Praying for your healing

Are you facing a difficult disease, illness or malady and want to cry out to God for healing but don’t know what to pray? If you feel scared, alone, unsure of the future, or don’t understand how healing works, pray these words below in faith today! Below are four prayers for healing, an interview with Max Lucado explaining how we should pray for healing, and some of our favorite Bible verses on healing.

God tells us that through prayer, He can speak to us and use us to work miracles for His glory. When you use this prayer for healing you are coming to God completely surrendered and expectant to let His Holy Spirit work in and through you. I pray that you will find miraculous healing as you seek God’s plan for your life – His plan to prosper you and to give you a hope and future!

Here are Four Prayers for Healing you can use today to speak life and hope into your situation.

A Prayer for Personal Healing

God, you know me so well. You created me. You know the number of hairs on my head, and you even know the thoughts conceived in my heart before I ever vocalize them. You’ve told us to come to you and ask for every need of life. You are Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals, and you have the final word on my destiny, the number of years I’ll live and serve you on earth.

I’m coming to you today as your child, longing to hear from you and asking for your divine healing. There’s so much I don’t understand about life. But I do know that with one touch, one word, you can make me whole. Please forgive me of my sins, cleanse me of my unrighteousness, and begin your healing from the inside out.

I don’t always know what your will is Lord, especially in times like now, when I desperately seek your face. I offer you no promises, no bargains, no deals to exchange for my health. I simply bow my heart before you to tell you the desire of my heart: that I want to spend as many years as I can loving you here, loving others, and wanting to become more like you. However you choose to accomplish that is up to you—and okay with me. If you use doctors to provide healing, give them wisdom to know what to do. Regardless of how you accomplish it, the healing you give is always miraculous. And you deserve all the praise.

I absolutely believe you have the power to heal. You demonstrated that on earth, and you still heal in miraculous ways today. Even when my faith is weak, you say it is enough, and my love for you is strong. And I know you already hold my heart and life in your hands. It’s up to you. If I can bring you more glory through healing, then that’s what I ask for. That’s what I desire.

But if your answer is no, or not now, I know that your grace is sufficient for me. Ultimately, I want your will to be my will. I look forward to spending an eternity with you. But Lord, if you have planned still more for me to do here on this earth, I not only need and want your physical healing, Lord, but a thorough, deep-down cleansing and strengthening—a whole-hearted renewal of all that I am. Because all that I am is yours. Use this trial to strengthen me from a “what-if” faith to a “no-matter-what” faith. And no matter what, I choose to honor you and give you glory.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.
~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

How to Pray for Healing – Max Lucado

A Short Prayer for Healing for Friends

Lord, your Word speaks promises of healing and restoration and I thank you for the miracles you still perform today. Today I claim those promises over my friend. I believe in the healing power of faith and prayer and I ask you to begin your mighty work in the life of my friend. Please reach down and surround my friend with supernatural peace and strength and give her the faith to believe that all things are possible for you. Protect her from Satan’s lies and discouragement and let her miraculous healing begin. Amen.

A Prayer for Healing and Grace

Dear God,
We confess our need for you today. We need your healing and your grace. We need hope restored. We need to be reminded that you work on behalf of those you love, constantly, powerfully, completely. Forgive us for trying to fix our situations all on our own. Forgive us for running all different directions and spinning our wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in You. Forgive us for forgetting how much we need you, above everyone and everything else. We come to you and bring you the places we are hurting. You see where no one else is able to fully see or understand. You know the pain we’ve carried. The burdens. The cares. You know where we need to be set free. We ask for your healing and grace to cover every broken place. Every wound. Every heartache. Thank you that you are Able to do far more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for your Mighty Power that acts on behalf of your children. We reach out to you, and know that you are restoring and redeeming every place of difficulty, every battle, for your greater glory. Thank you that you will never waste our pain and suffering. We love you. We need you today. 
In Jesus’ Name, Amen
~ Debbie McDaniel

A Prayer for Healing Sick Family and Friends

Lord Jesus, thank you that you love . I know that you hate what their illness is doing to them/me. I ask that you would heal this disease, that you would have compassion and bring healing from all sickness.

Your word says in Psalm 107:19-20 that when we call out to you the Eternal one you will give the order, heal and rescue us from certain death. In the Bible, I have read of miraculous healing and I believe that you still heal the same way today. I believe that there is no illness you cannot heal after all the bible tells of you raising people from the dead so I ask for your healing in this situation.

I also know from my experience of life on earth that not everyone is healed. If that happens here than keep my heart soft towards you, help me to understand your plan and help me to be excited about heaven.

