Prayer for grandma

by Elizabeth (Brooklyn, NY)

Lord I pray that you heal my Grandmother Lucille Hunt who is currently in the hospital fighting for her life. Lord I pray for all those who are sick in addition to my Grandmother and in need of your gifts of healing and prayer. Lord there is nothing too impossible for you to perform, and healing from any disease or illness is what you will and can do if we believe and trust in your Holy word. Lord I believe, my Grandmother believes, all those who are ill believe, and those who may not believe….Lord give them the strength, understanding and knowledge they need to believe.

Lord my eyes are open, help those with eyes closed shut to no longer be blind to you and your gifts as you have done for me. You are a magnificent healer amongst many things and an Awesome God.

I have been blessed to be a living witness and testimony of all that you can do, especially how you can heal anyone of your children from things that the world deemed as impossible to be healed from….and Lord I ask that you continue to do the same for me, my Grandmother, and others who are ill as well as need your protection and covering to be healed forever from their sicknesses.

Thank you lord for the gift of Prayer, Healing, Tongues, Discernment, Love, Strength, Holy Spirit, your word, truth and light (bible), Holy Ghost, and a host of other gifts that are a blessing to us daily. We are forever grateful. We love you for all you have and will do. In the name of Jesus we pray…Amen, Amen, And Amen!

To the average person on earth, a grandmother is a very important person in their life. If your grandmother is special to you, then it goes without saying that her birthday is one of the most special days of the year to you.

If that is the case indeed, then we are certain that you are going to find this collection very useful since it contains some of the best original birthday wishes for grandma you’ll find around. Go through our fine collection below and share any of the wishes you think will help in making your granny’s birthday an awesome event to remember.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Grandma

  • On your birthday, all I can say is that I love you more than you’ll ever know. Nothing in this world can ever change my love for you or take your place in my life. You are the reason happiness resides in my heart. Happy birthday, grandma.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for being the most wonderful grandmother in the entire world. Happy birthday, my precious granny.
  • Grandma, you are my angel and best friend. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for having such a phenomenal granny like you in my life. Granny, I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you. Love you.
  • I am the luckiest grandchild in the world because God has blessed me with the world’s most wonderful granny. You are my everything, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t give up to put a smile on your face. Many happy returns, granny.
  • I don’t remember the last time I told you this, but granny you are the reason my world is so beautiful. I need you in my life like the air that I breathe into my lungs. Happy birthday.
  • Grandma, on your birthday, I just want to let you know that while I may not get the opportunity to see you every day, but that never means you don’t reside in my heart and mind. I hope your birthday is nothing short of a memorable event.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Grandma

  • Grandma, may God keep blessing you with good fortune, and may your abundant good fortune keep making your enemies miserable. Happy birthday.
  • I want to tell the world that if there was a Miss Universe pageant for grannies, you, my beautiful granny would have no trouble taking the crown. Have a blast, granny.
  • If most women were to age gracefully like you, grandma, then companies that produce beauty care products would be out of business by now. Happy birthday.
  • Yay! Grandma, you have reached that point in life where you bid farewell to full price and welcome senior citizen discounts. Hmm…how I envy you! Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, grandma. I love you more than Jet Li loves kung fu, and the guy really loves kung fu!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Birthday Wishes for Grandma’s 60th Birthday

  • Wishing the youngest 60 year old woman I know a super duper happy birthday. Granny, may you have a tremendously happy and healthy life all the days of your life.
  • Happy birthday to an exceptional grandmother who turns 60 today! Granny, you are truly cherished. May God bless this new chapter of your life.
  • Today is your 60th birthday, granny, and I want to use this day as an opportunity to reaffirm for the millionth time my vow to love and care for you until the end of time. Happy birthday!
  • Grandma, I will do anything just to ensure that your heart never misses joy and happiness because you are such a phenomenal person. Happy 60th birthday.
  • The kindness and love that you show to me always take my breath away. I will forever treasure you, grandma. Happy 60th birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Grandma’s 70th Birthday

