Mother’s prayer for her son

Remember Tina Fey’s Prayer for Her Daughter? I, along with thousands (millions?) of others rejoiced in its awesomeness, posted and reposted it on Facebook, and ‘liked’ it all over the place. I loved it so much because I am a daughter and my whole adult life I imagined how I might raise my daughter(s). Tina hilariously touched upon a lot of fears I’ve had, and things I’ve done but do not wish for my offspring to experience. (No, I did not lay with drummers, but others could have fit in this category).

But guess what? I have no daughters. I only have sons. Where was the prayer for the sons? What would it be, if I could write it?

Actress and comedian, Jamie Denbo thought the same thing and wrote a prayer for her son (she has both a son and a daughter). An excerpt from her prayer:

When playing with cars and trucks in the driveway, driving in play cars and trucks, driving real cars and trucks on side roads, freeways, highways, off roads, during the daytime, the nighttime, in traffic, when there is no traffic, with his mother in the passenger seat and while alone, or when he is on skis, skateboards, bikes, surfboards, snowboards, hiking, camping, or motorcycles — which he will only be on to pose for a quick photo, if at all, because he will never, ever be driving one EVER in his entire life. OVER MY DEAD BODY, SO HELP ME, YOU.

May he be way more into Harry Potter than Nascar, baseball than lacrosse, anything other than Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And may his first love be a little chunky.

And when he one day brings a woman home with his ring on her finger, God grant me the resolve to not cry, or compare her to me — not because I am in a twisted romance with my son, but because I want him to be with a woman who will take care of him when he is sick as well as I know I can.

And let her not be too like me. But not so different from me that we have nothing to talk about besides the weather and sinus medications.

I shared it with my sister, who, although liked it, had some beef with it. Personally, much of the prayer jived with me, although I definitely get my sister’s point that we shouldn’t continue to perpetuate the theory that the kids are first and foremost the woman’s responsibility.

Regardless, for my sons, I’d add for God to help them remember: Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s out there, and you can’t put it back in.

That’s a metaphor for: Words can hurt, and you can’t take them back,so watch what you say.

What were you thinking?

Meanwhile, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ms. Denbo live on stage multiple times, so I know she’s quite a talented individual. I appreciate her prayer. You can read the whole thing here.

What would you add as a prayer for your son(s)?

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