Money prayers that work

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money prayers that work

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Discovered with ancient secret prayer that always gets answered by God, perfected, refined, fine-tuned and written by Yevgeniy Grytsenko (Master PlutoCraft) – it helps and will continue to help hundreds of thousands of people from all around the World – every single day – yes, this very moment, to overcome what most call – the “impossible”!

No B.S! I am a Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner and so much more! Discover who I am and what this means for YOU! Truth, truth and only truth! No made up stories to “sell you stuff” – only time-tested & proven methods that work fast and easy!

money prayers that work

Meet Yevgeniy Grytsenko (Master PlutoCraft) – Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, teacher, author, metaphysician, Magick practitioner, energy worker, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Master, energy problem corrector, gifted Karma corrector and God-gifted intuitive problem solver who helps you bust even the most stubborn blocks in love, money, sex, protection, general life problems and all other means! Yevgeniy wrote a Second Edition of A Prayer That Always Works after discovering the true power of the ancient prayer that – always works! Yevgeniy’s clientele comes from all walks of life – from poor people who need urgent solutions to wealthy individuals who want to increase their millions. Yevgeniy is also working on a project to help people establish their own Internet businesses by finding their true channels of income and opening money vortexes so everyone can have a passive income with extremely powerful money portals that he sets up. Always feel free to email Yevgeniy if you have any questions or need help with any issue of your life! “I am passionate and dedicated to help you achieve the impossible and guess what? I lost count how many times I already did it! If you have a problem – I have a solutions! GUARANTEED!!!”

The FREEDOM From Any Problem “Itch” Just Won’t Go Away, Will It?

I AM Not A Fan Of Regret. At All!

Whenever Others Panic, I Let GOD Create The Solution! And It Is Created With A Prayer That Always Works!


Once you try it, you won’t resist to do it again… And again… And again…

What Others Say About Yevgeniy And A Prayer That Always Works! It Is Hard To Believe, But Even The Most Stubborn Sceptics Change Their Minds After Just First Use Of A Prayer That Always Works!

“I don’t know how he does it, but he always does it! He knows how to bring jaw-dropping results and he told me that he simply reads A Prayer That Always Works!!!” – Brother Amad

“During an exorcism in Wisconsin, he pulled out some papers and began to read some simple English sentences. At first, I thought he’s making fun of me because I was battling that demon for years with all sorts of healers. In just a few minutes, I felt like I am leaving my body and I passed out. After I woke up, I felt so weird! It was like new me who woke up from a deep trance. I thought I just closed my eyes, but I slept for 3 hours. I did not even ask for an exorcism!!! I just complained that something is wrong with m energies and he said “I know…” This guy Yevgeniy with his A Prayer That Always Works is something!” – Alice E.

“Ok, the weirdest thing about this prayer is that it always works. All you have to do is read it. And you actually feel it works. The formula is very simple for me: if I want results – I read A Prayer That Always Works. And another formula is very simple: if I read A Prayer That Always Works, I know I will get results, because I already know it always works”.  – Martha D.

“The thing is, it doesn’t matter how small or big your problem is. It’s just your perception. A Prayer That Always Works corrects any problem into a solution. And the last thing that matters is your perception pf what is possible or not possible. Be it money, love, well-being, protection, whatever else situation – you mane it – A Prayer That Always Works ALWAYS does it’s job – IT WORKS! As soon as you do your job to read it – you will get results just like everyone else does!” – Master PlutoCraft

And below you’ll find 4 healing colors of “I” used in a Prayer That Always Works, called “Pillar of I” that help to blast out all negative energies from any situation, place, person, thing or Karma.

Because it is done, all negativity gets replaced with supreme positive energies, rushing to aid you in help, faster than speed of Light – and your problem gets solved, your Prayer is answered – you get the solution!

But this is just a small part of the process of
A Prayer That Always Works!

I can finally say that it always works because it never fails. Just try it to disprove it and you’ll find yourself wrong. I know that for sure.

LOOK: A Prayer That Always Works – works even if you don’t believe it works. But EVERYONE why tried it experienced miracles! That’s that’s FACT!

While the 1-st edition made the World’s impact, 2-nd edition is made to make must greater, faster, no-excuses, nothing held behind impact towards getting what you want – fast, fun and easy!

