Prayers for addiction recovery

Those who arrive at treatment centers in a state of spiritual bankruptcy can replenish their accounts with prayer for addiction recovery. Having drawn on all their spiritual resources and coming up empty, addicted individuals may find it difficult to come before God and ask for help one more time. They may experience shame brought on by their addictive behaviors and shy away from contact with God; or they may even find it hard to believe that there is a God after all they’ve been through. They may come to treatment with a sense that life lacks meaning or purpose, or they may be covering up tremendous fear with arrogance and pride that won’t allow them to admit they need help from anyone, let alone God. These individuals have likely forgotten, or maybe they have never known, the healing power and forgiveness available to them through a loving God. They may not realize that God has brought them to this point in their lives for a reason, and the reason is always associated with love, not torment or punishment. Establishing or re-establishing prayer practices can go a long way toward healing the self-loathing, fear and grief that comes with addiction.

prayers for addiction recovery

Prayer for Addiction Is a Coping Tool

Successful recovery requires a number of coping tools, and prayer can be one of them. Prayer has a calming effect that evens out the rollercoaster of emotions typical of early sobriety, relieving stress, fear, and loneliness. The mental and physical health benefits associated with peaceful prayer and meditation enhances the recovery experience. In fact, scientific studies have shown that prayer generates an increase of dopamine levels in the brain, replacing the manufactured calm and relaxation brought on by drugs or alcohol.

Knowing that there is a God who is listening on the other end of prayer renders a sense of relief that one’s burden doesn’t have to be carried alone. Prayer for addiction recovery at the beginning of the day can help the addicted individual feel a sense of direction and purpose, and at the end of the day, prayer brings reflection on the meaning of the day’s events.

Praying for others is as important as petitioning prayers for one’s self. Doing so performs a service and may help engender an understanding of life’s meaning, a feeling of love for others. Those being prayed for may feel a moral lift, a sense of self-worth, when they know someone is thinking of them in such a deep and meaningful way. Considering others in prayer for addiction as well as oneself is a powerful way to connect to God.

NCT Encourages Prayer for Drug Addiction

Because we are a rehab center grounded in Christian values and spiritual principles, we encourage prayer for drug addiction throughout treatment. We use the strong moral compass of Christian ideals to help steer our clients through a dark and frightening time, practicing prayer regularly throughout the day and incorporating it into our therapies.

We believe that every person deserves a chance to live a healthy, productive life filled with purpose and self-respect. Our Christian rehab treatment is designed and staffed to heal the past and bolster the present with a strong spiritual foundation on which to build new behaviors and attitudes, and on which to establish a strong connection with God.

By integrating physical, emotional and psychological therapies with the spiritual aspects of healing, we promote a holistic approach to recovery, which addresses the whole individual, not just his or her addiction or withdrawal symptoms. Long-term recovery depends on the integration of all these aspects of healing.

Looking for Addiction Recovery?  Did you know addictions is Witchcraft?

prayers for addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery

Witchcraft binds soul (mind), (legal drugs/cultic use of herbs for healing and/or spells).  When there is addiction to drunkenness and drugs, Deception (which produces spirit of denial).

What is addictions?  Addictions is anything that consumes you.  When we think of addictions, we think of illegal drug addictions.  Many people have legal drug addictions.

Is Addiction Recovery Possible?  Yes, First, lets look what is behind addictions?  A need for love.  Addictions comes out of the principality of the unloving spirit, unclean spirit and antichrist spirit.

Addiction Recovery is Possible.  The person with addiction problem has not received true love as a foundation for their live, they search diligently for love and they always have a need to be loved that goes unfulfilled.  Until they see the root, it is hard to find addiction recovery!  Once they understand God loves them and stop looking for love in people, addiction recovery is possible.

What are the effects of Addictions.  If you have addictions, Touch of God wants to expose the enemy in your life so you can be free.  In addictions, especially alcohol, drugs you have an inherited addiction curse.

When we think about addictions, we think of things like smoking and drinking.  But addictions run deeper than that.

Again, anything you cannot lay down by an act of your will is an addiction.

Addiction Recovery God’s Way: What Causes Addictions?

Addictions results from rejection by parents through abandonment either physically or emotionally.  It can be inherited but addictions will never give you the true love.  What controls you – rules you!  Find Addiction Recovery God’s Way!

Some forms of addictions are:

  • Drug addiction
  • internet addiction
  • porn addiction
  • video game addiction
  • sex addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • gambling addiction release dopamine to feel better – get a high
  • pornography addiction
  • love addiction
  • food addiction such as sweets or carbohydrates which turns to alcohol
  • masturbation addiction
  • sexual addiction
  • sugar addiction turns to alcohol
  • prescription painkiller addiction
  • heroin addiction
  • exercise addiction
  • illegal drug cocaine addiction
  • Facebook addiction
  • email addiction
  • illegal drug meth addiction
  • tanning addiction
  • illegal drug marijuana addiction
  • addiction in fetish
  • television addiction
  • computer addiction
  • behavioral addiction towards people
  • internet game addiction
  • coffee addiction
  • legal drug xanax addiction
  • work alcoholic addiction
  • shopping addiction

Addiction recovery is possible!

