Thank you god for my daughter

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thank you god for my daughter

“Dad walked by my room and reeled back fo ra better look at Jayden on my bed. “What is going on?” “Early morning tutoring session, Dad.” He didnt look appeased, but before he could say anything, Mom glanced in. “Its just Jayden,” she said and kept walking down the hall. “In our daughters bed? Half naked!” “But its Jayden,” Mom said. “It doesnt count.” “Thank you, Mrs. Lahey,” Jayden said. “I appreciate your vote of confidence in my lack of coitus with your daughter.” Dads face went slack. “Oh my God.” A&E Kirk, Demons in Disguise”
— A&E Kirk —

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thank you god for my daughter

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Thank You Messages For Son/ Sample Thank You Messages For Son/Thank You Wordings For Son/ Thank you note For Son

If you are looking for a simple yet so perfect thank you message for your son then your search ends right here. In our collection of sample thank you messages for son you will surly find the right words to express your gratitide and love to your dear son. 
So go ahead and choose the heartfelt and loveable thank you message for your son right away! 

  • For me, it’s only right that I say thank you; for the love that you have shown towards us. May your love for us remain forever! Be a good son always and we will never stop supporting you! We love you son!
  • We feel so blessed for having a son like you. You are always so loving and caring towards your family. Thanks a lot (name)  for being such a wonderful son. 
  • You’re always loved and cherished. I know that you’ll grow up to be a good son, and I thank you for the love that you’ve showered upon us. Keep up the good work and always be a good boy.
  •  As a parent, I will always cherish the love and respect that you have given to us. Thank you because you are such as wonderful son.
  •  A good son is always a pride for his parents, and I thank you for being one.
  • Thank you for your love and understanding. I pray that you will always stay the same. As you parent, I will always do what is best for you.
  • Our lives will never be complete without you. Thank you for being a good person and a good model to your younger siblings. 
  •  You were always there when we needed you. Thank you so much, my son.
  •  You’re truly a gift from God. Thank you for your love and caring. 
  •  My son, you’ve always been the source of my joy. Thank you so much for being a good man. I really appreciate all your good ways. I’m so proud and so blessed that I have a son like you. Thank you!
  •  You are truly an amazing gift from above, and I love you, my son. Thank you for helping us in times of need. 
  •  Nothing compares to the love that you’ve shown us, your parents. Thank you, my son.

Thank You Messages For Daughter/ Sample Thank You Messages For Daughter/Thank You Wordings For Daughter/ Thank you notes For Daughter

Sending a thank you note or a thank you message to your daughter is a thoughtful way to convey how much you appreciate your dear daughter. If you are looking for the perfect thank you message for your daughter then you have spotted the right place. Here are some of the top samples of thank you messages for daughter to choose from.

  • Thank you (name)! I’m the happiest mom/dad in the world. You are simply an amazing daughter in the whole world.
  •  My loving daughter, I want to thank you for being so understanding to me. I’m getting old but still I feel so young because I can truly feel your care and love for me. God bless you my daughter. Thank you!
  •  My dear (name), this is to l let you know how proud I am to have you as my own daughter. Also, I wanna thank you because you are always doing your best in your studies just to make me happy. I can see that you value your education and that’s what I want you to do. Thank you my dear girl for listening to me. Keep up the good work!
  •  Dear (name) I want you to know that I’m happy of having you as my daughter. Thank you for being a good daughter and not causing me a headache. I hope you understand if sometimes I do not agree with you but keep in mind that it’s my job to protect you from any harm. I love you that is the reason why I’m protecting you. 
  • Thank you my daughter for being a good girl. Please always remember that no matter what happens, you will be my little girl forever!
  •  I love you my dear daughter and I simply thank God for giving me the best blessing from heaven and that is you.
  •  Day by day you grow; and I simply love to see you change beautifully. Indeed, you are a beautiful daughter inside and out. As you grow, I get old but I’m happy and feel so blessed to see turn out the best person that you can be. (name) allow me to thank you for keeping my words with you. I love you. 
  • You mean so much to me! And as your parent I would also like to thank you for being a lovely daughter to me. Thank you!
  • You are always in my heart every single day. Though you have grown, I still know when you are feeling great and having a bad day. I’m your mom and you cannot hide anything from me. But did you know that I’m so thankful because you are my daughter? Yes! Thank you for being the best daughter in the world!
  • Hey you are so dearest to me. You have grown up a lot and thank you for still being my dear daughter. You never forget me and I will also never forget to thank you for all your understanding and care. 
  •  My dear daughter, you are so special to me. Congratulations because you achieved what you want to be. Through the years, thank you for being a good daughter to me. I love you! 
  •  As my daughter, you are so dear to me, you are so special to me and you are a gift from above. Thank you for listening to my words because as your parent, I only want what is the best for you.

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Her eyes are as gorgeous as
Rubies shine when the gold
Like sun reflects on it.

My mother is a charming beauty

That spreads love in my heart.
She is an angel sent by to sprinkle
Crystals in my life.
She brings me up when I feel it down
She’s a beauty whom I would admire forever

She fines comfort in pain

For me, she has a heart of purity

When she kisses me on my forehead

Full of pride, and says the heart touching
Sentence, I’m so proud of you I feel
Like I’m in heaven with all the
Happiness that I could ever get

My good luck charm is in her smile

I can walk away thousand miles to
See a smile in her face

My mother is the proof to show

People that god loves me a lot
Otherwise he wouldn’t have gave me mother

Thank you god

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