Prayer for a better paying job

by Velma (Corpus Christi, Tx)

St. Jude I humbly come before you in my time of need. I find myself in a situation where I wish to complete my teaching certificate. However in order to do so I must complete 12 weeks of non-paid student teaching. I need you to be a beacon of light and guide me through this very difficult decision.

I am a single parent wanting to better my financial situation and spend time with my daughter. Help me find a way to do my student teaching and to pay my bills without any income coming in. I realize it’s a small sacrifice with big benefits.

Ive made some bad financial choices in the past and need to correct them. I really need to pay off my debts. Thank you in advance St. Jude….

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by Judy (Brooklyn New York)

Kind and Heavenly Father I come in your present as a humble servant I asked for your forgiveness of sins I asked that you may continue guiding and protect me,oh lord.

Father God I asking for an assistant in getting one of these two jobs one at JetBlue or at HHC I pray that you may touch the recruiting officers heart as they look over my application. I pray that they see with the little experience i am capable of doing the job It has been a every overwhelming situation, where i cant afford paying my bills.

Im very thankful for the job i have now but Father God I need something that pays more.. I need your help lord I plead my case in your hands lord in Jesus name amen.

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