Prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

For your loved ones celebrating their birthday, your prayers and wishes will mean a whole lot to them.

Make them feel special and loved on their birthday as you send them these short and inspirational messages.

They’ll appreciate it!

Short Prayers for Birthday Celebrant

1. May your path shine brighter and brighter as you add another year today. Happy birthday.

2. A new year is an opportunity to start afresh and be better than before. Happy New Year and Happy birthday!

3. May God take you higher than your highest thoughts and intentions. You deserve the best birthday ever.

4. Amongst many and even amongst few, you shall be singled out for good. Happy birthday, dear.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Prayers for 18th Birthday Celebrant

5. You are a year older and of course better. Keep being the great woman you’ve always been. Happy birthday with love.

6. Happy birthday! You’re one of the people I’m glad to have met. I love you.

7. You are a source of inspiration and motivation to me and many. Keep blessing lives. Happy birthday, dad.

8. Someone’s birthday is today. She’s beautiful and awesome and deserves only the best. And of course, she’s reading this message now. Happy birthday, Love.

9. No matter how the past years of been, the coming years will be better. And the better years start today. Happy birthday, darling.

10. The new year promises more blessings and increases for you. Happy birthday.

11. Happy birthday, friend. Enjoy uplift and favour this year and always.

12. You always make me happy. May you always be joyful too. Have a swell birthday.

13. It’s your birthday today and sincerely, you deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday with love.

14. Many people have done well, but you surpass them all. You’ve been a friend with a difference. Happy birthday, dear.

15. Don’t be afraid of what tomorrow holds, because it sure holds something great. And you are great too. Happy birthday.

16. Even if the journey isn’t easy, take it easy. You’ve got God. And I’m here too! Have a beautiful birthday.

17. God has promised you a brighter tomorrow. Hold on to His Word. Happy birthday. Wish you all you wish yourself.

18. I wish you prosperity and excellence coupled with joy and love. Happy birthday.

19. I pray for joy that outweighs all your struggles and sadness. Happy birthday, dear.

20. In the face of it all, thank God for seeing you through. And for bringing you this far. Happy birthday, baby.

21. If He has said it, He will do it. Hold on to God’s Word concerning you. Happy birthday my love.

22. May you experience all round newness and increase this year. Happy birthday

23. I call you blessed because that’s what you are. Happy birthday.

24. When others struggle to get there, yours will be with ease. Happy birthday.

25. More than your imaginations, may you experience abundance beyond measures. Happy birthday.

26. It’s your birthday today. I pray that this day marks the beginning of great things for you. Love you.

27. May this day usher in blessings and more blessings for you. Happy birthday, Bestie.

28. You are going places. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

29. May you get into greater heights and levels. Receive Grace for greatness. Happy birthday.

30. It’s a new beginning for you. I pray you enjoy newness and brightness on every side. Happy birthday.

31. You shall be above alone and never beneath. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

32. You are here today because God kept you. Continue to abide under His shadow. Happy birthday.

33. You Have God with you. And that’s all that matters. He’ll see you through. Happy birthday.

34. Happy birthday dear friend. Don’t forget you are a blessing. Keep being who you are.

35. You’re welcome to your beautiful new year. It’s a season of greatness for you. Happy birthday, dear.

36. Happy birthday, dear. May the new year usher in blessings for you. God bless you.

37. For you and all yours, I pray that all round blessings be your portion. Happy birthday.

38. I want you to know that no matter how bad the past has been, the future holds something better and beautiful. Happy birthday.

39. The One who watches over you never sleeps nor slumbers. He’ll always be with you. Happy birthday.

40. When all else fail, be assured of God’s love. His love is always there. Happy birthday.

41. The Lord shall supply all of your needs according to His riches. You will never lack. Happy birthday.

42. You deserve the best only. So don’t settle for less. Wish you a beautiful birthday.

43. Happy birthday. I pray that you have the best birthday ever. You’re blessed.

44. Because you are special and you deserve the best, I say happy birthday to you.

45. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Live long and prosper!

