Spirit of anger deliverance

Spirit of Anger

Lone Druid

Rarity: Rare

Slot: Spirit Bear

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03 Jul 2014


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The Wolf Hunter

Claw of the Wolf Hunter Hair of the Wolf HunterPauldron of the Wolf HunterRobe of the Wolf HunterTrophy of the Wolf HunterForm of the Wolf HunterSpirit of AngerThe Wolf Hunter Loading ScreenThe Wolf Hunter Spirit Bear Loading Screen


Autograph: T_Vidotto

Spirit Bear

Very minor idle and run animations not shown.

Spawn Animation1
Idle Rare Animation
Attack 1 Animation1
Attack 2 Animation1
Attack 3 Animation1
Savage Roar Animation1, 2
Stunned Animation1
Death Animation1

1 Same animations used for Spirit of Calm.
2 Currently not functional.

Set Items

Claw of the Wolf Hunter Hair of the Wolf Hunter Pauldron of the Wolf Hunter Robe of the Wolf Hunter Trophy of the Wolf Hunter Form of the Wolf Hunter Spirit of Anger The Wolf Hunter Loading Screen The Wolf Hunter Spirit Bear Loading Screen



“I AM LUCIFER” Powerful Deliverance


Delivered From 37 Demons

Married to a DEMON! Incredible DELIVERANCE!

SATAN CAST OUT – Powerful Deliverance

“I Will Destroy Him Because HE LOVES GOD!”

2000 Year Old Demon BAAL

Delivered from Demons of FAILURE and STAGNATION!

SPIRIT OF RAGE Cast Out by the Spirit of God

Freed from the Spirit of Drugs and Anger after Deliverance

DEMON Behind Torture, Pain and Suffering

SEXUAL DREAMS ENDED After my Deliverance- Vera Leonov

Sexual Dreams are Demonic- Gladys Raphael

Deliverance from spirit of anger



Say this prayer two times a day morning and night. To God be all the glory and praise in Jesus name amen.

Thank you Jesus for who you are. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Dear, Lord Jesus please forgive me of all my sins so I can pray with a clean heart, and I forgive everyone who hurt me and i bless them in Jesus name amen. Anger!! death!! destruction!!  leviathan spirit! I renounce you!! I come out of agreement with you now and forever you have no authority over me i am free from you in Jesus strong name amen. Spirit of fear!! I rebuke you!! I will not Fear. fear is not of faith i have GREAT FAITH , and you will obey me. GO!! To the pit now in Jesus name spirit of Anger!!  All
unclean spirits working with anger, animosity, choler, rage, gall, hatred, Resentment,  temper, indignation, wrath, Violence, murder, cruelty, bitterness, spite, Unforgiveness, retaliation, revenge, outrage, Hostility,  enmity, & foolishness!! I Command you to come out of me now in Jesus name I REBUKE YOU !!! Go from me now to where the lord Jesus sends you in Jesus strong name amen you no longer have a place in me. Anger!! and his helpers will leave me Now!! In Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for healing me . and i receive my healing in Jesus name amen. holy spirit fill me up fill the voids in me continue to use me and set me free in Jesus name, amen



“I’m Hatred”

The demon had revealed his identity and I wanted to know why he had indwelt this man whom I was ministering to.

“I’m here because Jeff wants to kill his boss. He wants to murder him.”

“What else are you doing to this man?”

“I’m afflicting Jeff with throat pain,” boasted the evil spirit.

Jeff was a hurting individual with some incredible spiritual, emotional, and physical problems. He was living in Las Vegas at that time and wanted deliverance from the demonic torment he had been enduring. He began to browse the internet to find some spiritual assistance for his deep problems. He found our ministry. I arranged a time to meet him and within minutes of our conversation an evil entity manifested.that went by the name of hatred.

“Besides you, Hatred, are there any other spirits inside of Jeff?”

“There are four of us.”

Due to Jeff’s desire to kill, four spirits of hate entered his body. Each of these spirits were not only tormenting him mentally but was also afflicting him with throat pain.

For hours I dealt with 18 different evil entities within Jeff. After confronting “Hatred” I dealt with a demon that went by the name of “Jealously” and “Remorse.” Then I dealt with a demonic spirit that called itself, “Stupidity.”

“Stupidity, why are you within Jeff?”

“I’m here because of the sin of gluttony, heresy, and because of Jeff’s participation in perverse sexual behavior.”

I called Jeff from out of his trance like state and inquired about these sins that the spirit was holding unto. Jeff admitted to overeating, embracing heretical teachings such as Mormonism, and having sexual contact with a cat. Because of these sins evil spirits invaded his life and brought all kinds of physical problems such as colon and skin cancer, moles, and sinus problems.

I demanded to know who else was inside the body.

“Stupidity, who’s the next spirit, which God has appointed to judgment?”

“There was a spirit of anger inside of Jeff that exited the body and is already 20 miles away.”

This demon named Anger escaped knowing that he would have been next. Demons will attempt to escape detection and the interrogation of an exorcist with the hopes of staying inside the victim. Stupidity also mentioned that the spirit of anger was its way to enter Jeff’s father and that another spirit, named “Beelzebub” was about 90 miles away from Jeff with the hopes of entering his body.

I immediately told the spirit to tell Beelzebub to stop under the authority of Jesus Christ. Stupidity confessed that the spirit had stopped and would not be heading Jeff’s way.

I called forth the next spirit inside of Jeff.

“I demand the next spirit to come to attention, in the name of Jesus.’

“I’m here.”

“What’s your name, spirit?”

“I’m Chains and Karma and we are heading towards you, to attack you.”

I immediately told the spirit that he would cease from coming near me, due to the fact that I was covered with the blood of Jesus. The demon was stopped from attacking me. I wanted to know the spiritual right the vile spirit had to Jeff.

“Why are you there?”

“Jeff had sexual contact with a cat.”

This perverse demon had been tormenting Jeff for years because of the sin of bestiality that he participated in. My wife and I have dealt with many afflicted individuals who got demons through the sin of bestiality.

Jeff received this mercy and truth. I had the high honor of driving the many demons inside of him out. Not only did God deliver him from the many evil spirits tormenting him but God also healed him of the colon and skin cancer, moles, and sinus problems.

Jay Bartlett


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