Prayers for my grandmother

by RAM (Houston Texas)

Lord i know you love them i do to please keep all 10 of them safe give them wisdom love knowledge good value one of them is in trouble a they have started dating and is attractive to things that are not equaly yoke to her send her the husband you have for her and a father for her young son dont let her abuse herself there are strong hold around her and she wont listen. help her help her self and be a role model for someone.

They are growing up fast help their parents so they can be more involve teach them to trust their family let them know when danger is upon them teach them to work ,help other help them get a education dont squared their youth it goes so fast,give them a decent job teach them love people treat them with kindness pick all their husband and wife’s teach them to know you and trust your word teach them to read the bible more let im let them love you more than any thing else know when you are speaking to them teach us to listen and hear your voice all the time.

Thank you for keeping them safe everyday and night in your mighty name amen .

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Sometimes life throws you a huge curve ball and what you didn’t expect to happen, happens. My grandmother has always been kind of a walking health mess. Literally. Ever since she has been born, she has been in and out of hospitals probably a couple dozen times. She has spent months at a time with ailments that I don’t even know how to pronounce or spell. If you follow us on facebook, you may have seen the post about her being in the hospital. Long story short, she is a cancer survivor x2 and has always battled through each and every scare. Her health issues have kind of been in the background these past couple years because my grandfather’s alzheimer’s and dementia took over our lives. I don’t mean in the background in a bad way, I mean, she has always been unhealthy and we have all just kind of lived with it for years. It’s kind of the norm with her. There has always been one thing or another with her health, we just kind of have lived with it and life has gone on.

prayers for my grandmother

The last month or so we have noticed that she has been struggling more than usual with one of her legs. She should have had her knees replaced in her 60’s but refused due to the cost so she basically hasn’t been able to walk for the last 15 -20 years BUT she has managed with walker. The last week or so has been increasingly difficult for her mobility wise. She was having dinner a couple nights ago and ended up choking on a piece of food. She coughed up the food but still couldn’t swallow any food or liquids so after 30 minutes or so, my parents took her to the emergency room. She went in for a swallowing issue and unfortunately, they found a laundry list of issues, one being a lesion on her hip. Unfortunately, the lesion on her hip is cancer and that is why she has been having such a hard time with her leg. She also has lesions on her lungs which were old from renal and uterine cancer but they are now active cancer cells again. They are not sure if the lesions on her lungs are causing the swallowing issue or not so they are doing a Nuclear Scan, CAT Scan and Chest X-ray along with a bone scan, to try and find the primary cause of the cancer. The bottom line, she is 85 years old and of course, she isn’t going to under-go any invasive treatment plans BUT we need to figure out what the deal is so she can be kept comfortable. They are doing a slew of tests today so hopefully we will know more soon. If  you are the praying type, please say one for my gram Grace.  PS. I know many of you are wondering how my grandfather is handling this and needless to say, he is very sad and worried. His brain is kind of all over the place but he knows exactly what’s going on with her and that the cancer is back. Say a little prayer for him too. Getting old isn’t easy :(.

I await the update. *hugs*

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thanks Michie

while i was praying, i placed my scapular on my grand mother. in between prayers, one of my cousins asked what it was. so i described it for him and in that processed, realized there was a little image of blessed Dina Belanger tucked with it. it was an image that a previous priest of our parish had given me, along with a medal of her. he was hoping she would get canonized some day and wanted to encourage devotion to her.

when i said who’s image it was, my mom chimed in right away that my grand-mother had received a healing from her intercession many years ago. i guess my grand mother had gone to the convent Dina had founded to visit one of her aunts who was a nun there and went to pray by Dina’s remains.

i had totally forgotten about placing the image with my scapular there over 1 year or 2 ago. and had no clue there was a connection between her and my grand mother but it looks like God wanted it that way for some reason.

in the afternoon, my grand mother’s breathing started getting more difficult. i would’ve liked to stay all the way but with 2 young kids at a hospital, 7 hours is already quite a feat. so we headed to the place where we’d stay for the night to eat and relax some. a few hours later we got a call that she had passed away. she passed away maybe half an hour after she was able to hear the voice on the phone of one of her son who was on a trip at the other end of the continent.

i didn’t get to see my grand mother’s last lucid moment, although she was able to open her eyes a bit. but i thank God that my aunt made it and had some lucid moments with her to reconcile after not talking for about 20 years.

i think, given all the circumstances, it went as well as it could. so again, thank you all for your prayers may her soul now rest with Our Lord.

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