Prayer to strengthen my marriage

by Eva Iris ()

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day and the people you have put into my life. Father, thank you for my beloved spouse and for our restored marriage. Thank you for the love you have for me and the forgiveness you have given me. Thank you for your Son, who lives in me. Lord, thank you for the love you have poured into my heart.

Your unconditional love overflows my heart. You know my heart Lord and the depths of my love for my spouse. I pray that you will pour your abundant blessings upon him and me. My spouse is a very special person to me, who I love dearly and will never leave nor forsake ever again no matter what the circumstance. I know that my past had wounded my heart, but you have healed it and taken away the things that kept me from loving again as you would have me do. Lord, I pray that you will continue to change me and make me into the wife you would have me be.

Lord, I know I hurt my spouse and caused his heart to harden. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will soften his heart toward me as it once was and lead him to you and back to me. I know he believes in you as do I. Lord, your word has shown us what you would have us do and that you want us to stay together and forgive and reconcile. Lord, I pray that we will both submit to your will for our marriage. I pray that you will heal and restore our marriage to where it was at the beginning.

Heavenly Father marriage and my spouse was a gift from you. I pray that you will touch our hearts and bring us closer to You. Keep us under You precious mercy and grace so that this marriage may stay restored. Let us be as one Lord as You have us in your word. In Jesus Name I pray. AmenHeavenly father in jesus most precious name I ask . Please strength my marriage life.

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Please pray for my volatile marriage dear God, to strengthen it, save it and to replace anger with love. Please bestow blessings of love and abundance on us immediately so that we may live in harmony. Please rid my marriage of manipulation and stress and bring my husband forgiveness and love towards me and I towards him. Give us the trust, love and respect we once had. Please rid me of my anger and provide me new ways to approach my husband and all people I meet throughout my days. Please let us have peace and transform our relationship back to the way it was in the beginning as friends and soul mates.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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