Mothers prayer for her son

mothers prayer for her son

How many words do we turn to God for health andwell-being of our children! Our relations with them should be built like a person’s relationship with the Lord. We have a special power over our kiddies and are in all for them an example for imitation. Sincere and kind relations between parents and their children give a sense of confidence and purity of children’s thoughts in the future.

The best profession is to be a mother

For the mother, the main thing is for the child to be healthy andhappy. Not a day goes by so the mother does not ask the Creator for her child. We ask the daughters to have their female share to them. The mother’s prayer for the son consists of words of gratitude for the huge gift from God – the birth of a child. After all, the boy is the future man, whose shoulders will be caring for relatives and relatives. A strong half of humanity took upon itself physical burdens and burdens. Men are more likely to put their lives at risk, drive cars, work in harsh conditions. And the mother’s prayer for the health of her son is the words that the Lord hears every second, in every corner of the Earth women pray for help.

The Lord’s Omnipotence

mothers prayer for her son

In church books there is a certain prayermother about the son, which should be spoken sincerely and with all the heart. The future successor of the family needs wonderful words, when he hears them, God shows him the way to a right and clean life. And it does not matter what position the woman occupies, her main and favorite position is to be a loving mother and take care of her child.

The most expensive clinics with the newesttechnologies can not replace words addressed to the Creator. The mother’s prayer for the son’s recovery is pronounced in wards equipped with the best type of medical equipment. And the only hope is the unsurpassed power of the Lord God.

The power of faith

For women, the main thing is not to despair and believe inhealing. Doubt should not be! God needs sincere and unquestioning faith from us. The mother’s prayer for the son must come from the soul. There are many examples told by women about children healed through prayer. In some situations, even doctors advise: “Ask God, we are powerless, only the Lord can perform a miracle!” And it is true! The sick, from whom the best specialists turned, suddenly come to their senses, their condition improves, and the disease recedes.

mothers prayer for her son

We are the children of the Lord!

The mother’s prayer for the son, addressed to God, isa lifebuoy, for which we grasp at the most difficult moments. And this is our mistake, because for our Creator our frivolity and rare prayers are offended. He is waiting for our words of gratitude and requests constantly. We are his children, and, as any parent, our attention and love are important to him. God always hears our words and helps. To prevent danger, praise and ask the Lord need every day. Prayer is not a ritual, but a conversation with God, and you can not find the best interlocutor. He will listen, he will not interrupt, he will understand and help. His love for us is so boundless that at the first sincere call he will be there. The mother’s prayer for the son is the prayer of the Mother of God about her son Jesus. She knew that it would be hard for him, saw the cruelty of people in relation to her child, and asked the Creator to soften his share. Similarly, we ask the Creator for our children, and the answer will be determined by the strength of our faith.

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