Smokers prayer

This is a prayer that has stared me down in the face since 1992 when i started smoking. My mother who smokes about 40 cigarettes a day has had this prayer on her fridge since i can remember and visiting her this weekend the same sticker is still on her fridge 25 years later.

I have read it over 1000 times and have laughed at it every time i read it until my daughter read it out to me on Saturday when i realized, i’m DONE!

25 years of smoking and all it took was for my daughter to tell me: “Daddy, this is for you”

“Oh dear Lord please hear my prayer and help me try and stop my smoking,
Help my lungs be pure and clean with no trace of nicotine,
My my health be no blunder,
Oh dear Lord how i wonder, If i don’t stop smoking, i will be six foot under.

Thank you Demi Rae Harito
February 21, 2007 Michael Radcliffe blogpoetryLeave a comment

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. This poem seems appropriate for the day.

As this flame ignites
tobacco and paper
so ignite me
with your consuming fire

Breathing in
this mix of good
and bad air
this quickening death

Breathing out
as I let go
both the things I cannot cope with
and the things I can
a temporary relief

And as I stub this cigarette out
I remember that I too
will one day burn no more

For dust I am
and to dust I will return.

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