46. Greater years are coming your way. You shall stand tall among others. Happy birthday.

47. For being a blessing to me, may God bless you real good. Happy birthday.

48. You have received Grace for Grace of His fullness. Enjoy! Happy birthday, dear.

49. God’s thoughts towards you are of good only. He’s giving you an expected end. Happy birthday.

50. I pray that this day marks the beginning of great heights for you. Happy birthday Sweetie.

Prayer for Birthday Celebrant’s Mother

51. Your son is a year older today because you gave him the chance to live. Thanks for being a great mother.

52. There are mothers and there are mothers too. You’re one of a kind. Happy birthday to your daughter.

53. As your son marks his birthday today, may you have more reasons to rejoice over him.

54. You’ve been a really great mother and friend. Thanks for taking good care of my friend your son, God bless the fruits of your womb.

55. Many women have done well, but you excel them all. May your daughter bring more joy to you than ever before. Happy birthday to her.

Prayers for 18th Birthday Celebrant

56. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. Have a beautiful birthday dear. God bless you.

57. You’re a special friend and I’m proud of you. I pray that you have a happy birthday and a prosperous new year.

58. More than just a birthday wish, I pray that you soar higher than your imaginations. Thank you for being a great friend. Happy birthday.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Messages for 18th birthday Celebrant

59. If I would want to say anything to you on this day, it’s that I love you. And I really do. Happy birthday, dear. More of God’s grace.

60. May light shine on your path and lead you into destiny fulfilment. You are loved. Happy birthday.

Messages for 18th birthday Celebrant

61. You’re not just having your birthday today, you’re having your 18th birthday! Congratulations dear.

62. It’s a special day today for you because 18 is a special age. Make sure you enjoy your day and have all the fun.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Thanksgiving Prayer for Birthday Celebrant

63. Happy 18th birthday sweetheart. You’re not a kid anymore. Welcome into adulthood.

64. It’s a new age and a new responsibility. Happy birthday and congratulations on your new status.

65. Lemme welcome you to the club. Here, everyone is at least 18 years. The club is called adulthood. Happy birthday with love dear.

Birthday Celebrant’s Message to God

66. I thank God it’s your birthday today and also that He brought me in contact with you. You’ve been a great friend.

67. God has always been a faithful Father. That’s why He kept you to see this day. May you live longer and wider. Happy birthday.

68. Oh Lord our God in ages past, I am grateful for the one reading this message because her birthday is today. May she enjoy more of your blessings.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Birthday Celebrant’s Message to God

69. God saw you through the past years. And He’s more than able to see you through the coming years. Happy birthday.

70. I’m grateful to God on your behalf. He loves you so much and kept you alive to see your birthday. Praises to His Name.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Birthday Celebrant

71. If not for God, you wouldn’t be here today. You’re here because He gave you the grace. Congratulations on your birthday.

72. Thanks be to God for making you see this day. Through thick and thin, He kept you. Be thankful to Him. Happy birthday.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Birthday Celebrant Message

73. I’m happy for you. Though the last one year has been a great time for you, I pray the coming years will be better. Happy birthday.

74. Not everyone has the privilege of witnessing a new year. You are one of the few favoured people. Congratulations dear.

75. I thank God for the wonderful friend I’ve found in you. Happy birthday my sweet friend.

Birthday Celebrant Message

76. God kept you till this day for a reason. Be thankful for the gift of life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

77. Because it’s your day and you’re able to witness it in joy and sound mind, I thank God for you. Happy birthday, dear.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Inspirational Messages for Birthday Celebrant

78. Some people had their birthdays last year but didn’t make it up until this year. And here you are bouncing and celebrating a new year. Thank God for the privilege.