Did you know addictions to lust, pornography and masturbation to escape or fantasize  dopamine release to feel better. Many times when the dopamine go down, a person does not feel good and goes to something unconsciously to get that dopamine release.  Why, a need for love and to feel loved.  90% of everyone who is into pornography is male and it involves 100% masturbation,

Alcoholism: A person who has a drink doesn’t get drunk doesn’t hate themselves; a person who takes a drink and gets drunk hates themselves. Drunkenness (under principality of Unloving Spirits) bind body.  Finding Addiction Recovery God’s Way.

Nicotine from smoking.  Addiction to cigarettes opens the door to death and destruction.  90% diagnosis of lung cancer is from smokers and/or most emphysema by smoking,

Legal (prescribed drugs from doctors) and illegal drugs to escape reality.  Cocaine takes you into the counterpart of what’s experienced in orgasm in a relationship  dopamine rush.  3rd cause of death in this country is from reactions to prescribed drugs.

What is the addictive inherited pattern?  When a person does not feel good or feel unloved, then they get into addictive behaviors to get a dopamine rush to feel better which is only temporary.  Many times shame and guilt follows the act of addiction especially sexual in nature addictions.

Addictive Behavior Spirits affect you spirit, soul and body.  They torment you emotionally.  They make you feel like a failure.  These spirits can cause inappropriate behavior – towards others and yourself.  They are the cause of the massive guilt, anxiety and confusion you experience.  Eventually, they destroy your body.

Addiction Recovery Can Be Reached

There is a way out of Addictions.  How to find Addiction Recovery?  We must first Recognize the Spiritual Bewitchment, the believe we’re listening to – that God doesn’t love us; we don’t belong here.  We must take Responsibility for our participation with this sin.

Addiction Recovery is Recognizing False Patterns of Peace – Breaking Denial

God’s way is a Perfect Peace not false peace Addiction cycle can be broken. You have a choice.  You can choose freedom.  Remember we are spirit beings trapped in a body between two spirit realms, God and Satan.  Not all our thoughts are our own. God speaks and Satan speaks.  One is with love and the other is accusation.  It sounds like our own thoughts but not.

Isaiah 26:3-4 say:

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.  Trust ye in the LORD forever; for in the LORD JE-HO-VAH is everlasting strength.

God loves you with an everlasting love.  You don’t have to fear any longer  Father God loves you and we love you.

Mind/Body Connection Addiction Recovery

  • Programming of unloving thoughts against God, self or others
  • The hypothalamus, through the mind/body connection, controls hormones, serotonin and dopamine
  • Rejection by parents through abandonment brings a predisposition to addictions
  • Alcoholics are allergic to alcohol

Long-term use of drugs to support ourselves in a problem is the attempt to bypass the penalty of the curse artificially without taking responsibility for sin that causes it.

Alcohol Addiction

  • Takes you into a place of non-reality to escape reality or pain
  • 26% suffer from depression
  • 28% anxiety and panic attacks
  • 18% anti-social disorder
  • 7% schizophrenic
  • 33% Obsessive-compulsive behavior

Spirits Associated with Addictions and Drunkenness:

Principality is Unloving is the strongman and its underlings

  • unclean
  • addictive mindsets
  • witchcraft
  • sorcery
  • Dont feel loved
  • self-hatred
  • Self-bitterness,
  • Self-rejection,
  • Fear of failure,
  • Fear of man,
  • denial,
  • Fear of abandonment,
  • Unforgiveness toward self
  • Self-resentment
  • Self-rage
  • Self-hatred
  • Self-violence
  • Self-murder suicide
  • (Inherited) Alcoholic and Addictive Patterns
  • Iniquities and Whoredoms rooted in sins of the fathers
  • Co-dependency (calling evil good in the name of love) (ruler over non-drinking family members)

Characteristics of Addictive Personalities:

Witchcraft Word Study

  • Found in Old Testament two times: 1 Samuel 15:23; 2 Chronicles 33:6.  In Strongs – Qucem, Hebrews 7081, a lot; also divination (including its fee), oracle; (reward of) divination, divine sentence, witchcraft.
  • Found in New Testament one time: Galatians 5:20.  pharmakeia, Greek 5331 in Strongs and 5332 (pharmakeus); medication pharmacy, i.e. (by extension) magic (lit. or fig.): sorcery, witchcraft.  It keeps us from being sanctified.

Addiction Recovery – Breaking Bad Habits:

  • Get a person not to do something for 28 days and get them to do the opposite
  • Break the mindset long-term memory still there that programs them
  • Spiritual healing done; broken heart, unloving spirits, generational curses, genetic impurity
  • Renew your mind with the Word of God of who you are in Him.
  • Our bodies belong to the Lord and we have a responsibility to give them proper rest, exercise and good nutrition.  Mega amounts of vitamin, mineral and herb supplements are fear motivated
  • Know who your identity is in Christ.  You are the bride of Christ.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Setting Captives Free from Disease

A Need for Love Creates Addiction Video

I hope you enjoyed the healing teachings and deliverance prayers.

If you need help, Freedom From Addiction by Neil T. Anderson

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