Prayer to protect my marriage

by Aimrs (India)

God …please pray that my marriage does not break

god …please pray that i could also have a bright second , minute , hour , day , week ,month and a year pray that my days to come the year 2011 be good for my parents my husband myinlaws and myself.

god give my husband the strength to understand love respect and do his duties for his wife.should know the meaning of wife and of marriage.a husband should stand for his wife and not just discard her ,he should speak to me .solve the misunderstanding between me , my parents my inlaws….god i pray that my inlaws speak to my parents and allow me and my husband stay in another house and NOT BREAK MY MARRIAGE.IT IS YOU I CAN PLEAD LORD TO SOLVE MY TENSION. I WANT 2011 should be of happiness as i have been through enough sorrow .that i can’t take it any more.

god please wip my tears .give me a smile too please , my parents are old and worried i don’t want them to fall sick as i am the old child in the house .please lord help me i am lost in pain and tears……please help me

lord i did call my he was not calling me.he was rude with me.he says there is nothing to talk.i asked him to speak to me.he said he would call me back. but does not return the call.god plz ask speak to me. make him understand not to break this marriage.

he says it is my stuborness that you have to come and stay in my house no matter if you fall sick.i am your husband and your parents and you have to bend down because you are from the girls side.we have to tell sorry to his parents and my husband.

he does not mind if i die in his house. he says he can slap me in front of my parents because i am his wife.LORD HOW DO I MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND.WHAT SHOULD I DO. YOU HANDLE EVERYTHING..

my parents don’t want me to stay a single day in that house because his mom is into black magic and evil spirits. she can do anything wrong.

i am caught up between my parents and my husband. WHAT SHOULD I DO. TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE. lord i am helpless and don’t know that should i do.

my lord you show me a way

please do pray for me lord. please ask my husband to speak to me. make him understand that i can’t stay in the house where the evil spirit is troubling me & i keep getting sick. my inlaws have not spoken to me for the same reason.dear brothers and sisters please pray for me.

SAVE MY MARRIAGE FROM BREAKING PLEASE. my parents are old & worried i am the only child but i am being suffering since 9 months. LORD PLZ get up & solve my tension.

i have no strength anymore i feel weak & tears roll down my eyes that the lord where are you. i thought 2011 year you would solve all the tension & allow me & husband to stay in another house.

all the bitterness would be solved but its still the same. IF YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING FOR ME then my inlaws will break my marriage. which means u are not doing any justices to me & helping the evil to over rule the truth. my mom in law will play with her black magic & evil spirits & put me in trouble.

she has controlled her son mind that is why he is not speaking for me his wife. PRAY FOR ME God

waiting for your urgent reply.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my marriage. I am so blessed to have my husband. Regardless of the conflict we face, the trials and challenges…marriage is a blessing. I pray protection over my marriage. I ask that you would protect us from our flesh and selfish ways. Mature us and refine us so that we seek the good of each other. I also pray protection against the schemes of the enemy. May you bind him in Jesus name! Holy Spirit cover us and anoint our marriage. Break any strongholds in our life and break our heart for what breaks yours. May compassion, love, and grace motivate our every actions in Jesus name AMEN!

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