Grandmother passed away prayer

by Pearl (Ireland)

my amazing granmother passed away in march and i know she still needs our prayer to help guide her to heaven, please please please help me pray for her as others in my family dont pray like I do, I pray everyday have been praying since I was a child. I need God to call her into the light as I am so afraid she is suffering because not enough people on Earth are praying for her. She comes to me in my dreams all the time and lets me know she is waiting for heaven. She showed me the place she is in and its not nice, in one dream she pointed to the gates far far ahead which was heaven. and there were so many other people/souls there too but they were all travelling to and waiting at these gates.

Please help me pray for my grandmother so she can be in heaven with God and so she can meet my Grandad once again. Im sure she will look over you from heaven for helping her. She has always been a generous lady. thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, I will pray for you all. Please pray for both my Granmother and Grandad. thank you xxx

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  1. My last alive grandparent, my nano passed away this morning. People just please pray for the maghfirat of her departed soul as a favour to this grieved muslim brother.
  2. My last alive grandparent, my nano passed away this morning. People just please pray for the maghfirat of her departed soul as a favour to this grieved muslim brother.

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    You didn’t go for her last rites? May god bless the departed soul.
  3. Inna Lilla hai wa inna ellaihi raji’oon

    May Allah have mercy upon her and make her life better in the hereafter. May Allah forgive her sins and make her life peaceful in the Grave, Doomsday and save her from the wrath of Hell-fire.

    I can understand your pain my brother, but the life’s biggest truth is “Death”. One day everybody has to go and take it as Allah’s will.

    Aameen Summa Aameen

  4. Inna Lilla hai wa inna ellaihi raji’oon

    may allah grant her jannat ul firdus

  5. Inna Lilla hai wa inna ellaihi raji’oon
    May Allah ease her time in the grave and grant her Jannah.

    Take care friend, and find solace in the fact that it was Allah’s will, for he has taken back what he had given, and that perhaps she has gone to a much better place.

    My condolences to you and your family.

  6. Inna lillaahe wa inna ilaehe raje’oon

    Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. May ALLAH bless her with entrance to Jannat ul Firdous.

    This is also a reminder for us all that we all have to go one day. May ALLAH grant us the favor of preparing for this eventual fact of life. Ameen

  7. Inna Lilla hai wa ina elaihe ra ji oun.

    May Allah give peace to her soul and make her after life peaceful and give you and your family the courage to bear this tragic loss, Ameen, Suma Ameen.

  8. Thankyou everyone for your kind words.
  9. enna Lilla hai wa enna ellaihi raji’oon May the Lord, who is Most Merciful and Most Gracious, bless the departed soul and grant her a place in Jann’at-ul-ferdos

  10. You, your family have our condolences and our prayers
  11. Ina Lil Lahe Wa Inna Alahe Raji’on

    Allah un ki maghfarat karay or Jannut-ul-Firdaus main jagah dey ….

  12. Inna Lilla hai wa inna ellaihi raji’oon!
    May Allah bless her soul and forgive her sins. Amen!

by Robin (Virginia)

In a time when my grandmother passed away it seems that we all drifted apart. As we tried to make my grandfathers life comfortable and normal it was hard to be normal. My family has those who despise other family members for various reasons. I loved both my grandmother and grandfather. But I felt as if my own personal background made me less than every one else. I’ve chosen paths that now reveal to me were not Gods best. I’ve aske my God for forgiveness. But family never seems to completely forgive and never forget. Now my grandfather has passed away. I found out through social media. None in the family let me know. I ask for forgiveness. God forgives. Please pray that my family will change their mind and want their niece back into their lives.

If you guys have been keeping updated with BTS’s 3rd Muster, I’m sure you know by now that Tae has confirmed that his grandmother, who took care of him for 14 years, passed away. He had heard about it when BTS was in the Philippines.

grandmother passed away prayer

She passed away on September 3rd and the day of her funeral was the same day BTS won their first award for BST. Which is why Tae specifically thanked his grandmother and said he wish he had said he loved her sooner. This is also why he hasn’t been posting very much on twitter either. He said the timing for everything was really wrong and that’s why he was having such a hard time.

Through all the grieving and pain he was dealing with, Tae still kept that smile on his face and kept laughing as if he was okay.

•This was on the day Tae found out about his grandmother passing away•

•This was on the day of his grandmother’s funeral•

But today, Tae couldn’t hold it in anymore and he cried. He cried so much that there was a point where he couldn’t talk properly anymore because of the amount of tears running down his face.

161112 BTS 3RD MUSTER FANMEETING ending ment V

Watch these too:

•This was while Rap Mon was talking•

•This was during his Talk Ment•

•This one will make you cry…•

Tae was dealing with promotions for BST, his grandmother’s death, and all the hate and criticism he was receiving for what he did to one of his fans.

Tae is still grieving and he really needs ARMY right now. Please take the time to tweet BTS and tell Tae how much you love him. Tell him how strong he is for being able to go through everything with such a heavy heart.

Please send out your love to this boy. He deserves so much happiness in this world.

He’s going through a very hard time, so please stop the hate, the arguing, all the negativity. For once, stop thinking about voting. (You can use this as motivation to vote later, but) Just stop for a moment and take the time to appreciate how hard Taehyung’s been working for us. Think about what he’s going through and turn whatever you feel into words for him.

ARMY, be there for Taehyung.

He needs us right now.


(Cheer up Taehyung)


(I love you Taehyung)

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