  • I thank God for making you a blessing to me and the entire family. Enjoy your 70th birthday in grand style. I love you.
  • This is your Big Day, beloved grandma. As we celebrate this exceptional day with you, I want to let you know that I cherish every moment that I spend with you. Have a very happy 70th birthday celebration.
  • There’s no woman on earth that can compare to you, grandma. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and guiding me through life. Without you I would be utterly lost. May God richly bless you as you celebrate your 70th birthday.
  • Grandma, you’re an extremely wonderful person in my life. On this day, I pray that God will bless you abundantly for all the important things you have given up just to put joy and happiness into my heart. I hope you enjoy every moment of your 70s. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Birthday Wishes for Grandma’s 80th Birthday

  • 80 is one of the greatest milestone ages in a person’s life. Congratulations on achieving this exceptional milestone, grandma. This family is so blessed to have such a remarkable person like you in it. God bless you, grandma.
  • Happy 80th birthday, grandma. If I were to list the reasons why you are the most important woman in my life, the list would be so long it would have no ending.
  • You are my sunshine after the storm and rain, grandma, and I love you so much. Happy 80th.
  • For 80 years, you have brightened the lives of countless people, myself included. I hope that nature rewards you back abundantly for all the happiness you have put into the hearts of others. Enjoy your 80s grandma. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for Grandma

  • May God fix all your problems, and never allow you worry about anything in life. May He bless you with a happy and extremely healthy life. Happy birthday, dear grandma.
  • My prayer for you today is that God shower His blessing on you. May every blessed day of your life begin with happiness and end in happiness. Forever stay blessed, grandma. Happy birthday.
  • May God lift you up in the mighty name of Christ, and may this new phase of your life be filled to the brim with lots of love, peace and happiness.
  • As you celebrate this significant day of your life, I pray that God, in His infinite kindness, will save you from crossing paths with sorrow and pain. May He allow happiness to escort you all your days on earth. Happy birthday.
  • May God bless you with happiness that is more than all the waters of the world’s oceans put together. May He make your blessings and happiness overshadow your problems. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, my prayer for you is that the good Lord will always make you to flourish and blossom even in very trying times. May you be victorious in whatever endeavor that you engage in. God bless you, granny.
  • Granny, may God let you rise and shine despite the challenges that you face. And may He give you the courage to squarely confront your limitations. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday.

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My grandmother, Margaret Alice Van Wyk, née Puth in South Africa, was the only daughter in a family of 7 brothers. She took care of us,5 children, as both my parents worked and I never realised how wonderful she was until the end of her life – and as I was ill, I did not show her love with my presence in her life.
My name ‘Marilese’ is a contraction of ‘Margaret Alice’ and I chose this ‘nom de plume’ to honour and commemorate my grandmother who was the best cook, seamstress, care-taker and helper there ever was. So I wish her spirit to feel the love and admiration I have for her as she felt lonely and rejected in life. She will never ever be rejected while my spirit exists to give her the love she missed in life!
My alias for my mother is ‘Queen of Hearts’ – obviously, she was imperial, and for my grandmother it is ‘Cinderella’ who served everyone – but who never went to the ball. So in the afterlife I’m going to take grandma Alice to a ball of admiration and delight – starting with my poetry!

I have just returned from the temple after the Athma Shanti pooja for my Grandma. I was very sad this afternoon because the prayers tonight are the last for my Grandma after her passing. I still miss her very very much. I just wish I could give her one more hug and she could squeeze my cheeks one more time and knock my glasses off my nose. She was very cheeky and always made me smile.

I miss my Naughty Pati. She was so cool. She had real tattoos! On both arms! She got them when she was quite young. Apparently, she earned the wrath of her dad when he eventually found about about the tattoos. Well, I think my mum would flip if I ever got tattoos! It’s just as well that I wouldn’t want tattoos on my body in the first place.

Rest in peace, Granny. I love you lots. Thank you for loving me.

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