Praying to conceive

by Susan (Suomi)

Dear Lord God Almighty,

I come to you humbly Lord and thank you for all the many blessings of life that you have given me. I ask Lord, for your forgiveness as to the mistakes I have made concerning my body and my fertility, but I know O Lord that you are able to heal me and reverse the mistake that I have made. You are the giver of life Lord. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my tubes be healed and I am allowed to conceive one more time. All things according to your will God. I will praise you anyway Lord. You know heart God and the desire of my heart. I put my faith and trust in you Lord. Amen

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by Sithabile (Gauteng South-Africa)

in the name of jesus christ i really need a baby

help me jesus my marriage will fall aprt without the baby i really want to make my husband happy coz he has no child i’ve been to the prophets & sangoma nothing sims to help jesus u are the only one who can put a smile in my face & please jesus i refuse to be barren the devil is a liar , am a fighter i pray that you answear my prayers i cry every day for a miracle all my friends have concieved i ask my self what have i done pliz jesus i am asking for a miracle i want to be pregnant before december coz my husband ;s mum is coming & she wants a grandchild jesus as u know my husband is the only male child in his familly so help me jesus to lift up their surname answear my prayers in jesus name

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