Wow,,, Finally… A Prayer That Always Works… Can you truly believe such miracles really exist?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you believe or you do not believe because very soon, you will believe in it once I show you the actual prof. And after that, not only it will be your most valuable book – it will be your most loved possession!

FEEL IT: Sorry to say that, but you won’t be able to eat, sleep and think peacefully until you get yourself a copy of a A Prayer That Always Works.  That’s because THIS is what solves ALL your problem and repairs Karma, so same cycles do not repeat themselves over and over again – and I know you have some of that no matter who you are! I truly want to bring GOOD into your live by removing all evil.

And as you think deeper and deeper with every second of what I’m saying, you feel how this information sinks deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind – and your transformation already began jut a few seconds ago!

So, there is no way back or you… For Good!!!

If you landed on this website – you’ve been chosen!
Read on!Your life will become a bliss!
Smell it like your favorite flowers!

Let’s take a quick preview of how I made 2-ND edition for you and these are just small modifications:

  • Encoded as blessing talisman for just having it– jut like many people reported who have it
  • More powerful prayer along with additional, specific-puppuse ancient prayers that always work!
  • Additional ancient secret prayer sigils not found anywhere else … Plus so much more!
  • Written by Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, author, healer,Reiki practitioner, Astrological Correction Inventor, KARMA repair expert, business and money healer, relationship reconciler, intuitive psychic, Remote Influencer & Healer, Magician and results-oriented metaphysician with 17+ years of public serving experience! Also… (KVCC) Kalamazoo, Michigan college graduate and Western Michigan University attendee – if that counts too…
  • Enlightened author who writes only QUALITY information that work – directly challenged from God – time-tested and proven! I made this Prayer as your blessing talisman for just having it. It actually starts cleansing your problems just because you possess it!

It doesn’t matter if you believe it will work for you or not, this prayer will still work!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, any other religion or maybe a complete atheist,
this prayer always works!

It doesn’t matter how chaotic your situation may seem, how desperate you may feel, it doesn’t even matter what your situation is – this prayer always works!

Even if you already tried many other methods, tried going to church, tried numerous meditations and visualizations of all kinds, hiring psychic healers — and nothing happened –- then you can use a prayer that always works!

And even if you tried to resolve your issues for years and nothing worked – you can use a prayer that always works!

Meet the incredible Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian kahuna lapa’au (healer) who brought this prayer into the World.

Whether you have heard of a process called Ho’oponopono or not, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Ho’oponopono is a very powerful process of “outsourcing” your problems and Karma to Divine Creator to seek healing and reconciliation.

Put it this way: Ho’oponopono is a great process which can be used to simply make problems disappear.

In 1976, Morrnah began to modify the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation process of Ho’oponopono to suit the realities of the modern day life.

Her version of Ho’oponopono was influenced by her Christian (Protestant and Catholic) education and her philosophical studies about India, China and Edgar Cayce.

The combination of Hawaiian traditions, praying to the Divine Creator, and connecting problems with Reincarnation and Karma resulted in a unique new problem solving process, that was self-help rather than the traditional Hawaiian group process.

As a result of many decades of Morrnah’s work, several extremely powerful prayers came out. These prayers can be used by any individuals who want to change their lives for the better, achieve peace and happiness and achieve their goals in life.

And there is one very powerful prayer that stands out…

I never saw it fail.

I always see it work. Always!

There are, of course, a couple of ins and outs that I am about to share with you that make it even more effective!

I want to help you to achieve sometimes instant results as well as have you actually feel that changes are on the way, right away!

This way, you’ll feel how it works!


Why And How Does
This Prayer Work?

In reality, it is very hard to answer this question. The mystic world is something that the conscious mind has a very hard time explaining.

For now, I invite you to remove your conscious mind and simply become open minded for several moments.

First, let’s take a quick look at

Why most prayers fail…

In Western Psychology, we know that conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds exist. And they are all treated as one part of the individual.

In Huna, the Hawaiian mystic tradition, we also know that the conscious mind, subconscious mind and super conscious minds exist, but they are treated as separate beings.

Because conscious mind (called Uhane), subconscious mind ( called Ku, Unihipili, or inner child,) and higher self (Aumakua) are separate beings, they have their own agendas, which are very often also separate.

Let’s take a quick look at these agendas:

Uhane’s primary roles are to reason and to speak. This is also what is called ego.

