Prayer for troubled son

Please pray for my son as he is going through a deep dark place. Saten is after him and has been after him ever since he became a christian, he lost his job after 18 years at the same pplace in 2007 and has not been able to find permanent full time work,please pray that his land will sell now, he has to move his horses by Sept. 27 or they will be taken away from him and he loves those horses, they have been a God-Send for him and probably the only thing that has kept him sane and sober for the last 10 years, it is a long story and I will not get into it here, but where he lives seems to be an evil place and some in the community want his land but they do want it by underhanded means, He wants to move back down here closer to family but cannot do so until his land sells, it seems like he has been blackballed from selling his land as they want it for nothing. Please pray that we can get his horses down here by Sept. 27 as we have a place for them but we do not have the funds to hire the people to haul them down here. His horses are a rare breed of Spanish Mustangs and there are only about 300 of them in the whole U.S. Please pray for me to sell my houseas it is to big and is bankrupting me and I do not want to file bankruptsy. We are in dire need and it is coming down to the wire for all of us, Thank You and God Bless You, I am sorry that I am going on and on but this is just a small portion of what is going on. My Son has been fighting Saten and has a strong faith but it is really starting to get to him, He has aged 20 years or more over this..

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by Cherry Grace G. Alday (Pasay City, Philippines)

Dear Lord, you have witnessed the rebelliousness of youth since the very beginnings of time. You understand a parent’s anguish and helplessness over the actions of his child. Please help us to transform our anger and frustration into loving care for our child who has gone astray. Help us begin to mend our broken fences and heal our broken hearts. Bless our child and also help him to mend the error of his ways. Help and bless us all to do right in Your name and restore us to peace and tranquility. Amen.

“Forgive the rebellious sins of youth …” Psalm 25:7

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