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Q How can i sleep within twenty- thirty minutes? please help me?

Sleeping within a short time.. everything is bugging me!

Asked by: Sheree

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Falling asleep within 20 minutes should be the norm if you have had a normal day and are trying to sleep at a normal time. It is important t … read more
This is because you haven`t sorted out your settings, if you go into control panel and type in the seach bar on the top right hand corner, p … read more
This is a hardware problem within your motherboard that affects the screen display. Although your laptop has power there is no display on th … read more

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Falling asleep within 20 minutes should be the norm if you have had a normal day and are trying to sleep at a normal time. It is important to establish a “going to sleep” routine and stick to it. The routine can be anything but you should always do it and always do it the same. For example: one glass of wine, pi`s, brush teeth, read then lights out.

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Please help me find a way to sleep comfortably in the same bed as my fiancee.

She, at only five feet tall and under 100 pounds, is wreaking havoc on my life. I’m a nearly 6 foot tall, 200 lb man who has been reduced to less than five hours of sleep every night by cuddling.

Every night begins the same way. She falls asleep in the middle of the bed, diagonally across the bed, or in a fetal position perpendicular to the way I fit on the bed. When I crawl into bed, I ask her to move or straighten out, but she’s asleep, so this doesn’t usually yield a vast improvement. I stake my claim on some portion of bed, but not enough bed to be comfortable. Within minutes, she moves to cuddle. It was cute for awhile, but she might move her knees to cuddle the small of my back, or push me toward the edge with her ass, or smother me with an arm in the mouth.

Asking her to stop when she’s asleep either wakes her up in a foul mood, which keeps me awake longer, or yields no results. The upshot is that I sleep with an arm and a leg hanging off a bed and she sleeps with enough empty space on the other side of her for me to be comfortable. However, if I move sides, she moves too. Over the years, it’s gone from bad to worse with no improvement or clear route to improvement evident to me.

We’ve discussed getting a larger bed and been told by many people to get a larger bed, but I don’t believe it would help. There would just be more empty space on her other side if our move from full to queen tells me anything. In fact, we’ve slept in king beds and the exact same thing happens.

Have you gone through something similar? How did you solve your sleeping woes?

For what it’s worth, we have a several year old $400 pillow top bed. It’s been suggested that a $400 queen size bed is of low quality and perhaps a higher quality bed might cause a marked improvement for both of us. However, it seems like no matter where we sleep, even if it’s in different rooms, she has a sixth sense that tells her exactly how to disrupt my sleep.

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