Ku’s role is to control functioning, involuntary muscles, all senses, dreams, feelings and emotions. What Western Psychology fails to tell us is that Ku has, what Kahunas call, Aka Cords.

These cords can easily connect to other individuals, places, past, present, future, Spirits, parents, ancestors, energy fields and the list can go on and on.

That’s why you may experience phenomena like déjà vu, psychic sensations, prophetic dreams, feelings that “something is wrong”, or intuitive feelings like “it will be great”…

Aumakua’s role is to deliver the benefits requested by Ku, connect with other Aumakuas, connect to the Divine force and assist in life.

But… This is what’s very important:

Notice that Aumakua’s role is to rain down the benefits requested by Ku. In other words, Aumakua does NOT listen to your Uhane (conscious mind).

So, when you say “I want more money, a new car, a better job and that special person,” it usually matters very little to Ku and Aumakua.

These parts of the three selves can sort of “laugh” at your conscious requests and say something like: “That’s great, there is nothing wrong with wanting something”.

Since Ku is your subconscious mind and Aumakua listens to Ku, then we can easily say that our lives are built by hidden agendas of the subconscious mind.

WARNING: Subconscious Has A Hidden Agenda And This Is Why You Have Problems:

Subconscious mind does not have the same reasoning as conscious mind. There is a reason why it is called

inner child . It is, in fact, like a child.

The only question is: is your inner child happy or in pain?

If your inner child is happy, then you can be assured that you live a very happy prosperous life.

On the contrary, if your inner child is in pain, then these pains can be easily manifested into a visible, tangible reality.

For example: poor health, poverty, hate, failed relationships, shame, blame, obstacles, bad luck and the list can go on and on…

Remember: our lives are built on the hidden agendas of the subconscious mind. And since subconscious mind is SUBconscious, you are almost always completely unaware of it’s agenda, pain, goals and connections.

Now, since subconscious mind has it’s own “reasoning”, it is very hard for conscious mind to understand such reasoning.

This Is How Your Dreams Get Destroyed:

For example… Let’s just take a very simple, very common example:

Let’s just say someone failed in business in the past…

As you know, deep inside, such a person will feel anxiety to start a new business again.

This person will also have loads of doubts about whether or not they will be successful again, and will be too cautious when it comes to doing business again. These are just a very few things that come into conscious awareness…

But also, consciously, logically speaking, starting a new business should be a even easier than before!

Come on, consciously speaking, the person is fully capable, already has prior knowledge of the business and knows what to do NOT to fail, can use past experience to make a business even more profitable and easily acquire new information for greater success.

All they consciously have to do is follow instructions.

As you know, it doesn’t work this way. Why? Because now, there is what’s called a subconscious block (in this case, most likely, a hidden fear of failure) that is there despite all the conscious reasons that “it should be ok”.

So, let’s assume the person gets inspired one day to restart the business again.

Since Aumakua listens to Ku only, do you think that Ku will send out a request to restart the new business successfully? Of course not!

Ku already learned the pain of failure and it has its own “logic” which goes something like this:

“Business leads to failure. Failure leads to pain. Having a business means to be in pain.”

And then, Ku can send out the request to Aumakua to avoid owning any businesses at all costs!

So, despite all the conscious efforts to start a new business, the person will be on a pretty sure road to failure. And when they fail at it again, they will say: “I knew it! Deep inside, I knew I’d fail!”.

And at that point, they distance themselves even further from owning a successful business. All because subconscious mind says “business is pain”.

This was just a very brief example.

By the way, the same deal applies to relationships, money, health and everything you can imagine!

How 98% Of People Get Trapped:

What does a typical person do to resolve the issue?

A typical person usually does the following things:

  • Ignores subconscious blocks and proceeds anyways. (OFTEN, BIG MISTAKE!)
  • Tries hypnosis to “force” the subconscious. (OFTEN, HUGE MISTAKE!)
  • Repeats hundreds of affirmations daily. (USUALLY, LOW EFFECT TACTIC)
  • Abandons goals and dreams, accepts current reality and defeat. (No comment…)

But the typical person is not aware of a magical prayer that, well… always works.

To Cause Manifestation At Will, You
Better Have All 3 Parts Of Yourself
Wanting The Same Thing!
Or else…

What makes A Prayer That Always Works different is that it addresses all 3 Selves (Uhane, Unihipili and Aumakua) to “work” on delivering the request AND it addresses a direct connection to God (or Universe)!