God, I thank you that belongs to you and that you are in control of everything that happens from our first breath to our last sigh.
~ Wendy van Eyck

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Healing Bible Verses

Proverbs 4:20-22
My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words.  Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart;  for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body.

Psalm 107:19-20
Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men. 

Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. 

Mark 5:34
He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

James 5:16
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. 

More Healing Scripture

What are you praying for healing over today? Join our large praying community in the comments below and experience the power, hope and healing that comes when you allow others to cover you in prayer.

praying for your healing

This article is part of our larger Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can’t find the words to pray.

Prayer for Healing

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Last updated: January 4, 2018

Prayers for healing can illustrate firsthand the incredible power of prayer. Through prayer for the sick and poor in health, we can find comfort in the most trying of times. Use these prayers, and keep them in your heart so they can remind you of God’s nearness.

The following prayers have been curated by pastors and clergy, while some come from rare, out-of-print prayer books.

God has been in the business of answering prayers for healing for a long time. Use these prayers as examples, and submit your own public prayer request at the bottom of this page.

praying for your healing

Renew My Mind, Body and Soul

Lord, I come before you today in need of your healing hand.
In you all things are possible. Hold my heart within yours, and renew my mind, body, and soul.

I am lost, but I come to you with grace.

You gave us life, and you also give us the gift of
infinite joy. Give me the strength to move forward on the path you’ve laid out for me.
Guide me towards better health, and give me the wisdom to identify those you’ve placed
around me to help me get better.

In your name I pray, Amen.

To Heal a Friend

Think, o God, of our friend who is ill, whom we now commend to Your compassionate regard.

Comfort him upon his sickbed, and ease his suffering. We beg for deliverance, and submit
that no healing is too hard for the Lord, if it be His will.

We therefore pray that You bless our friend with Your loving care, renew his strength,
and heal what ails him in Your loving name.

Thank You, Lord.

praying for your healing

A Prayer for Healing a Loved One

All our times are in Thy hand.
All diseases come at Thy call, and go at Thy bidding.
Thou redeemest our life from destruction, and crownest us with loving kindness and tender mercies.
We bless Thee, that Thou hast heard prayer, and commanded deliverances for our friend and
Thy servant, who has been under Thine afflicting hand.

He (or she) was brought low, but Thou hast helped him (her).
May he (she) not only live, but declare the works of the Lord!

As Thou hast delivered his eyes from tears, his feet from falling, and his soul from death,
may he daily inquire:What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me,and
resolve to offer unto Thee the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and to call upon the name of the Lord.

May we ever remember that recovery is only a reprieve and
that some day we will go to our rest in the Lord.
May we therefore secure the righteous path and live with eternity ever in our view.

A Prayer to Jesus for Healing

Dear Lord, You are the Just judge, Holy and True. You are the Most High God. You give us life.
You hold all power in your hands.

You are the Mighty one from God who carries the world, and is ruler over all the earth.
You Oh Most Blessed One are the giver of life. In you are only good things.
In you is mercy and love. In you is healing of the nations.
In you is freedom of worry and freedom of pain.

Lord Almighty, You loved us so much. You were sent from your Father,
sent to save us from destruction. We truly can never make it to Heaven without the help of Jesus the Son,
who was sent to earth to help us.

You, Lord are full of mercy and grace, please forgive us for our faults.
Lord Jesus, in you all healing is performed. You Lord are the miracle worker.
In your Spirit, your gift of healing is alive. In you Lord we can put our trust that you can heal us,
and protect us from the enemy, and death of our soul.

You, Lord are miracle worker for the sick, and for the lost souls.
You, Lord forgive us and save us from condemnation. You cleanse us and make us born again new.
You give us a clean heart full of peace. You Lord are the Light.

In You is all truth. Your way Lord is the way to Heavenly Hope.
Your hands Lord created the universe. You Lord are the True giver of Life.
Every child is a miracle of Life. Life rests in Your Hands.

Wrap us as a close knit family, draw us near to you Lord, and bind us with your Loving Hands.
Let us be drawn closer to You. You are the Vine, dear Lord and we are the branches.
You carry all knowledge and all power. You Lord are our medicine. Your Words Lord are Truth and Life.

Help us put our trust in You. You Lord are the greatest physician.
You heal, You protect, You care, You love, You are kind, You are patient,
You are thoughtful, You are strength. You Lord are our Creator.

You know our thoughts, our sighings and our cryings and every hair on our head.
You are Wonderful and make all good things for us. Heal us Lord, if it be Your will.


praying for your healing

A Prayer Against Disease

Lord, Your scripture says that you heal all diseases and whoever believes in You will not perish but have an everlasting life. Strengthen me, Lord, in this time of illness. Sustain him as he lays sick in his bed. When You were on Earth, you did all things good and healed all kinds of sickness.

