen Dome ($1000)

  •  Has been damaged and must partially be redone
  • Cost includes cement, chicken wire, bags, barb wire

Sand for ALL cement related Items ($225)  Sealing up the outside doors, sides and the arch over them. ($100) Labor for these projects ($500) Inside ($3925)

  • Cement for flooring for four rooms (100 bags of cement) – ($750)
  • Rocks for cement floors ($300)
  • Wood for flooring in two lofts ($300)
  • Cement for plastering the walls inside the house-100 bags-($750)
  • Paint for the inside plastered walls-40 Gallons ($400)
  • Steps/Ladder from Living to Kitchen and then to LR Loft ($250)
  • Steps/Ladder from Bedroom to BR Loft ($250)
  • Ladder for Kitchen loft ($50)
  • Ladder for fourth Dome loft ($50)
  • Sand for ALL cement related items ($225)  
  • Labor for these projects ($500)
  • Repair floor of Toilet-($100)
  • We were out of town when we asked our worker to render it and it rendered it so that it slopes down to the hole in the middle. So when we bathe, water gathers around the seat of the toilet. Also they plastered the inside walls of the toilet while we were gone and did not clean up the dropped cement so now the floor is very rough and hard to clean.   

Misc. Items Inside and Out ($2160) – ($910 donated) – ($1250-Still Needed)

  • One more solar panel-($150)
  • Iron Pipe/T-Bars to build a clothes Line-($100)
  • Solar Hot Water System-($100) 
  • Iron Pipe Stand for Solar Panels ($300) 
  • Guard House ($300) 
  • 2 more batteries for our solar system ($200)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • 2 additional solar light systems-($300)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • Internet wife router and extension cables ($100)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • New Water Filter-($110)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • Power Banks, Extension Cords, USB lights etc. ($200)
  • Small Freezer ($300)
  • Volunteer Team Hosting Necessities ($1200)
  • Chairs for living room-12 wood folding ($480)
  • Mattresses for future teams-10 ($500)
  • Sheets-10-$140
  • Pillows-10-$80 

2) Spreading the Gospel And Other Ministry Projects

  • Jesus Film ($800)
  • Projector ($350) – DONATED-Thank Your!
  • Speakers, Amplifier, Wires/ Cables ($200)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • Screen ($150) – DONATED-ThankYou!  
  • Power Banks  ($100)
  • Medical Clinic Supplies ($300)-DONATED-Thank You!
  • Bandaids / Antibiotic Ointment / Cold Medicines / Allergy Medicines / Pain Relievers / Eye / Ear Drops / Malaria Medicine / Anti Amoeba Medicine / Omneprazole 
  • Medical Ministry & Personal Medical Needs – ($800)
  • URGENT-Angelina-$450-The Wife of one of our elders has had a debilitating stomach issue for 3 years. She and her husband have spent a lot of money and sold all their goats in order for her to see doctors in our area.  After all of this Angelina is still suffering. For many months she has been living on milk exclusively. We would like to take her down to the missionary hospital in Kijabe – Startup Cost is $300. That will cover transport, lodging in a guest house for one week at $5 per night, food, basic medical tests and seeing the doctor. If extensive tests and treatment are needed then the cost may increase.   DONATED-Thank You
  • Alan and Leah were both quite sick and visited the doctor in Meru. Total Cost $350. DONATED-Thank You 
      • Tree planting supplies ($260) ($40 Donated ) ($220 Still Needed)
      • Bags for Seedlings ($10) DONATED-Thank You
      • 12 Crates for Nursery ($100)
      • 3 Stands ($60)
      • Chicken Wire ($30)
      • Labor ($60) ($30 Donated) ($30 Still Needed)  
        • Solar cooking supplies ($920) ($500 Donated) ($420 Still Needed)
        • Reflective Vinyl (30 Rolls-$500)-DONATED-Thank You
        • clear plastic ($1 per cooker) ($60) 
        • Tubs for frames or iron frames ($6 per cooker) ($360)

        Elephant prevention measures-Possible strategies include (Cost Uncertain)

        • beehives
        • planting chili peppers

        Water conserving farming strategies-Keyhole Garden Construction ($170)

        • Money to pay for labor ($60)-DONATED-
        • Sticks-DONATED
        • chicken wire-($10)-DONATED
        • seeds-DONATED-($100)

        Water conserving farming strategies-PVC Pipe Garden ($360)

        • Money to pay for labor $60
        • PVC Pipe ($200)
        • Iron Frame ($100)

        3) Travel to Kenya ($2900) DONATED-Thank You

        • 3 Plane Tickets to return to Kenya in March 2016 ($2400) DONATED-Thank You
        •  Transportation to Airport  ($100) DONATED-Thank You
        • Airport pickup in Kenya/Hotel on Arrival ($200) DONATED-Thank You
        • Transport to Isiolo ($200) DONATED-Thank You

        4) Personal ($1325) DONATED-Thank You

        • Homeschool Supplies for Ross ($200) – Donated-Thank You!
        • Cell Phone Signal Booster-($125)  
        • We have no cell signal inside our house
        • Unfortunately the unit was not compatible with Kenya signal. Even thought I researched and thought I had gotten one that was compatible. 
        • 30th Anniversary trip to Williamsburg – ($1000) 


          Alan, Leah and Ross

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