A prayer for a friend in need

by Belle (USA)

I have a friend who is currently at the start of the process of divorce. He is a very involved caring father. He needs prayers to help him through this. His children are being very hard on him, partially due to being pushed by his wife(their mother) to “bring daddy home”.

He has tried to explain with kindness and caring what is going on. It is hard on the children & everyday he goes through pain & guilt. They beg him to come back home. He has stayed in the marriage till he came to a point where it was taking so much out of him. He began having medical problems, serious one that were due to the years of pain and manipulation he has endured at the hands of a wife who only cares about herself & has done so many things to him, it got to the point where if he didn’t leave it would kill him.

Not to mention how it has already hurt him to the point it has killed some of him inside. Please pray for him

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