Prayer for my baby girl

I recently lost custody of my daughter to my ex. She is taking it extremely hard and I need all the support I can get. I have tried prayig for the situation but feel that I need support from others because so far the case is not going anywhere. It is just sitting in limbo and my baby is without her mother. It kills me and pains me to be away fro her especially when I know that she relies heavily on me. I have always been the primary caregiver for her and she is taking it really hard being without her mommy. I would like to regain joint custody of my daughter so that I can be back in her life and get her back on a normal schedule. Thanks for your prayers!

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by Alesha (Virginia)

My baby girl was born 111 days early and to top it off she is hemorrhaging in the brain at stage 4 which is very very bad. She has a very low chance of living and if she lives she has a 75% chance she will be very very disabled and not able to function at all. Please please please I ask you to pray for my baby girl.

I ask you lord to please give me strength and hope. My faith is being very tested at this time. I beg you lord to be with my baby girl. Heal her from head to toe.

The odds are not in our favor but I beg you to give me this miracle and not take her away from me. please please please lord I beg you heal her brain. Lord I beg you to ease her pain. please lord be with my baby girl and give her life, health, and happiness. Please lord I pray. Amen.

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