It’s like having all 3 selves completely agreeing on delivering the request!

It’s like having the whole Universe conspire to give you what you desire!

And this is how it can work with the scenario we mentioned above:

Remember the person who failed at business?

Let’s say this person wants to start a business again. Consciously, they have a desire. Subconsciously, there is a hidden fear.

We don’t know and we don’t have to know what caused the first failure at business, because we are using A Prayer That Always Works.

So, the person uses A Prayer That Always Works and now the Universe can do the following:

  • Eliminate the root of original failure to protect against future failures
  • Eliminate emotional attachments to a failure so the person feels great about starting a new business
  • Remove trillions of bits of other hidden negative information associated with this situation
  • Cleanse the person’s energy fields, aura and chakras
  • Send motivation, inspiration and courage to the person
  • Attract perfect business location, money, clients, partners…
  • Grow the business with lightning speed!
  • It even automatically removes past-life, Karmic and ancestral issues too!
  • And if there is a Spirit interfering, that is taken care of too!

And the next thing you know, that same person is super happy running their super profitable business again, making even more money than they did originally!

And they don’t even know how it happened. It’s like magically everything just got resolved so quick!

Not to mention, a lot of their problems are now gone too because usually,
one problem serves as a root for another problem!

A Prayer That Always Works Helps You
To Restore Your Karma

Also, this prayer addresses Karma and Karmic debts. It helps to

release Karma and Karmic debts .

This is VERY IMPORTANT when you work on certain requests because you are carrying Karma of your parents and ancestors, even those of 20 generations ago!

And this Karma can come at different parts of your life!

Remember a British Psychic show where a woman who constantly suffered from migraines could not heal them, no matter what she tried, because one of her ancestors was a Turkish executioner chopping people’s heads off with an ax?

And God only knows what kind of Karma you may be carrying!

But your Ku knows it all…

Do you now see why trying to solve your problems logically, without the help of Divine Creator, may be one of the dumbest ideas ever?

Actually, you see it everywhere. People do the same things that don’t work again and again. People make the same mistakes over and over. And almost always, it all leads to unfulfillment and total failure. And a lot of constant complaining.

If they would only know about A Prayer That Always Works…

REMEMBER: A Prayer That Always Works helps you to release Karma!

This is a tremendous benefit that allows you to start feeling like a fish in the water again!

Requirements For Prayer To Work

The only requirements for this prayer to work, so far, are:

  • Know exactly what you want
  • Ask for what is reasonable
  • Don’t pray for hurting others

Actually, the prayer will work even if some of these requirements aren’t met. It’s just that you probably won’t see results as fast as you want to…

But then again, this prayer is so miraculous and brings so many miracles that even some of these statements can be disputed sometimes.

Let’s just say, for the sake of simplicity, that it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to maintain these requirements:

Knowing what you want allows you to align your 3 selves for such a request.

I found that one of the best ways to pray is to explain your situation in the prayer and explain what you are looking for, asking to remove all of the interferences.

This is NOT about “know what you want and know what you don’t want”. You can easily pray for removal of what you don’t want.

But knowing what you want helps the Universe to speed up and serve your request in a much better way.

Ask for what is reasonable. With A Prayer That Always Works, “reasonable” changes quickly. Once you see for yourself what kinds of miracles you can easily manifest, you can quickly realize that what may seem completely unreasonable right now will be the norm tomorrow.

What I really want to state here is the obvious: don’t pray for things that are really unreasonable. Like, for example, you know that when you drop a pen, it will fall down. Don’t pray for it to raise up. You also know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Don’t pray for “let sunset happen in the East tomorrow”.

Also, if you are poor, you probably shouldn’t pray for a million to show up by tomorrow morning. You can pray, of course – I strongly believe you can attract a million in this case – but a request like this usually takes time.

And at the same time, I’ve seen so many miracles happen that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone becomes a millionaire overnight with this prayer.

I’ve also seen miraculous healings with this prayer.

Don’t pray for hurting others. THIS IS A BIG ONE! Remember: you are a Divine being. So are others. No matter how “bad” they may seem, don’t directly pray for things like “please make Josh burn in hell”. You’ve done harm too and your Karma isn’t perfect.

