Prayer for sick mom

by Ian (Philippines)

Lord God, eternal father, we humbly seek for you mercy to give endurance, courage and strenght to our beloved mother who is currently experiencing health trials now. We know father, that you only need to say the word and our mother will heal… We believe in miracles and we know by your mighty power miracles do come true.. We also believe that everything is happening for good reasons, we also thank you Lord for this trials, because we know that in our weakest moments that you are there and you will not leave us, it is also with this trials that we come closer to you..

Lord, there are times that we feel we can’t go on anymore, but with your help and glory, we keep on moving on..we also believe even through our darkest moment, the sun will always shine for all of us.

Lord, God please have mercy on our mother.

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If I had one last wish to make it would have to be,
that God would heal my mom and give her pain to me.
For I’ve never seen my mom hurt so bad in all my life,
I’d do anything and everything to take her pain and strife.
She’s the only one who never lost complete faith in me,
without her here by my side I’m not sure where I’d be.
We didn’t always get along but then again who does,
she taught me about the
Real world and what life really was.
I think I owe her one for all the hell I put her through,
so God if you can grant this wish for me I’ll eternally be grateful to you.
And if my mom ever decides to ask why her life suddenly changed this way,
do me a favor and let her know that I said Happy late Mother’s Day.

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