79. You are alive and happy. It’s really worth thanking God for. He deserves your praise. Happy birthday, sweetie.

80. Everything you are and have was given to you by God. Thank Him always for the gift. I wish you a beautiful birthday.

Prayer for Catholic Birthday Celebrant

81. For this young lady whose birthday is today, we praise You. We thank You for her and pray that you bless her always in Your love. Amen.

82. As she marks her birthday today, I pray that you bless her richly and that You help us all to praise You and give You glory through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Prayer for Catholic Birthday Celebrant

83. I pray that the God of hope fills you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Happy birthday, dearie.

84. God, we thank You for our lovely son whose birthday is today. We pray that You continue to bless and keep him. Amen.

85. I pray that you are blessed in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday, love.

Inspirational Messages for Birthday Celebrant

86. No matter how much hindrances keep coming your way, be rest assured that you’ll scale through them all. Just believe. Happy birthday.

87. Never stop dreaming. Always remember nothing and no one can stop you from being that great you, except you of course. Happy birthday, love.

88. As you feed and build up your body daily, work on your mind too. That’s where the real you lies. Have a blast on your birthday!

prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Prayers for 1st Birthday Celebrant

89. I’m always inspired by your consistent effort to be successful. Keep it up, dear. You are limitless. Happy birthday.

90. Be grateful for life and you should never give up. Remember the sky is only your starting point. Happy birthday, darling.

Prayers for 1st Birthday Celebrant

91. Number one looks so small but really, number 100 would only come after it. It’s a new beginning baby. Happy birthday.

92. You might not get to see this now, maybe later. But I want you to know that I love and celebrate your new beginning. Happy birthday beautiful baby.

93. It’s your first birthday ever! I pray this marks the beginning of great things for you and all yours. Happy birthday, cutie.

94. You were born exactly one year ago and I know you’ve enjoyed the last one year. May the years ahead be more blissful and worth it. Happy birthday.

95. My baby is One! May you be the first always and never the last. Happy New beginning.

Prayer for 50th Birthday Celebrant

96. To the best dad in the world, I’m saying Happy 50th birthday. May the Lord preserve you and bless you the more. Happy birthday sir.

97. More than being my father, you’ve been a friend and a mentor. You are an indispensable dad. Happy 50th birthday.

98. As you turn 50 today, may you never lack anything good and may you live longer and happier. Happy birthday.

99. It’s your Golden Jubilee! May your birthday bring more love and happiness. Happy birthday, ma.

100. You’re 50 today and yes, there are still more grounds to break. Wish you a youthful birthday! Keep glowing like the sweet sixteen you are.

  • Written By Adekanmbi Blessing.

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to celebrate one’s progress through life. Use these birthday prayers to bless, protect, and guide the birthday boy or girl on this special day.

A Birthday Blessing

Here is a nice prayer to say for someone who is celebrating their birthday. This blessing asks God to protect and guide the recipient through the coming year.

Renew My Strength

Heavenly Father, Please bless (name),
for today is (his/her) birthday.
Dear Lord, please protect and guide (name) as she
continues along the path youve chosen for her.
Give her the courage to follow in your light, and feel
your love wherever she goes.

Make her strong and give her the strength to make
good decisions in the coming year. Keep her free from
illness and sadness, for she is a truly good person who
deserves happiness and success in all aspects of life.

We know that life is like a book. With each new
chapter, we learn and grow towards what you would
have us be. Bless (name) now on this day, and in the future.

In your name we pray,


prayer for 18th birthday celebrant

Birthday Prayers for Cards

Here are a couple birthday blessing poems that would be perfect for writing in a card, or posting on someones Facebook wall. They are sure to elicit a smile from the recipient:

May God Grant you Friendship

May God grant you friendship
and warm love within your home.
May he surround you in the quiet peace
that’s found in him alone.
May his hand lead you to laughter,
and his love dry every tear.
As you sense his presence in your life
more deeply every year.

Birthday Candle Prayer

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”

May the birthday candles that represent the years of your life.
Be a reflection to others of your love for Christ.

