Prayer to reunite lovers

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WAWarrior of heaven, blessed Saint Barbara, hear my plea of love so that _______ and__________ may be joined both in body and soul. Protecting them so no one stands on their way to happiness and union. Anoint my hairs and quench my thirst with your infinite love toward my good wishes. Powerful guardian of justice and the impossible, fight on behalf of these two eternal lovers, so be it, amen. SPIRITS OF LIGHT GUIDE AND  PROTECT JB And CJ ,  NEREIDAS Sylphs , gnomes and salamanders ,  HELP  CJ GO TO  JB  AND  don’t let anything stop  him,  may he  run and  run to her and no one  stop him from coming to her , may he not sleep or eat until  JB is IN THE ARMS OF CJ . SO BE IT.  Amen


by Jose (California)

Please Lord, hear my request. I am requesting that the person who I loved and loved me reunite and reconcile with me. In 2008 the love of my life and I broke up since that day I have felt depressed and have prayed for her return.

before the brake up my relationship with God was not strong. soon after we broke up I started to pray and read the bible. about three months later we got back into communication but didn’t reconcile. we lost communication and since then I have prayer every day to numerous saints along with numerous different prayers and yet she has not returned.

I always pray with faith but I need help. So please help Yasmin forgive me Jose and let her get back into communication with me and let us reunite and reconcile the once happy relationship we had. I appreciate you guys for reading this and hope that you pray alongside me.

Thanks again

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