You may, however, pray for “please remove the hurts and memories of hurts that relate to Josh, please allow me to recover my energies and what was lost and please allow me to live in great joy, be fully happy…”.

You got the idea. This is not a revenge prayer. Better to pray for peace and start to attract joy and peace your way, right away.

Get Immediate Access To
Love, Money, Better Health,
High Energy, Happiness And More!
It is like opening a secret manifestation portal at your command!

Here is just a small list of things that people use A Prayer That Always Works for:


  • Remove the roots of your problems related to all love issues
  • Help you remove the interference between you and your ex, so you can either get back together, stay friends, or go separate ways…
  • Help you find your true soul mate
  • Help you attract people that you’ll love dating
  • Help you become secure, glowing and view yourself as even more beautiful!
  • Reconcile all failed relationships
  • Prevent future failures of relationships
  • Eliminate stalkers
  • Attract people to have great passionate sex with
  • Restore your love and sex Karma
  • Prevent all future problems in love and sex departments


  • Eliminate all roots of money problems
  • Remove past, present and future failures with money
  • Remove the reaction to memories of failures with money
  • Get a much better job, or
  • Start your own, profitable business
  • Start attracting money from many expected and unexpected sources
  • Protect your money from all sorts of thieves, including “energy thieves”
  • Happily live in complete wealth and abundance instead of constantly worrying that money can disappear


  • Start healing your physical body
  • Pray for finding better doctors
  • Pray for finding a better medication
  • Pray for establishing the right diagnosis
  • Pray for faster recovery
  • Pray for better health of your loved ones
  • Pray for miraculous healings of all sorts!


  • Start healing your mental body
  • Restore your emotional body
  • Heal your Spiritual connection
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Balance your chakras
  • Remove negative Aka Cords of others who are connected to your energy field
  • Eliminate draining Aka Cords of psychic vampires
  • Realign your consciousness
  • Realign your subconscious mind
  • Cleanse your Higher Self for better, faster manifestations
  • Remove confusion and gain clear mind
  • Remove irritation, frustration, manipulation and gain peace
  • Remove fears and roots of fears, and reclaim courage
  • Go from not knowing to complete knowing
  • Discover your TRUE life purpose
  • Suspend insomnia and nightmares and gain restful sleep
  • Suspend addictions and roots of addictions
  • Live in complete joy
  • Live in complete happiness
  • Do only what you love
  • Have complete self-confidence and power

And pray for whatever good you can only imagine!

A Prayer That Always Works is “designed” to eliminate obstacles that stand between you and your desires and grant your wishes FAST!

And remember: you can pray for any miracles, for many miracles, for anything you can think of!

And I can’t wait for when your mind will be completely blown by how well and fast this prayer works!!!

Look At These Case Studies

Case Study:

Removal of ex’s lingering energies

After a devastating break up from a relationship, I was never the same. It seemed like life lost a big part of its meaning. It seemed like parts of me were torn apart. For many years I lived in emotional pain. I thought that there was no way to be the same again. It lasted somewhere between 3 to 4 years.

I’ve tried counseling. I tried NLP. I tried hypnosis. I tried dating. Nothing seemed to truly work. Sure, sometimes I would get better, but then it wouldn’t take long for memories to haunt me again.

It was like a vicious cycle. It seemed like for every 2 steps forward, I have to take 5 back against my will.

I finally decided to use A Prayer That Always Works.

This is what happened after I used it. In less than a week, I went to my friend’s house who is a coach. He decided to help me with the issue. He quickly discovered that my conscious mind and Higher Self are still “cross wired” with the energy fields of my ex. It took about 15 minutes to remove the “wires”.

I finally was able to become me again!

And this is how it works sometimes. I noticed that when you use A Prayer That Always Works, the right people show up at right times. It happens very quickly.

Sometimes you see that person only once, when they help you with your problem. And sometimes you become friends with them.

However, like in the next case, and more often than not, problems just disappear on their own! Read on…

Case Study: From poverty to financial comfort – fast!

Failure with an ex quickly lead to pessimism. And sure enough, it lead to failure in a small business which I had.

For many years I lived in poverty. Money was hard to get. My parents were supporting me. To be very honest, it felt embarrassing.

Don’t get me wrong, I really tried to make money and tried hard. But all it resulted in was not being hired when applying for jobs, or getting very miserable jobs, or failing at business whenever I was trying self-employment. In other words, I was still broke.

