Awakening prayer

The Reason We Pray

We believe there is a global, spiritual awakening on God’s heart!  He passionately longs for the earth to be released from the chains that are binding mens hearts, souls and bodies, not to mention all of Creation.  He longs for us to lay hold of the dominion and authority Jesus died to purchase back for us and declare His Kingdom government instead of letting injustice, corruption, abuse and murder prevail uncontested.

Because of unethical advancements in technology, there are many challenges facing the everyday citizen of nearly every nation.  Some of these technologies are nothing short of perilous to our minds and bodies determined to even take our spirits captive, if possible.  We have an enemy who thrives on controlling every human being on the earth.  Evil has infiltrated every level of society and it’s growing exponentially. The veil that once kept it hidden is rapidly disintegrating.

The threats facing humanity are overwhelming.  From the destruction of the traditional family…to gender identity crises…from the murder of the unborn to the genocide of the elderly…from the air we breathe to the contaminated soil under out feet…From race riots to the threats of terrorism…from political strife to the worldwide overthrow of governments.  There are innumerable, critical issues closing in on our individual and national well being, whether it’s the threat of being persecuted as a Christian in a supposed Christian nation or the threat of World War.  One thing is for sure, we have an enemy who came to steal from, kill and utterly destroy humanity.

Yet God has privileged us to live as overcomers…to release shackles from the captives…. to be the light of the world…to heal the broken and suffering…to preach the good news to all men.  We believe the foundation and impetus of God’s will being done on earth is humility, repentance and prayer.  As the Body of Christ, we must take responsibility for our individual sins and those of our nations.  We must be prepared to do battle for the souls of men…until the harvest is complete and the Father has gathered His family in preparation for the return of His Son Jesus, the only true Messiah.  Until then, we live by faith, we love extravagantly, and we labor to declare Salvation and the Kingdom of God!

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the GAP before me for the land, that I should not destroy it….Ezekiel 22:30

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