Prayer to restore broken relationship

by Kelly (Trinidad)

dear god

I humbly pray for two things today that need an urgent miracle. Its has been 3 months since my boyfriend and I have broken up. I feel so empty without him. Many people have say to give up and move on however I just cant. He made me extremely happy.. We broke up due to fact of arguing which caused a bridge between us. He lose feelings for me through these arguments because eh was getting hurt. We argued because of past people in our life. His friends keep pushing someone unto him, he however could not stand up to them in fear of what people would say and the fear of losing people he known for a while these people keep causing trouble. As the days go by things seem to be getting worst between us to the point that we dont talk and may become strangers. I love him a lot my friends tell me move on because there is plenty boys. However I dont want to I know the happiness this relationship brought me excluding the negative persons. I humbly ask in Jesuss name that Michael and I relationship to be fixed. I pray that this complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I pray in Jesuss name Michael and I get back together soon and for the love we have for each other to be restored. I prayer Michael realize how much he loves me and he doesnt like or love anyone else except me I pray her shows everybody that even in this time where we are not together. I pray he become obsessed with me and loves me as much as I love him. Father I pray you move the doubts in his mind that we will be just like we were before. Show him that things can change. Remove the doubt in his mind that all we would do is argue and restore it with good memories of each other allow his mind to open in giving us a second chance and may he want it as much as I do. Father may he stop being cold and realize break up is not what he wants. May his dreams thoughts and body miss me and remembers me and long to be with me may he be filled with good memories of me. Father school opens just now, usually we spend every free moment and time together however his friend anxiously awaits to see us not together and for him to spend time with them people anxiously await to laugh and say this relationship was a known fact to not have worked but father in Jesuss name dont let them get that satisfaction in Jesuss name let him be with me from the first day of school til the last let us still spend our free time together and may he want that as much as I do. God let me victorious in this even though so much people put us down, even though Michael mind is in state of confusion and he think breaking up is the best way of resolving problems let my faith in this relationship show sign of success let God put his hand in this relationship and turn it around father let us be together again let his loved for me be restored let him dont like or love anyone else but me may he become fully into me. Father i pray he is able to stand up to his friends and show them how much he values me more and how much he wants to be with me .May they see how happy we are together. Father I humbly ask for an urgent response that you show me you are working in this relationship. Father I know you are a God with a plan and I pray Michael and I are together in your plan may we be together forever. Father I know sometimes your response may take months or even years to fix but father as for a quick and immediate response.
Father i also pray for my family. Recently finding out my dad cheated as taken a toll on my mother my sister and myself please give us the strength we need and help us get out of the difficult situation
God hear my pray help me with my relationship and take an immediate miracle in this relationship
In Jesuss name I pray Amen

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by Krista (Florida)

Dear Father,

I pray that you would touch the heart Dean Wilson. Remind him of the love we share and soften his heart. Help him to forgive me for my ways while sending angels to draw us back together. Bind the negative words of his inner circle and use all that they say and do to bring restoration to us.

I seek forgiveness for not being honest and wavering in my faith. I stand on your word that anything we shall ask in your name shall come to pass. May his heart, mind, and spirit become to restore us. Teach us how to communicate, love, and cherish each other just as you loved you so.

Please guide my actions and reactions. Bridle my tongue and give more the humility and graciousness of a proverbs 31 woman.
Remove anyone that would hinder us and come between what you have placed in our hearts. I’m seeking your face and grace as we both stand in need. Heal our hearts as we our bound together in our love for each other in our hearts.

I seek your will and give you Praise for a brand new start!!! In Jesus Precious Name…Amen

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