I started using A Prayer That Always Works.

Somehow, very quickly, I started opening websites and they started to become very successful. I was spending zero dollars on advertising, yet I was and am still able to get more clients than I can handle!

I even wrote an eBook called “Marketing For Coaches” to teach others how to have a lot of clients and a big business.

And most importantly, people LOVE what I sell because it truly helps THEM!

I think it has a lot to do with A Prayer That Always Works. I feel like Divine is simply guiding me, helping me to create unique products that truly benefit humanity. I feel like Divine is guiding me when websites are being created too.

I love website design and Internet marketing. I feel like Divine matched my passions and uses it as my money vehicle.

And as a result, money manifests on autopilot! I seriously don’t even like telling others how too fast and too easy money manifests, because it is hard to believe.

And that’s ok. What I do is comfortably work in silence, doing what I love, helping those who seek the help I am able to offer.

All I can add is that I live very comfortably in a nice house near the lake, I finally have money and am able to do what I love doing. And I know for sure that much more is coming! This is just the beginning!

Case Study: Elimination of total chaos.

You read two of my cases above. But that’s not all. See, at one point, my life entered into complete chaos. I lost a person I loved, I lost money, my health was weak and it felt like I am surviving, or existing, instead of living…

To be very, fully honest, I don’t remember much of it by now. All I remember is that it felt like a bad dream. The reason I don’t remember many details right now is because when anyone uses A Prayer That Always Works, it removes memories.

What happens is that instead of chaotic memories, you get filled with inspiration! You stop paying attention to chaos and they magically disappear.

However, I do remember that it was very bad times. I remember how I was trying a lot of things to get out from such chaos and it just didn’t seem to work.

I remember I was constantly praying to get out. I was praying to discover “something” to get out. And what happened was, A Prayer That Always Works came to me.

I started using it right away.

It was miraculous!!! I instantly started to feel energy fields getting cleared and a lot of Aka Cords being cut. It took a few short months to get my life back to normal and in order.

The whole mess just mysteriously cleared!!! And all I have is very vague memories of it. Well done!

All I can say is that A Prayer That Always Works TRULY ALWAYS WORKS!

And then…On Monday of March 25th, 2013, at around 10:30 AM, when I was by one of the lakes in Alabama, I received Divine guidance to publish this product which teaches people how to use A Prayer That Always Works.

All I am doing now is following Divine guidance, building this same website you are looking at and publishing A Prayer That Always Works.

I certainly feel that you are on this website NOT by accident!

When You Use A Prayer That Always Works,
You Get Energy Shifts
In Real Time!

Look, this is what I truly learned: you can spend years of time and tons of money trying to find a solution to the problem and still not be able to find it OR you can use A Prayer That Always Works and more often than not – have the problem mysteriously disappear, having a true miracle appearing simultaneously!

Seriously, stop trying to solve all the chaos by yourself. There is a much more powerful, much wiser, much stronger force out there than all your problems and enemies combined!

This force is waiting for your call. It does not interfere, like evil forces do. You have to ask it for help!

Be smart – outsource your problems! Don’t play games with evil.

Who knows what the cause of your problem is?

Who knows why it happens?

Who knows which ancestor’s Karma it may be?

It simply doesn’t matter! Don’t engage into why’s and how’s. It can drive you crazy.

There is no need to try to figure it out. All you have to do is get in silence where nobody will be able to disturb you and read A Prayer That Always Works!

And then, watch the problem disappear.

And then, watch your reactions and memories of the problem disappear.

Let Divine Creator deliver true miracles to you.

Let Divine creator clear your Karma.

Let Divine Creator bring true joy, abundance, love and happiness into your life!

Let Divine Creator guide you to follow your life purpose, provide you wisdom, showering you in peace and abundance in all life arenas.

Allow yourself to have that Divine glow to shine through you!

Use A Prayer That Always Works!


$29.95I believe this is the best and smartest investment you can
make right now!

And you know what?
I give you a 100% money back guarantee!
Try A Prayer That Always Works for 90 days and witness miracles yourself! If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked. My Confidence In You

I strongly believe that you’ll be so thrilled with A Prayer That Always Works, that you’ll actually email me your success story and it’ll happen quick!

I would love to hear it from you!