I said a Prayer for You Today

I said a prayer for you today
And know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart
Although he spoke no word!
I didn’t ask for wealth or fame
(I knew you wouldn’t mind).
I asked him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind!
I asked that he be near you
At the start of each new day;
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way!
I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small.
But it was for his loving care
I prayed the most of all!

Prayer to have a Happy Birthday Celebration

Here is a blessing to help ensure that one has a happy birthday celebration. Birthdays should be a time of happiness and merriment.

O God, Please ensure that (name)
has a happy and celebratory birthday.
I pray that (name) is surrounded by family
and friends as she marks the passing
of another year.

In your name I pray


Prayer for a Newborn Baby’s Birthday

Lets not forget the most important birthday of all. A baby’s first!

God bless this perfect little one,
Keep him safe and sound.
Bless his tiny hands and feet,
so he may conquer and defeat.
Brighten up his spiritual eyes,
so that he may undoubtedly become wise.
Bless his cute little mouth,
So your name he can shout.
But most of all bless his little mind,
to stay heavenly divine.
Oh! And don’t forget to bless his parents too
For the big job they got to do.

Read Birthday Bible Verses

“Why did I come out from the womb to see toil and sorrow, and spend my days in shame?”

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If you can, help pray for others and post comments of support.

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If you are looking for the best 18th birthday wishes and greeting for your friend, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, etc. who’s celebrating her 18th birthday, you may want to refer to our examples of 18th birthday messages. Birthday is the important day in ones life, what more if it is your 18th birthday. We consider 18th birthday is one of the most memorable among other birthday and said to be the starting point of achieving career and goals. On this special day for them, giving birthday gifts and even simple addressing of 18th birthday messages and greeting can give more happiness for her during this special celebration.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes, 18th Birthday Greetings

Here are some heart warming 18th birthday wishes and greetings for your friends and colleagues. Please browse through other sections if you are looking some special birthday wishes

Yay! No more a kid but still a teen,
So many things still to be weaned;
But we are just by your side to guide your steps,
In tasting life’s width, height and depth.
So ride on! Give it a blast!
You’re 18 at last!

I never wanted you to grow so quickly.
You have always been our baby.
Now, you’re an appealing young lady.
Best wishes on your 18th birthday!

Hurray! Now you’re 18!
You’re now entering the portal to adulthood.
Relax, chill, have fun and enjoy.
Life has still a lot to offer many days from now.
Have a sweet ride today!

Oh yes! You’re 18!
Welcome to maturity!
In other words… old guy!

You’re 18! It’s a fact.
Feeling young is a fallacy.
So Grow up!
Happy birthday anyway.

Happy 18th birthday!
Squint all you can.
It’s your turn to shine!

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Birthday Greetings for 18th Birthday Celebrant

Happy 18th birthday to you!
I wish you have a great time on this special day and I officially welcome you to your maturity.

From this point on, you are now part of the mature Club.
As your age continues to add up in numbers,
May your life also add up in good memories, good friends, and good values to learn from.
Happy 18th birthday to you!

You have now reached the point,
Where you will not be treated as a child anymore,
So as you celebrate more birthdays and grow up,
Make sure that you grow up for the better.

I wish you the courage to grab all the opportunities that will come by you
And I wish you the perseverance to live your life to the fullest.
Happy 18th birthday!

As an 18-year-old, you are starting to gain your independence.
This could be an exhilarating thing to behold.
But be careful, you are still new at the whole adult thing.
Don’t rush into it. Enjoy your teenage years.
Happy 18th birthday!

Sometimes it is so hard to believe that you’ve reached adulthood!
Time flies by so fast. One minute, you’re this clueless kid,
And now, you’ve turned 18!
I hope you have an exciting year ahead of you,
And that you make the most out of being 18.
Happy birthday!

You are very lucky today, not just because it’s your birthday,
But also because you are both an adult and a teenager!
You may have responsibilities, but then again,
You can still have fun and go crazy like a kid.
I wish you have an amazing time today.
Happy 18th birthday!