You healed those who had diseases. You died and rose for our sins and that we may have eternal life, Lord. I believe in my heart that You are here with us today and that with Your most holy power will remove all sicknesses and evils that roam the earth. Let it be done in Your glory, Lord.

We praise and glorify Your name, Amen.

My Lighthouse of Hope

Most gracious and loving Father, I want to thank You for all the blessings Youve given me, my family and friends and all those I hold dear.

Thank You Lord for giving me another day to see the beauty of your creations. You know the state of crisis that I am in now Lord. I want to be of use again to You, Lord. In the time of my hospitalization, You Lord remain as my rock and my anchor.

You stand as my lighthouse giving me hope. I pray Lord that you will heal me soon.

In Jesus name, Amen.

A Prayer for Doctor’s Wisdom

Dear Lord, Guide my doctor’s hands and give him wisdom.

Show him the way and help him to heal me.

I put my faith in you and the medical professionals that you have brought to me.

A Prayer to Ease Pain

Almighty Father, Thank you for your love, grace and mercy. I pray that my discomforts will turn to comforts, my pains to gains, my deprivation to more blessings, my losses to profits, my tear to smiles, my sorrows to pleasures, my illness to wellness, my debts to credits and my dreams to realities.

As the scripture said “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” And he “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

I trust in you Lord and in you alone to heal me with any form of skepticism towards blessing that you will be employed upon me. I trust, Lord, that this agony and suffering that is only in my head, will come to end and positivism will shine upon me as I read, hear, study and preach the truth in the Bible.

What does the Bible say about healing?

“Behold, blessed is the one whom God reproves; therefore despise not the discipline of the Almighty. For he wounds, but he binds up; he shatters, but his hands heal.”

“And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospelof the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.”

“And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spoke unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.”

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous man is effective and has great strength.”

Often times, it is good to look towards the scriptures for truth and understanding of this world. Click here to read more Bible verses about Healing or Life.

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If you can, help pray for others and post comments of support.

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Your body was created to heal, but this world is breaking it down. These steps to healing prayer are powerful; they focus on acceptance and surrender to God’s protection, love and will for your life. Learn how to pray, to heal, and to grow upwards in freedom and joy. Learning how to pray is itself healing – even if your prayer for healing isn’t answered the way you expect.

If you need a prayer for healing because of infertility or pregnancy issues, read How to Pray for a Baby. Take time to scroll through the comments section, and feel the prayers of women who are praying for healing and the blessing of a family. Below, I share what I’ve been learning about how to pray to be healed from an affliction, ailment, or addiction.

What is your prayer for healing; who or what are you praying for? Feel free to share your written prayers in the comments section below. The more you pray, the more comfortable you’ll become with the idea of praying for healing.

My husband and I struggled with infertility, and I have ulcerative colitis. We prayed for healing from infertility resulting from azoospermia. God didn’t bless us with a baby, but I don’t feel like He didn’t answer our prayer for healing.

Sometimes God heals us in ways we don’t expect. Sometimes we find ourselves healed from emotional issues when we prayed for physical things. God does heal in powerful ways…and we have to be open to accepting and surrendering to His healing. Knowing how to pray isn’t as important as being open to His will for our lives and circumstances.

Here’s what I’ve learned about praying for healing…

A Powerful Prayer for Healing

Every morning I write to God in my journal. Here’s what I wrote yesterday:

“Father God, You are so compassionate, caring, patient, loving and powerful! Your infinite patience and grace amazes me. You wait and wait for me to come back to You, You give and give…and You never run out of love. Jesus, You are a never ending river of love and freedom, safety and shelter. You don’t insulate me from the pain of the world or my own mistakes…You carry me through. I feel the suffering, but I am not alone. I am strengthened, energized, buoyed up by You. Thank You Jesus, I love You and will never let You go! Amen.”

Share your wonder and awe at His power, love, and majesty

Before you fall into your prayer for healing, take a few moments and think about who God is.

This isn’t about how to pray; it’s about recognizing how amazing and awesome He is! We are so tiny and vulnerable, so fragile and weak. We wouldn’t be alive without Him. Our first prayer shouldn’t be for healing, it should be a prayer of wonder and humility at His amazing power, love and grace.

What amazes you about God? I’m astounded not just that He created the mountains, oceans, and solar system. Everything that exists is full of wonder and mystery. Did you know that bumblebees have ticks? I can’t imagine how tiny a bumblebee tick must be.