Don’t delay, get A Prayer That Always Works so you can IMPLEMENT IT RIGHT NOW for instant energy transformation!


  • Instantly start clearing blocks to success
  • Instantly start attracting what you want
  • Begin instant, life changing transformation
  • … and this is just a beginning!

LOOK! This Is Exactly What You Will Get:

  • A Prayer That Always Works eBook
  • Complete instructions on how to use the prayer
  • Examples of how to easily construct prayer requests

And I’ll Talk To You About:

  • How to attract miracles
  • Different forms of interferences and how to remove them
  • Why and how this prayer works in deeper details
  • How to remove past life interference
  • How to remove ancestral interference
  • How to clear your Karma
  • How to clear ancestral Karma
  • How to clear generational curses
  • How magnetic forces work
  • How to counteract negative effects of Astrological influences
  • What to do about evil eye and jealous people
  • How to heal your wounded Inner Child
  • How to harness the power of your Astrological Archetype
  • The remedy against “feeling stuck”
  • How to easily attract what you desire
  • Getting ex back or letting go
  • Concept of 100% responsibility for enormous self power
  • How to CORRECTLY pray for other people
  • Erasing bad memories
  • How to WIN over your problems starting right now
  • … and so much more!

Forget “regular” ways to solve problems!

  • No more getting on your knees and begging
  • No more hoping
  • No more tapping
  • No more hypnosis
  • No more looking in the mirror repeating affirmations
  • No more visualizations
  • No more putting in effort
  • No more over thinking
  • No more over-analyzing
  • No more stress
  • No more pushing!
  • And most importantly, no more giving up!!!


Whenever you have a problem or want to
attract something, or someone,
use A Prayer That Always Works!

money prayers that work

What Will Happen After You Make A Purchase Of A Prayer That Always Works?

Everything is easy as 1 – 2 – 3…

After you make a purchase, you will be given a link to an instant download of A Prayer That Always Works and confirmation email with another download link will be sent to you.

You will need a PDF reader to open your eBook —
I recommend Adobe Reader, it’s free!

If you have ANY problems downloading or opening your purchase of A Prayer That Always Works, I and my team are here to help! Just contact me and let me know what you need!



All transactions are processed by a Secure Server and your information is always confidential. It will NEVER be shared or sold with anyone else!


money prayers that workThe importance of Money and Abundance Prayer

Prayers said from pure heart are the best way to communicate with God.

If you are feeling a lack of money or the resources then here are a few words of Money Prayer to give you an idea what to communicate to the Universe which is full of Abundance including Money and Prosperity.

Believe that money is good energy. Believe that abundant money and prosperity are your birth right and through this prayer you are claiming your abundance to be prosperous. Visualize that your blockages are melting away and your channels are clear now. See through your mind’s eye that you are freely receiving your supply of money and riches. Do remember to thank the Universe immediately after.

Preparing yourself for Money and Abundance Prayer – for better results

Sit down and calm your mind. Slow down the speed of your thoughts by taking a few deep breaths and tell yourself it is all OK. Believe that you are the child of God and a have a divine spark too.

Just form a connection with the Higher Powers – just intend so

How to say the Money and Abundance Prayer

Say the following money prayer with all sincerity, faith and belief. Let go!

Release your intention into the cosmic. Let Universe decide how and when to send you the Money.

Be in the state of expectancy but neither be restless nor be attached to the results.

Before, during and after the Money Prayer stay in the attitude of gratitude.

The Money and Abundance Prayer

O Beloved God, Salutations and Greetings!

I approach you as your child and your own creation.

With a pure heart I ask for your divine grace.

Please shower on me abundance of money from your infinite source on a regular basis.

Your ways are innumerable and methods beyond my comprehension. Hence it is best that I leave to you the timings and sources through which you send the money and riches.

Whatever you do I trust that it is for my highest good.

With full faith in you and your miraculous ways, I open my body, mind and soul to receiving your gift of financial wealth and riches.

I pledge to use the money for my good and good of others.

God’s will be done! Thank You




O Subconscious mind! I command you to be instrumental in gracefully accepting God’s gifts in the form of Money, Wealth and Abundance to make me Rich and Prosperous. Be open to follow whatever path Universe shows in this regard.

Let the rain of blessings start to fall!