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  • Happy Birthday Card Messages

18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter, 18th Birthday Quotes for Her

18th birthday is one of the most memorable birthdays for girls to celebrate what we called debut; this is throwing some special or maybe grandiose party for them. Addressing some birthday wishes and greetings ca helps to contribute some joy and happiness for them to that special day for her. Here are some birthday wishes for daughter:

Eighteen candles to blow,
Eighteen years of blissful joy bestowed;
With a bunch of eighteen roses,
The first dance belongs to me, my princess.
Happy 18th birthday!

Your dad and I have always been proud of what you’ve become.
Now that you’re eighteen, we pray that you will continue
to be wise and responsible in your decisions.
Happy 18th Birthday, Sweetie.

It feels like yesterday when we held you delicately in our arms.
Now, you’re a full grown beautiful lady.
Time has truly passed us by.
Nevertheless, you will always be our angel until the end of time.
Happy 18th birthday!
We love you so much.

Eighteen is just a start of tasting what life has to offer.
Always remember that life is what you really make it.
I wish you all the best from this day onwards.
Happy 18th birthday Sweetie!

Being 18 entails a greater and wider perspective
with a load of privileges along the way.
Just be wise enough which stuffs to put on your cart.
Welcome to the world of adulthood.
Happy birthday!

18th Birthday Messages for Son, 18th Birthday Quotes for Him

Since everyone is celebrating their birthday every year and there is no exception, not only girls are happy and enjoy on their 18th birthday but also boys, they also celebrates it with happiness and on this special day for him. Find some heartwarming 18th birthday wishes for boys here

They say you’re physique resembles mostly of my features.
It’s not being boastful.
I’m just a proud dad looking at his son turning to be the man he is ought to be.
Welcome to adulthood son!

You’re officially 18, son! I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.
All these years, you have been such a joy and blessing to all of us.
Wish you all the best.
I love you.

It’s your birthday!
But I have received a gift from God that I’m so grateful of – you, my son.
I am so happy and proud that you have been so fruitful in the past 18 years.
Happy birthday!

You may be already welcomed into adulthood,
But you still have two good years to enjoy being a teenager.
Make the most of it.
Happy 18th birthday!

Happy 18th birthday!
Go out and be merry because now,
You don’t have to hide that stolen bottle of sherry.
Congratulations on being legal!

Congratulations! You are now in the legal age to drink!
Enjoy, but not too much, my friend!
Have a happy and wild birthday.

Now that you’re 18, more responsibilities are definitely on your shoulders,
But don’t worry! Relax and take it easy.
You have the rest of your life to spend making mistakes and learning from them as well. Have a wild and happy birthday!

18th Birthday Messages for Friends, Happy 18th Birthday Greetings

Be one of those person n that can help your friends to be make their celebration memorable and be happier more. Sending some gifts or even simple birthday wishes can be much considerable. There are collections of 18th birthday wishes for friends that you can send on their birthday.

Happy 18th birthday friend! You are now a young adult.
I wish you all the wisdom in life and that you get to achieve whatever it is that you want in your life ahead.

This is a special birthday wishes for a special person to me.
For the time, advice and many things that you gave to me,
I appreciated it very much and on this special,
I want to give it back and say Thank you for all those things.
Happy birthday friend!

Happy Birthday friend!
I wish that you achieve your goals and dreams in your life,
And may God bless you all the time.

We are no more like kids who don’t care about the world.
We now define our own worlds and live the best out of it.
This is the real world.
Welcome to maturity.
Happy 18th birthday.

18th Birthday Sayings and Card Verses

Happy 18th birthday!
Now, you’re catching up.
Keep running the race with smile on your face.
Enjoy your day!

I may not be able to dance with you on your debut.
But I’ll dance always with you in my heart though I may be miles apart.
I’ll send you kisses and hugs on your birthday until the end of age.
Happy 18th birthday _____!