Need encouragement? Get a beautiful FREE “She Blossoms” 2019 calendar when you sign up for my free weekly Blossom Tips!

Start your prayer for healing with a simple acknowledgement of how great and good God is. Humble yourself before the Lord of the earth. Don’t focus on “how to pray” – rather, just allow your heart and soul to bow before him.

Offer a prayer of gratitude for what God has given you

How has God answered your prayers for healing, courage, strength, or faith in the past? He has blessed you in many ways. Take time to marvel at what He has done for you, and to thank Him for what He has given you.

Most of all, thank Him for hearing your prayers. He loves you and knows everything about you. He listens to You and works all things together for your good. He know exactly what is happening to you, and He will walk you through it. Every step of the way, He will be there for you. This, then, is how to pray: start with a grateful, humble heart.

Is your faith cold and dry? Read 3 Prayers to Soften and Heal Hard Hearts.

Surrender to God’s wisdom before praying for healing

My friend’s eight year old daughter died last week. They fought leukemia with harsh toxic chemotherapy cocktails and bone marrow transplants for 18 months. It was a terrible ordeal, filled with pain and heartache and endless nights of emotional and physical suffering. There are no words to express how painful and heartbreaking it is.

She died, regardless of our prayers for healing. She didn’t die because we didn’t know how to pray. She didn’t die because we sinned or didn’t spend enough time praying for healing. She died for reasons we know nothing about.

Before you pray for healing, surrender to God’s supreme wisdom and will. God isn’t in our lives to answer our prayers; He’s in our lives to walk us home. Surrender to His presence, His love.

Know that regardless of how your prayers for healing are answered, He loves you deeply and unconditionally.

Make your prayer for healing an ongoing process

“The correct concept is to think of prayer as the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts,” writes Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest. “Our blood flows and our breathing continues ‘without ceasing’; we are not even conscious of it, but it never stops.”

He adds that prayer isn’t an exercise – so there is no one formula for “how to pray.” Rather, prayer is the life of the saint. Chambers exhorts us to maintain the childlike habit of offering up prayer in your heart to God all the time.

Pour out your fears, doubts, anger, and deepest longings

You’re searching for healing prayers because you’re anxious, scared, or even furious at this illness or affliction. Maybe it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Or maybe something even worse has happened in your past, and you dread the thought of going through it again.

How to Pray for Healing

What would it feel like to be free? Part of learning how to pray for healing is sharing your worst fears, anxieties, and doubts with God. Take time to write down how you feel and what you fear. Don’t allow it to continue going round and round in your mind – it’ll just get darker and scarier and heavier to carry. Instead, get your journal or a piece of paper and write down everything you’re scared of.

You can include whatever is on your mind – including your prayer for healing. This is a powerful prayer because it’ll help you process your feelings…which will help you heal.

Take a deep breath and let go of your expectations

A Godly powerful prayer for healing must include the possibility that you won’t get what you want. It’s even more possible that you don’t know what you really want, because you actually don’t know what’s best for you. You may think it’s best for a child to live, but maybe the life would’ve included years of pain and suffering. You may think healing is the most desirable outcome, but maybe the alternatives have blessings within them.

When you pray for healing, let go of what you expect God to do. Pray for what you want to see happen in your life…but allow His will to be done. Remember Jesus on the night He was betrayed? He didn’t want to go to the cross. He sweat blood. He was anxious and alone. And yet He submitted to God, because He knew that Father knows best.

What to Do Next

Remember that prayer is an ongoing process, not a one-time thing. Your prayer for healing might change over time. This is good! It might mean you’re in touch with His Spirit and will. Allow God’s still small voice to help you overcome whatever is holding you back from surrendering to the life He has planned for you.

Read The Essential Guide to Healing: Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. They teamed up to equip all Christians to minister healing. They share inspiring and exciting stories – grounded in Scripture – and offer practical, proven, step-by-step guidance to ministering healing.

This book will help you:

  • Understand your authority in the ministry of healing
  • Walk out the ministry of healing with anyone you meet and in your personal life
  • Receive and relay words of knowledge
  • Implement and apply the five-step model of healing prayer

Praying the “right” prayers for healing isn’t just for pastors or priests. All believers can learn how to become powerful conduits for God’s healing power!

Share your thoughts and prayers. What is your prayer for healing? Who are you praying for, and what do you want to see healed or changed in your life?

What would it feel like to let go of your need to see that thing happen? While I can’t offer advice, I do read every comment. I encourage you to respond to other readers’ comments if you feel led, and to share your experience of learning how to pray.

If you get anxious and afraid when your healing prayers aren’t answered, read 6 Tips for Trusting God Despite Your Unanswered Prayers.


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