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In this crazy world of financial change you need the three essential components for your money: growth, income, and protection.
What would you do if you were handed a half million dollars—cash. You’ve earned it from years of hard work. For all you know, that’s it. You’re not going to make any more. What would you do?

  • You wouldn’t gamble it away
  • You’re afraid to risk it in the stock market
  • You can’t park it in a money market
  • You would be foolish to speculate with any of it.

How did one determined family man build an innovative financial shield for his money after an arduous journey of advisor meetings and research, one that worked beyond his wildest expectations?

  • Protect your savings from the devastating impact of the 8 major financial risks every family faces today.
  • Optimize the returns on your money with upside market potential without exposing it to the inevitable roller coaster of market volatility.
  • Outsmart the banks and finance purchases with your OWN money while still potentially earning interest on the entire amount of the loan.
  • Build a nest egg tax deferred, access it tax free—and never worry about outliving your money.

Merle Gilley’s family financial miracle can be your miracle too. You can take back control of your financial future—no luck or guesswork required!

Merle GilleyConsumer Advocate
Entrepreneur – Financial Strategist

Merle Gilley needed an antidote to Wall Street. He was determined to find something that would offer sound family financial principles, something that would keep his money safe but growing at a decent rate of return and be available whenever he needed it.

After tremendous anguish and a lot of study, he found it! It is a remarkable discovery that enabled him to eliminate the eight major risks all Americans face. He was able to keep his money—his family’s future—safe. It was a miracle.

Discover the secret Merle Gilley found for himself and countless others, and learn why the family financial miracle he found can be your miracle too!

Merle Gilley

myfamily financial miracle

In this journey of life, it is quite possible to experience financial difficulties. Besides financial challenges, the person starts experiencing difficulties in other aspects of life also.If you are a believer with a strong faith in the power of prayer then saying a prayer for a financial miracle is one of the spiritual ways you can go about seeking a financial resolution.

Here are two simple prayers for a financial miracle. You may select any one that you like. Say this prayer with full faith, no matter how you are feeling now or what is your current state of affairs.

First Prayer For A Financial Miracle

Dear Lord, I come before you, just as I am now.

I surrender my entire self before you my God.

I accept you as my Guide, Saviour and Healer.

O lord, please take charge of my life and affairs.

Please heal me, change me, and strengthen my body, mind and soul.

O kind one, please forgive me for my mistakes and sins and cover me with your grace.

Please fill my mind with happiness, love, faith and gratitude.

Only You are the answer to my problem and no one else. In You, I have my 100% faith.

I fully trust that this financial problem will be solved by you.

I humbly ask to please let your glorious miracle befall me so that I can pay off all my debts.

Please bless me with financial abundance and I promise to use the money always for the right purpose for self, my family, friends and those in need.

I love You, I praise You, I thank You.

I shall follow You every day of my life.




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Second Prayer For A Financial Miracle

Dear Lord,

I pray for your blessings that financial miracles may come my way the soonest. That I may be blessed with the finances we need,

Also give me wisdom and strength to stand strong through this storm. And may you protect me, guide me, shelter me, and feed me.

Lord, I pray for a financial breakthrough because I wish to pay my debts in full and be able to look after my family well.

Lord, I ask for liberation from poverty. Lord, I pray to you to open the doors of prosperity and abundance for me. I ask to be released from shackles of poverty and lack quickly.

In you I trust.

May your divine grace flow through my every action.

Video: Prayer For Help in Financial Problems

For maximizing the benefits of the Prayer

For a better connection with God / Almighty / Higher Powers / Universe / Lord, you can sit in meditation, go into the deep level and say this prayer for money. Meditation / Visualization / lowering brain frequencies to alpha or theta level can help reduce the resistance of logical mind. It may also help increase the level of faith with positive feelings which a prayer brings into play.

A good way to deal with Financial Difficulty

Financial difficulties especially debt trap can be extremely stressful.

Of course, to get a better grip over your money and finances, it may be good idea to consult a financial advisor who can give you expert advice on of how to manage your money and wealth. He may also suggest that what type of options available to bail you out of your specific situation.

It is quite possible that you may believe that you have it under control and nothing more can be done. But getting an expert’s opinion can sometimes make a world of difference.

Along with the advice of a finance professional, it’s important to maintain your cool and a balanced mind with the help of spirituality.

You’ll discover that the financial expert’s advice and help, coupled with sincere prayer will provide you with the hope and motivation you will need to overcome your present financial problems.

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A Request to Dear  Reader,

For the benefits of others who are struggling with their financial limitations, please share your good experiences and prayers in the comments box below.

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by SASD (Pamelia, NY)

Lord God I come you praying for financial miracle for me and my family. God I have tried to use the talents you have blessed me with to provide for my family! Now God I come to you to provide financial blessings for my husband so he can be a blessing to his children God. you blessed us with this wonderful blended family and have always provided for us. NOW GOD we need financial prosperity blessing. Ask that you provide us with peace as we continue to bless your holy name. We ask that we continue to be blessings to all you send to us. Thank you for putting our family together.

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The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common—Ralph Waldo EmersonHave you or someone you know ever experienced a financial miracle? Do you even believe in miracles, financial or otherwise? I’m going to tell you about a financial miracle I experienced as a child; at least, it seemed like a miracle to me. It wasn’t a $1 million miracle. In fact, it was only a $5 miracle. But to a child of about 10 with very little money, the memory has stayed with me now for a very long time.

My Financial Miracle

I was about 10. On a summer Saturday morning my mom dropped me off at our church for the pinewood derby held by a group called the Royal Rangers (kind of like Boy Scouts). I looked forward to this event every year, where you race cars you’ve built out of a block of wood. Most boys would build their cars with their dad, who often times took more interest in the project than the child (I speak from experience now as a father). In my case, my step-dad took the block of wood and left the house for a couple of hours. When he came back, the block of wood had been transformed into an amazing looking race car. Not exactly a father-son moment, but I had the best looking car at the race (see picture below).

Anyway, my mom gave me $2 for lunch and left. Before the race began, a nice breakfast was provided to the boys and the fathers that were there. (I think my step-dad was fishing that day. I don’t actually remember that he was fishing, but that’s what he did most Saturdays.) During the breakfast, a speaker described a financial need that somebody in the community had. The need had to do with a child, but I don’t remember exactly what it was. For some reason, I felt compelled to give my $2 to help this person out. I knew I’d go without lunch, but something kept pushing me to give. So I did.

The Race

After breakfast, the race started. It was a double elimination with two cars racing at one time. Because there were a lot of cars entered into the race, it took all morning. As it turns out, my car was fast, real fast. I kept hearing all morning, “look at that orange car go!” And you guessed it, my car won the race.

Although I didn’t know this until after the race, the winner not only received a trophy, but he also got a $5 prize. I’m still not sure why they gave out money, but here I am holding $5 in the mid-1970s having earlier given up all the money I had.

Now some will think I’m absolutely crazy, but I believe that $5 was God’s way of acknowledging the financial sacrifice I had made earlier that morning. Now I know that it very well could have been nothing more than a coincidence. And I also know that life doesn’t always work out so well. But as Emerson so eloquently stated, the “invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”

And if you have experienced a financial miracle, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the car today. Originally it had about a dozen coats of beautiful orange lacquer, but it’s taken a beating over the last 30+ years.

myfamily financial miracle

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