Friend having surgery quotes

“My luminaries!” he sang out. “I am thrilled to have you here. I have been rereading both your works in preparation for our glorious collaboration.”


“You will forgive my enthusiasm and my presumption. But you must accept that what we are here today to do with each other cannot be subsumed under the mantle of medical procedure alone. For me to put the scalpel into your hand, my dearest Monsieur Arosteguy, is basically a crime, you understand. Though I fully comprehend the emotional ownership of the breast involved with the husband and the wife. In the light of that ownership, the alien surgeon is an intruder, a rapist, a violator. Why should he be allowed to sever that most beautiful organ from that beloved body? Who the fuck is he anyway? No, only the husband should have the right to do that intimate severing with all its resonances of personal history. And so on. But legally it’s a crime. So what’s the solution in our heads? In my head, the solution is that we are not committing surgery, but are creating an art/philosophy / crime/ surgery project. The three of us. A collective. The Arosteguy Collective Project. Do you agree?”

Celestine and I glanced at each other and could see that we were immediately in sync. We were overwhelmed, horrified, and also delighted.”

David Cronenberg Consumed

Updated on October 5, 2017

Blake started out scribbling in cards over 30 years ago. Though his handwriting is mostly unchanged, the content has improved.

What to Write for a Surgery Get Well Card

Surgery can be a scary experience no matter how serious the operation is. Going under the knife, laser, or liquid nitrogen means tissue damage. This also means the person will need recovery time. During that recovery time, a get well card is a nice gesture.

The good thing about a surgery get well card is that you have the opportunity to send some real encouragement when your friend or relative needs it. Surgery and recovery are never easy, so using a little humor or upbeat message is a great way to help the person keep a positive attitude.

What to Say to Someone Who Is About to Have Surgery

  1. I hope the surgery is fully effective and quickly leads to no pain.
  2. Thank goodness for modern medicine! I hope you recover from your modern procedure quickly.
  3. If you need anything to help you recover quickly, let me know and I’ll bring it to you.
  4. No surgery should be considered “minor.” Anything with the word surgery involved should be considered major.
  5. I’m hoping you will not have to feel much pain as you recover fully from your surgery.

Post-Surgery Get Well Wishes

These are supportive and sincere messages for a surgery get well card.

  1. It can take time to get over being under the knife. I hope it doesn’t take too long for you!
  2. “Cut it out” and “Get well soon!”
  3. Now that you have to recover, I’ll be spending some of your time bothering you.
  4. Surgeons are a way to get worse before you get better. I hope you get better fast!
  5. I’m hoping your quality of life improves quickly after this surgery! That will mean much more than just getting well.
  6. The human body is amazing in its ability to heal. I hope your healing after surgery is quick.

Funny Get Well Messages for Surgery

These are examples of funny things to write in a get well card for someone having surgery. Getting someone to laugh may be a great way to help him or her start feeling better. Remember to use tact and avoid insensitive or offensive jokes.

  1. I would have written you something funny in your get well card, but I don’t want you to laugh and rip out your stitches.
  2. Now that you’ve had surgery, I’m expecting you to be different. I hope you will be different in a good way.
  3. You know what’s wrong with the world these days? It seems like most people would rather have surgery than go around complaining. Now there’s nothing to talk about with most people.
  4. It could be worse, right? I could have been the one to do your surgery. I’m glad you have better hands taking care of you. Get well soon!
  5. I hope the hospital bills hurt more than the recovery. But hopefully, neither hurt too much.
  6. “Major pain, major surgery, and now major recovery!”
  7. If you need something removed from your body, you’ll have to remove some money from your bank account.
  8. If you were a robot, then you’d be getting a hardware upgrade.
  9. The great thing about surgery is . . . nothing. Get well soon!
  10. Next time you need surgery, let me know. I have steady hands and a knife. Don’t worry. Even though I’m not a real doctor, I could play one on TV.
  11. “Walking it off” is for sissies. Surgery is for the toughest people. You’ve proved that you’re tough.
  12. Now that your surgery is over, I know you are fixed and in good physical shape. Can you help me move this weekend?
  13. It seems like everyone is having surgery these days. You must not have been wearing your helmet and knee pads when you jumped on the bandwagon.
  14. The only thing that hurts worse than recovering from surgery is paying the medical bills.

Funny Music Video about Surgery Surgery Get-Well Sayings Funny Vs. Sincere Surgery Get Well MessagesWhich type of get well message is better for after a surgery. Inspiration for Creating Get Well Messages

Empathy is needed in order to write a great get well message for surgery. Having had surgery in the past may give you insights into the experiences a person goes through in order to recover. Here’s a video of a time-lapse healing after a surgery.

Even if you haven’t had surgery in the past, you’ll notice how everything isn’t perfect immediately after the surgery.

Besides grossing you out, this may inspire you to realize just how long it takes for human tissue to heal fully. Think about the challenges the person may face in the recovery process. Capture and acknowledge those challenges in the get well wishes you write.

Video of the Healing Process

Messages for encouragement before surgery

There are some very difficult times in the lives of everyone of us and perhaps one of the most complicated is when our health is compromised and require surgery. Health is one of the most precious things we have in life and we should take care of it, however no one is exempt from illness.

