Prayer for the first day of school

prayer for the first day of school

Dear Lord on this First Day of School,

You are in charge of all things. You have picked these teachers and classmates and I know you have it all under control.


I want to thank you for my children and for this school and for their teachers and for this community.

Please protect them. Their bodies, their hearts, and their minds.

Please let this first day, week, month and entire year go well.

prayer for the first day of school

Please give me a nurturing heart, so I can show my kids just how much they are loved and missed. I wont miss their fighting and whining and eating and crying and spills and even more whining and all that eating. But I’ll miss their laughing and singing and chatter and questions and creativity and playing and the excuse to leave my house a mess and go to the pool for a few hours.

Help me to balance my sadness of sending them into school without me and the jubilation I feel in leaving them at school without me.

Forgive me for the nap I will take this afternoon in light of the lengthy “to-do when the kids go back to school” list I have been making since the very first day of summer.

Please let them have a friend, make a friend, and be a friend to another child in their class. Let a friendship bloom and grow and help me to not interfere when little kids act like little kids.

Forgive them for ignoring every word that came out of my mouth since mid-July and I pray they got every ounce of disobedience and sibling rivalry out of their systems over the summer so they can concentrate, be respectful, and be kind.

Comfort the hearts of those sending their babies to school for the first time today, when it feels like part of their soul has left their side. Give them the reassurance that in three weeks, they won’t even know how they ever did it. (But until then, wipe away their sweet tears.)

Please let my children’s stomachs quickly adjust from eating every 90 minutes for the last 10 weeks to having just one lunch at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Bless the teachers and help us parents to express our gratefulness and confidence in them. Help us to advocate well for our children and be as involved as we can, without stepping on toes or acting like we know better than the ones who are the actual professional educators and administrators.

Give us all Grace to communicate well.

Thank you for another year, another bit of time passing, another summer ending and another chapter starting. (Help me not to get too hung up of the fact that this also means I’m getting older.)

Please let the North Face and Uggs uniform stay in the middle school so I can continue buying clothes from Target and shoes from Costco.

Bless these children and keep them.



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prayer for the first day of school

It’s the first day of school, Lord.

It’s a big day for all of us. Students full of questions and doubts and excitement. Teachers full of ideas and plans and dreams. Mommas full of all the emotions.

Protect our babies, Lord. Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or middle school, or college, those students are our children. And we want today to be full of good things. Let them make friends and reach out to those who are lonely.  Give them attentive minds and caring hearts. Use our babies, God, to be a blessing to others.

Bless the teachers, God. These men and women who have committed to invest in the next generation. Give them discernment and wisdom to see each student’s unique abilities and gifts. Multiply their preparation and may their plans be fruitful. Fill the day with moments of wonder. Remind them of their special place in the lives of their students and give them confidence in their abilities as teachers.

And for all the mommas, Lord, a prayer for peace. Give us plenty to do so we don’t have time to fret. Let us be extraordinarily grateful for the privilege of parenting. Fill us with wisdom as we watch out babies grow. Grant us patience and kindness as they stretch their wings. Hold us close to You as we learn to let them go.

It’s the first day of school, Lord.

Watch over all of us — students, teachers, and moms. Guard our hearts. Focus our minds. Draw us to You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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The best gift we give our kids as they head back to school is our prayers. The Back to School prayer challenge kicks of September 5 with five days of prayers, focused on laying a solid foundation for the coming school year.  Sign up today and your first prayer will arrive the Tuesday after Labor Day!
prayer for the first day of school

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It’s that time of year where new clothes are purchased and organized  supplies are awaiting the big event; the first day of school.

Whether you or not you are sad to see the summer come to a close, a new school year is upon us all.

It’s a fresh slate and a time of new opportunities.

prayer for the first day of school

As a parent of two children heading to school, I am especially sensitive of this experience and am looking for ways to ease the transition for us all.

But before I do anything else, I am committing to pray every day starting August 1st for my children’s new school year.

Will you join me for 30 days of prayer for your child and the new school year?

So get your tissues ready {or maybe I am the only one who is teary in sending the kids off to school}, and hit your knees. Let’s dedicate 30 days to pray for the new school year.

Day 1- Spiritually

Pray that your child will understand the Gospel and learn to apply biblical principles to every aspect of life.

Day 2- Relationship to the teacher

Pray that your child will develop a deep respect and appreciation for his/her teacher and will act respectful of all authority figures.

Day 3- Relationship to peers

Pray that your child will develop a close bond with his peers and that he/she will choose friends wisely.

Day 4- Wisdom

Pray that your child will develop the ability to discern right from wrong and put it into practice on a daily basis.

Day 5- Conviction

Pray that your child will be convicted by sin and be found out when he/she does wrong.

Day 6- Honesty

Pray that your child will desire to be honest, even when it’s hard or when he/she gets into trouble.

Day 7- Kindness

Pray that your child will treat others with kindness, even when it is not popular.

Day 8- Compassion

Pray that your child will be compassionate, and show the love of Jesus to those who are hurting.

Day 9- Being a servant

Pray that your child learns to be a servant and sees the beauty of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Day 10- Humility

Pray that your child learns to be humble and not to brag about his/her success.

Day 11- Desire to learn

Pray that your child will develop a love of learning and desire to be a life-long learner.

Day 12- Strongest subject

Pray that your child will be challenged in his/her strongest subject and will be pushed out of his/her comfort zone.

Day 13- Weakest subject

Pray that your child will make progress and tremendous growth in an area of weakness.

Day 14- Confident learner

Pray that your child will be confident in his/her abilities as a student.

Day 15- Learning issues exposed

Pray that any learning issues or suspected weakness will be brought to light.

prayer for the first day of school

Day 16- Emotional growth

Pray that your child will mature in emotional stability and be comforted as their faith deepens in understanding.

Day 17- Sensitivity

Pray that your child will have a tender spirit and be will to help those in need.

Day 18- Evangelical spirit

Pray that your child will be excited to share the message of Jesus, no matter the cost.

Day 19- Become a good listener

Pray that God will open the ears of your child to hear the teacher and an open heart to listen to others.

Day 20- Self-control

Pray that your child will learn self-control and have the discipline to use it in even the toughest of situations.

Day 21- Think before speaking

Pray that your child will learn to guard their tongue and to think about words before speaking aloud.

Day 22- Guarded mind

Pray that your child will have a guarded mind and thoughts of the Lord will be planted, and not be easily uprooted.

Day 23- Softened heart

Pray that your child has a softened heart towards the gospel and will hear the good news with open ears.

Day 24- Quick to forgive

Pray that your child will be quick to extend grace when a wrong has been done to him/her.

Day 25- Slow to anger

Pray that your child will have a long fuse and not anger easily.

Day 26- Joy

Pray that your child will experience the joy of the Lord and not look for happiness in the things of the world.

Day 27- Strength

Pray that your child will have the strength to do what is right and do grow in physical strength as well.

Day 28- Safety

Pray that your child will be safe in sports, and on the playground.

Day 29- Protection

Pray that God will protect your child from harm’s way.

Day 30- Balance

Pray that your child will learn to balance responsibilities in school, home, and life with God’s help and strength.

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How do you prepare your children for back-to-school?  What are your prayers for your children as they start a new year?

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