God watch over me prayer

I’ve no time for religion
Maybe doubt’s a modern disease
Then I look at you and here’s what I do:
I wear holes in both my knees

I pray that God protects you
And if he is busy elsewhere
May his legions speed

In your hour of need
And surround you till he’s there
I pray that God protects you

God watch over you every minute,
Every moment
God Watch over you–and if you fall–

God watch over you,
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God watch over you

I’ve told your guardian angel
Not to let you out of his sight
Or attempt to fly if he sees you cry
He’s to stand his ground and fight

God watch over you every minute,
Every moment
God Watch over you–and if you fall–
May he stretch out his arm
And catch you, keep you from harm
Or sweep you into his palm but
God watch over you,
God watch over you

God watch over you
God watch over you

У меня нет времени для религии
Может быть сомнения это современная болезнь
Тогда я смотрю на вас, и вот что я делаю:
Я ношу отверстия в обоих коленях

Я молюсь, чтобы Бог защитит вас
И если он занят в другом месте
Пусть его легионы скорости

В трудную минуту
И окружают вас, пока он там
Я молюсь, чтобы Бог защитит вас

Бог следит за вами каждую минуту,
Бог наблюдать за вами, – и если вы упадете –

Бог следит за вами,
Источник teksty-pesenok.ru
Бог следит за вами

Я сказал твой ангел-хранитель
Не выпущу тебя из поля его зрения
Или попытка летать, если он видит вас плакать
Он стоять на своем и бороться

Бог следит за вами каждую минуту,
Бог наблюдать за вами, – и если вы упадете –
Пусть он протянуть руку
И поймать вас, держать вас от вреда
Или прокатиться вас в ладони, но
Бог следит за вами,
Бог следит за вами

Бог следит за вами
Бог следит за вами


Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone
Sometimes it’s hard just to find a home
Seems like you’re searching in the dark
Trying to find just touch of heart

Sometimes you feel like you wanna cry
Breakdown and crawl like you wanna die
And just when you think that all is lost
You find the strength just to get across
‘Cause when you reach out for a deeper love
You find a way to rise above
And now I know, I know, I know

God watches over us
Whenever we may go
I put my heart and trust
And I just won’t let it go
Источник teksty-pesenok.ru
Cause I know, I know I know
God watches over us

I’ve had my times for the might have beens
I’ve played those games that I couldn’t win
I had a hand had to turn it in
Cause I was scared just to loose a friend
Sometimes you stop and you close the door
You reach inside when you needed more
Can’t help but kneel and shout a prayer
Somehow you know that there is someone there
Cause when you reach out for a deeper love
You find a way to rise above
And now I know, I know, I know

Life may have it’s ups and downs
But when all is lost I’ve found

Иногда ты чувствуешь себя одиноким
Иногда трудно найти дом
Кажется, вы ищете в темноте
Попытка найти просто прикосновение к сердцу

Иногда вам хочется плакать
Разбивайтесь и ползайте так, как будто хотите умереть
И как только вы думаете, что все потеряно
Вы находите силу просто для того, чтобы перебраться
Потому что, когда ты тянешься к более глубокой любви
Вы найдете способ подняться выше
И теперь я знаю, я знаю, я знаю,

Бог наблюдает за нами
Всякий раз, когда мы можем идти
Я ставлю мое сердце и доверие
И я просто не отпущу это
Источник teksty-pesenok.ru
Потому что я знаю, я знаю, что знаю
Бог наблюдает за нами

У меня были времена, когда, возможно, есть
Я играл в те игры, которые не смог выиграть
У меня была рука, чтобы включить его
Потому что я боялся просто потерять друга
Иногда вы останавливаетесь и закрываете дверь
Вы достигаете внутри, когда вам нужно больше
Не могу не встать на колени и не кричать молитву
Как-то вы знаете, что там кто-то есть
Причина, когда вы тянетесь к более глубокой любви
Вы найдете способ подняться выше
И теперь я знаю, я знаю, я знаю

Жизнь может иметь свои взлеты и падения
Но когда все потеряно, я обнаружил,


El Roi:  The God who watches over me

“Look at me.  Look at me!” “Watch me, Mommy!!!”  “Watch this!”  All of these are phrases that children use to get someone’s attention whether they are jumping into the pool, standing in the batter’s box, or coloring a picture.  Children need the affirmation that what they are doing is good and right.  But how many times have you heard a child say, “Watch me get this cookie before supper!”  or “Look at me.  I am going to hit my sister with this toy.”? Probably not too many times.  We tend to want people to see the good and hide the bad and ugly.  The reason for this is that more times than not, love is based on performance, not just because we are someone uniquely made by God’s hands.  Yet God, who loves unconditionally, see us all the time.  He sees the good, bad and ugly and loves us just the same.  And because His eyes are always on us, we never have to say, “Watch me!”  As the song says, “His eyes are on the sparrow and I know He watches me”.

Meditate on it, Pray it, Believe it—His Word is true.

  • Meditate on it . . . As God instructs in Joshua 1:8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate (listen, think, take it to heart, absorb it) on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Genesis 16:13-14 (NIV) She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” That is why the well was called Beer Lahai Roi ; it is still there, between Kadesh and Bered.

(This is the only place in the Bible that this title is referenced for God, but the attribute is seen in other scriptures.)