Being 18 is like standing on a crossroad.
Be wise in all your decision makings.
Happy birthday!

Cheers to another year of blessings!
Hurray to another year of victories.
Happy 18th birthday!
May you enjoy your new chapter in life.
With wisdom and strength from God above.

18th Birthday Card Messages, Happy 18th Birthday Messages

You can use some of the 18th birth wishes below to greet your sons and daughters on their 18th birthday celebration.

You’re slowly crawling out of your teenage years.
Don’t let this opportunity to make the most out of your teen years go to waste.
You are a person full of potential so maximize it while you can.
Happy 18th birthday!

A warm wishes from me and your dad, for a good and special someone for us.
I hope you will achieve your goals and dreams, I’m proud of you. Happy Birthday to you!

18 years of age is definitely a milestone in your life—it’s the start of your adulthood.
But if you think that’s a bummer because it is also the start of taking on serious things in life, don’t. It’s also the beginning of many wonderful and amazing things in life. Your life is just starting to unfold. Don’t waste it. Happy 18th birthday!

Take one step at a time, enjoy every single second because this is only the beginning of a bigger phase in life. The world is officially yours to conquer, so make it brighter, Happiest 18th birthday!

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes, 18th Birthday Messages Funny

Yesterday, you’re such nice boy with a young heart.
Today, you’re 18! Whoa! You’re gonna have a bigger and louder fart!
Happy birthday!

It’s your 18th birthday!
My treat. Bottoms up.
Iced tea.

Best 18th Birthday Messages Wishes

“The secret to conquering the world is staying positive all through life’s challenges. Remain close to the teachings we have given you over the years and remember we are still here when you need us. Happy 18th birthday my dearest!”

“Now the world will look at you as an adult and compel you to handle situations as one. But please don’t forget that around your mother you can still be her little boy, turn to me when you need an answer and I’ll be here for you my son. Happiest 18th birthday darling!”

“Surviving the adult world is not as easy as it may seem. But if you stay true to yourself and don’t lose your ground then you will love being in charge of your own life. Enjoy your 18th birthday!”

“Happy 18th birthday darling! Embrace everything that comes with womanhood as you begin the most exciting phase about being female.”

“Being 18 is exciting, but don’t forget that even a 50 year old can take advice from their parents. Happiest birthday darling!”

“Toast to new beginnings! You have every reason to celebrate because you can officially make decisions about which direction you want to take in life. Happiest 18th birthday my friend!”

“Welcome to adulthood my son. Welcome to the world of responsibilities and decisions that come with either rewards or consequences. In other words, it is time to leave behind the childhood mindset and embrace adulthood with maturity and confidence. Happiest 18th birthday!”

Message for 18th Birthday Celebrant

“Turning 18 years comes with its rewards; you will from now on be given credit for the good you do. But you will also be accountable for all the failures you allow, so follow your heart and focus on overcoming the obstacles of life. Happy 18th birthday!”

“Remain positive and make all your dreams come true. There is no better time to start working on achieving your goals and turning your desires into reality. Happy 18th birthday dear!”

“Turning 18 is a significant phase in everyone’s life – so take it slow and ensure you exhaust every moment of it. Learn from every mistake and always make a step forward not backwards. Happiest 18th birthday darling!”

“As you enter into the world of adulthood, remember not to lose yourself along the way. Take what is of value and reject that which is misleading. It’s a cruel world so stay alert! Happy 18th birthday!”

“Congratulations! You are 18 years old. You are regarded as an adult now, though as your mother you should not expect me to take you as seriously as you may take yourself. Just have fun and enjoy! Happy 18th birthday son!”

“We are 18 years old! This means we are adults and that comes with benefits; so get ready to have a blast my friend. Happy 18th birthday!”

“As you turn 18, mine is to wish you the best that life can offer. You are entering adulthood with maturity way past your age and I’m confident that you will continue to make all of us proud. Happy 18th birthday!”

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