Second Prayer

Sometimes when our finite intelligence fails to provide us with a solution, we must ask God for a financial blessing to get us out of debt and / or provide for our families. You may need a prayer for money and help to bail you out of financial distress when you are having trouble making both ends meet. Have Faith, God will provide.

A Prayer to help you move out Financial Distress

Heavenly Father,

I come before you now to ask for your financial blessing to improve my life. My faith in you is  strong and I know you will provide for me and my family with all that and the money we need.

I also pray to you for money to relieve my financial woes, debt burdens and ease this stress.

Lord, please be with me and help me to make the right decisions throughout my life.

Through your divine guidance kindly show me the means to do your work, and spread your Love.

Given an opportunity to serve, I promise to help others in your Name.

Thank you God for every gift you give me.

In your name I pray,




After saying the Prayer

Open your eyes with a big smile on your face. Say Thanks, Thanks and Thanks to the Universe and let Universe decide and do its work. Simply do not interfere. Just open yourself to receiving Money and Abundance from anywhere – expected or unexpected source.

Happy Money Manifesting !!

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Dear Readers,

Please share your experiences in the comments box below. This will benefits hundreds of other people. Also share these two Money and Abundance Prayers with all of your friends and family by clicking the share button in this post.

Dear Lord God,

money prayers that work

You forgive us when we confess our sins,

and you give grace when we confess the sins of our ancestors–

of our family and our city and our country.

So I confess the great wickedness of our nation

at oppressing the poor,

marginalizing women, minorities, the elderly, and the ill,

enslaving the African-Americans,

red-lining poor communities,

indenturing and imprisoning the uneducated and underprivileged.

I confess our systemic white privilege,

even as I want to believe I am not a benefactor of it.

I confess our sins of racism and segregation,

even as I say that I have not overtly participated in any of it.

It is our heritage, and we are wrong to minimize its legacy.

I confess the church’s sins of politicizing moral issues,

of drawing party lines through issues of compassion, grace, and mercy–

of using topics of mass incarceration, death penalty, immigration, life, and welfare

to divide party lines and provide ease and security for the privileged.

I confess these sins on behalf of the countless Christians who claim your name but do not behave like you did.

We do not touch the diseased,

help the prostitute,

protect the children,

shelter the foreigner,

or befriend the poor.

You condemned the religious rule-followers.

You called them serpents, dirty dishes, tombs.

You hated their sacrifices and their charitable donations and their prayers.

They made you angry.

We are them.

Oh, too often, we are them.

How angry do we make you

when we cry, “Lock him up!”

“Kill them all!”

“Take her children away!”

We do your name such injustice

when we prevent your creation from experiencing justice.

I confess it all.

I bear the blame.

May we all bear it,

and then, may we change.

Change us, oh God!

It’s what you do best.

Instead of praying “Change them,”

change us! and it’s how the world will see that you are a God of love and justice.


“Oh, Lord, we acknowledge our wickedness and the guilt of our fathers; we have indeed sinned against you. For the sake of your name, do not despise us; do not dishonor your glorious throne. Remember the covenant with us and do not break it. Do any of the worthless idols of the nations bring rain? Do the skies themselves send down showers? Therefore, our hope is in you, for you are the one who does all this.” (Jeremiah 14:20-22)

Lord God in heaven I come to you humbly asking you to bless me financially.  This is not hard for you to do because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  You are Jehovah Jireh the God who provides and I ask you to provide for me and my family and my friends.  We are in need of your help.

Lord I ask you to show me the areas in my life where I may not have been a good steward of Your money and I ask that you would bring conviction into my heart by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Show me the areas where I need to improve how I handle your money so that I may honor You by using what You give me in a manner that pleases You.  I pray Lord that when I receive this financial blessings that you will send me in the next few days, I will tithe to the ministry that you will call to my mind the amount which You will put in my heart.  Lord I know that You are able to supply my needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  I know that you are the God who gives me the ability to create wealth and I make a covenant with you today that when you send me this financial blessing I will praise you for it no matter how small it may be and I will continue to serve you with a grateful heart.

Lord I ask that you would cause me to have an undivided heart and mind towards you.  No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. I know that I cannot serve both You God and Money(Luke 16:13). Forgive me if I have misplaced my worship and my focus.  Bless me this day with the blessing that you gave our forefather Abraham.  Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain (1Chronicles 4:10).  In Jesus Name. AMEN.



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