Job 34:21-22 (GW) God’s eyes are on a person’s ways. He sees all his steps. There’s no darkness or deep shadow where troublemakers can hide.

2 Chronicles 16:9 (NASB)  For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

Proverbs 15:3 (ESV) The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping by Giant Savings” href=”http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Chronicles%2016:9;Proverbs%2015:3&version=ESV;NIV1984;MSG;NLT;NASB”>watch on the evil and the good.

1 Peter 3:11-12 (GW) They must turn away from evil and do good.  They must seek peace and pursue it.  The Lord’s eyes are on those who do what he approves.  His ears hear their prayer. The Lord confronts those who do evil.”

Meditate on the truth that God is watching you; He is El Roi!  Does this truth bring joy? comfort? conviction?  Encouragement?

  • Pray it . . .

Praise God for being El Roi!

Thank Him for watching over you.  Think of a time He kept you from harm or injury…thank Him.  Think of a time He guarded your steps…thank Him.  Think of a time He watched over you when you were afraid and alone…thank Him.  Think of a time He saw that you needed support and supplied it…thank Him.  Think of a time He was watching you obey Him…thank Him.

He does see us even when we are sinning.  Ask Him to show you a time where He watched you disobey Him…confess this sin and receive His forgiveness.  Sin doesn’t go unnoticed by God…confess and be cleansed.  Turn from evil and do good.

God is watching every step of your path.  Ask Him for wisdom with decisions you have to make.   Surrender your heart completely to Him and ask Him to show you the thoughts, words, and actions that He approves.   Where are you weak?  Needing help?  Call on El Roi, the One who can strongly support you!

Ask God to show you who in your life needs to know that God is El Roi.  Who in your circle needs to know that God sees them and knows them…that they are not invisible to Him and that He cares?  Someone in your home?  At the grocery store?  Work?  Church?  Ballpark?  Neighborhood?   Ask God to show you how to share this message of who He is.

  • Believe it—His Word is true

God is watching over you.  He is your guardian and His eyes never miss anything that is going on in your life. God’s eyes are already glued to you!  Nothing He sees is going to make Him stop loving you. Take comfort in this truth and rest in His watchful eye.

Download God is El Roi


Before starting on a new journey, it is best to pray for a safe return. Whether it is by car, plane, or ship; these prayers for safe travel will surely bring your comfort and security. Recite these at any time before your journey begins.

Prayer #1

God’s Angels guard and keep you
All the way that you must travel
Till earth’s days are past
When blossoms fade and
Time is fleeting fast
In times of purest joy
Or pain and fear
God’s Angels guard
And keep you safe.

Prayer #2

In the name of God I go on this journey. May God the Father be with me, God the Son protect me, and God the Holy Ghost be by my side.


Prayer #3

Lord, be our guide and our protector
on the journey we are about to take.
Watch over us.
Protect us from accidents.
Keep us free from harm to body and soul.
Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired.
Help us be patient in any trouble which may come our way.
Keep us always mindful of Your presence and love.


Prayer #4

My holy angel guardian, ask the Lord to bless the journey which I undertake, that it may profit the health of my soul and body; that I may reach its end; and that, returning safe and sound, I may find all at home in good health. Do thou guard, guide, and preserve us.


Prayer #5

O Almighty and merciful God, who has commissioned your angels to guide and protect us, may they be our companions from our setting out until our return. Clothe us with their invisible protection; keep from us all danger of collision, of fire, of explosion, of falling; and finally,having preserved us from all evil, and especially from sin, guide us to our heavenly home. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Prayer #6

O God, our heavenly Father, whose glory fills the whole creation, and whose presence we find wherever we go: preserve those who travel; surround them with your loving care; protect them from every danger; and bring them in safety to their journey’s end; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayer #7

Dear God,
I’m praying for the safe travel of (…), please guide & protect her/him that she/he may reach her/his destination safe. I’m praying also for the pilot of the plane – give him the presence of mind that he may able to do his duty and responsibilities for their safety as they travel. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

May God in heaven protect you on the way to and may His angel accompany you.

Prayer #8

O Father,

You are always there,
For your love reaches everywhere.
Above the clouds,
Beneath the sea,
I know your hand will cover me.
Through the darkened starry night.
Again at dawn when all is bright.
Upon the heavens, or over bridges,
Deepest valleys, rocky ridges.
You beside me, o so close,
Knowing when I need you most.

Through different lands of war or peace,
Where suffering stirs or riches twist
I choose to walk the path you tread.
And carry your wisdom where I’m led.
To leave your love in every place
I rest my head or dine or wait.
You keep me safe, watch over me.
I choose to put my trust in thee.

Prayer #9

Dear God,

Please watch over me as I fly out today. May your hand be on the pilot and crew, your strength be in the engineers that prepare the plane and your wisdom over the control teams on the ground.

I choose to trust in you, and give you my fears and anxieties. May I find peace as I travel. Take my heart on a journey of trust and hope as I look out over the beautiful world you have made.

I travel with you.

Calm me and cover me,


Prayer #10

I thank you so much for Your everlasting love for me! Guide my friend, John, as he takes us to the convention this weekend. The journey isn’t too long, but traffic will be a mess and trying to find parking may be a problem. Father, guide his mind, hands and feet to deliver us safely to our destination. I place this journey in Your hands. I love You!


Here is just one more example of a prayer for safe travel that you can recite before your trip.


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