Prayer for injured child

Many of you are saying Tehillim for the Kallah, Chaya Sara bas Chava Breindel, who was apparently critically injured a few weeks ago. In addition to Davening for her, I also wrote a “prayer” to help put people into a proper frame of mind when they recite Tehillim. This “prayer” is also written on behalf of all other injured and ill children as well. Hopefully some people will be inspired to a higher level of emotional investment in their Tefillos asking for a Refuah Sheleima for ill and injured young people.


Our beloved Father In Heaven, please be filled with mercy for Chaya Soroh Bas Chava Breindel, among all ill and injured young ones.

Help us pour out our souls on behalf of the dear hurt sons and daughters as we approach You in prayer.

Let the pain in our hearts for them enable our prayers to ascend with favor before Your Throne of Glory.

Oh King who finds favor in tears, please convert our tears into healing potions for desperately sick and injured children.

Please hearken to our cries and change Your decree for the beloved children-

To one of mercy and happy tidings so that we may forever exalt Your name in praise.

How we wish to throw our very selves in front of Your Heavenly Throne for the fate of the ill and injured children.

We feel that our fate is tied up with the plight of these children.

For Your sake, do and not for ours; see our standing before You like paupers and empty-handed –

Anxiously hoping that our prayers will open Your gates of mercy.

Tatte Libbe, only a fortnight ago, Chaya Soroh Bas Chava Breindel, her Chosson and delighted parents were picturing the glorious day to come.

When in one instant this glorious, much anticipated scene suddenly became turned upside-down by catastrophic injury.

Let their cries and tears, in their state of numbed shock – cause You to ascend Your Throne of Mercy and turn the tide for their salvation.

Facing grave medical uncertainties – not knowing how the Mishpat will be finally adjudicated in Heaven.

May it be Your will to return a verdict of perfect health for the Kallah.

Please have mercy, Father of all of us, and save the entire future and hope of these parents.

Let their dreams of her upcoming Chasunah day be kept happy and alive, with full blossoming throughout all ages.

Each time the Chassan goes Shul with a heavy heart, hoping that this time his desperate yearning.

Will pour out as water from his soul in front of Your Throne of Mercy –

And You will consider his tears as a perfect Kurban brought on Your Mizbeach.

Please remember how The Chasson and Kallah longed to transmit the fear of Heaven and love of Torah and Mitzvos to the next generation.

And deliver to them Your Yeshuah in this Zechus and in the Zechus of our Avos and Imahos HaKedoshim.

Our Father in Heaven, we are tormented with worry regarding the fate of all ill and injured children who are standing on the threshold of life.

As if loved ones were stranded on a ship in stormy seas, not knowing if they will come back to us.

Bring these children back into the safe harbors of good health; free their parents from perpetual fear and worry.

You are our Sheppard and we are Your flock; have mercy on Your little sheep so fragile.

Please bring to each sick and injured child the fullest salvation through Your wondrous deeds.

And may the healed children be forever a beacon of hope for those who are in need.

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