If any of your family or friends is in poor health and requires surgery, you will most likely feel some fear. For this reason you should give quiet encouragement and thus make the recovery a faster and satisfactory process. One of the ways in which you can express your support is by means of a message that you can send via Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Here we bring you a list of several messages to send that person who is about to be operated, you will see that you will bring some calm and tranquility to your heart.

Free download of nice encouragement messages before surgery:

– “There is no reason to fear because God is on your side and you will be fine, and I know you are a fighter who will not give up. You will see that you will soon be with us again.”
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– “Always look forward and not lose hope, you will see that this surgery is for your sake and your health will soon be fully recovered.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “None of us is exempt from going under the knife at some point, that’s life and now it’s your turn and we are with you giving you all our support and giving spirit.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “You will see that the operation will be like a dream and you will not realize what is happening, we will be supporting you and waiting for you when you wake up to say hello and congratulate you for your success.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “The operation you are going to receive is necessary for you to recover your health, so I think you have made the right decision. You will see that everything will be fine, I send a very encouraging greet.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “It’s natural to feel some fear because of the surgery; I would feel it if I were in your shoes, but I have confidence that everything will be fine. God will take care of you and help you in your recovery.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

friend having surgery quotes

– “With this surgery you may have a long way to restore your health, everything will be fine and you will return soon to do things that you love, much encouragement that everything will be wonderful.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “You are in the hands of the best professionals so do not worry so much, you will see that you will recover soon and will be there to visit you and giving all our encouragement.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “We will all be praying for you and for the doctors who will operate. You will see that God will guide and accompany you for everything to be perfect, you will soon be back with us.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “A surgery is a difficult but necessary step, you will see that you will recover soon and that this will be only a memory, I send you many good wills.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “Remember you are not alone, all your loved ones are supporting you and accompany you at this time, we hope that the surgery out very well and you can recover very soon”
Category :Get well soon wishes

– “After this surgery you can keep up with all your plans and your dreams, you will see that you will regain your health and soon all of us will be together.”
Category :Get well soon wishes

Send these phrases to the person who is going to be operated and make him feel a bit more quiet with your help so his recovery will be faster.

We live a life of contrasts, where there are good and bad things, because if everything was rosy, then we would not appreciate it. Unfortunately, humans often do not appreciate what they have until it is harmed or compromised in any way.

In the case of health, this is usually the common denominator: we are calm and carefree until an illness takes us by surprise and that is when we begin to appreciate what we had and we used to take for granted.

Let us be grateful, let us profit more our time and cultivate our relationships; a good way to take care of us, is through prevention and routine checkups.

It is important that this becomes a habit to avoid future problems. If, unfortunately, you have a friend who is in delicate health, something that can help him to feel better and fight the evil that afflicts him, is to receive a beautiful phrase from someone who loves him or her a lot, someone like you.

friend having surgery quotes

Check out our proposals and give them good use, remembering that they are offered at no cost and that they are here to serve you.

Get well soon quotes and wishes for my friends

:: “The truth is that concern has been eating me away. I want you to recover because I hate to see you like this. As you trust in the Lord, all will be well, of that I have no doubt. Now all that remains is to follow the instructions the specialists provided you with. Remember the importance of completing the treatment, even if you already feel good, they have a period for a reason. Relax and rest, because you will need that energy to get ahead. I love you and I wish you well”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

:: “I find it inconvenient to have to repeat things and, frankly, more than once I told you that you were committing an imprudence. Now, sadly, you are paying the consequences and although it hurts me to see like this and it makes me upset, I think it is my duty to tell the truth like it is. You are a great person and it is time you start taking responsibility for your actions, because now the consequences, as you can see, are much larger. Rest and seek rest, because only then you will improve and get better. God bless you”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

:: “Your antics crossed the line and now have to rest if you want to improve. Fortunately there were people able to assist you on time, because I do not want to think what would have happened it that was not the case. Be more responsible and careful with your actions, because the consequences affect and concern us all. We love you and just want to see you healthy, because your joy illuminates us all”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

:: You are going through a slow recovery and it has been several days since you are in this situation, which is way your concerns have been increasing. I would like to say that tomorrow will be fine, but I think it will only arouse false hopes in you, so I will concentrate on the facts. First, you have a wonderful staff at your disposal, in addition to be getting the right treatment for your condition. In addition, you are constantly surrounded by people who love you so between care and love, you will succeed, I am sure of it. We love you, please heal quickly”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

:: “Leave anxieties aside and remember that we all have difficult times and that they are only a test of the Lord. I know that you will be able to overcome everything that happens to you. Try to take care of yourself and get better. A huge kiss”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

:: “The doctors says it is necessary to wait a little longer, but there is nothing to worry about. Soon you will return to your bed, so you can now relax. We are delighted with your recovery, we adore you and we will be waiting for you to get back on your feet”.
Category :Get well soon wishes

It is logical that we are feeling blue when go through a delicate moment for our health or if it is a loved one who is going through it. Let us recall that the mind plays an elemental role in the important recovery period. The best of lucks!

friend having surgery quotes

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