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It’s new 2019 year already here. On the first days of the New year, we always think about the main events of the previous years in our lives and also make some plans for the future. So often we make some resolutions for the next year – for improving relationships with spouse, giving more attention and time to parents or children, changing professional career or just having more time for our hobbies. But what to pray for in the world today?

As Christians, we should not focus only on our personal lives, but also we need to seek spiritual growth as well. Our growth in the spiritual life is the basis for all other things in our lives. One of the most essential practices for spiritual growth is our constant and regular prayer. As the Word of God states in James 4:2 “You do not have because you do not ask God.” So what to pray for in the world today?

Knock! God is waiting to open the door for you

We communicate with God through prayer. All other spiritual practices also begin with prayer. Prayer is the only way to let God know your intentions and to ask His help in any situation we need His help. So as you begin, 2019 year keep the following prayer points in mind so that you can start the year with a regular and effective prayer life. This will lead you on your way to a better year overall. And another important issue for this year – pray not only for personal needs but also for the needs of other people and mankind in general. What to pray for in the world today?

Let’s Pray this Year for the World:

For peace around the world. It is a great pity that each year we must include this prayer point into prayer point list. Cruel armed conflicts take place in the different locations of the world. People don’t believe in God and pretend they are gods themselves. Let’s keep people who live in armed conflict zones in our prayers. Let peace come to their countries and homes.

For persecuted Christians. It is hard to recognize, but in the XXI century, we only declare democracy, freedom, and tolerance. Reality is totally different. Millions of Christians in different countries are persecuted and suffering for their faith. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ each night go to sleep with fear they won’t see each other next morning. Let’s pray that God relieve this persecution and everybody is able to worship God without fear.

For young people around the world. Youth our young generation are the ones on whom depends on the future of our planet and all mankind. When God created mankind, He said them to rule the earth. If there’s ever been a time when our prayers have been needed, the time is now. We really need wise, responsible and God loving people to rule the Earth.

Let’s Pray this Year for the Local Community:

For Christian Churches. The Church as a community of the believers have a clear mission – to show the face of God to the world and the way to the Kingdom of God to people. Jesus said, “By this, all people will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35). Let us pray this year for the Christian churches in all the world and in our city. Let members of the Christian churches listen to the Word of God and follow Him and don’t submit to the secular society requirements. Let’s pray that the communication and relations between Christians will be an example of love, not anger.

For schools and teachers. Schools are important institutions in all societies and communities. Education of young people is very hard work. Teachers often face difficult challenges and decisions each day, and the future of our nations depends on them, so we need to keep all people working at schools in our prayers.

For all families. People face different problems and hard situations in marriages and families lives. Let’s pray for God to help married people to treasure marital relationships and their families. Let they live in love, forgiveness, and unity.

Let’s Pray this Year for Personal Need and Families:

For good health. Science and technologies are developing rapidly, but this progress doesn’t make our health better. Let’s ask God in our prayer for good health for our family members, for people who are suffering from painful diseases, and for ourselves.

For freedom from anxiety. We live in a stressful world which creates the illusion that we don’t have time for ourselves, our families, and finally even for the living. All this leads to the existential anxiety which makes us feel living meaningless lives.

For understanding that Jesus is the only way to the Kingdom of God. This is one  of the most important things what to pray for in the world today.

We need to realize clearly that there is no other way to salvation than through Jesus Christ. Eternal life in heaven is made possible only through Christ. We shouldn’t look for different alternative ways, because they don’t exist. Let’s pray God to strengthen our faith and receive His forgiveness to get the final gift – eternal life.

In the coming year, we hope you will keep the most significant relationship you have by praying for God’s will to be done in the world, community, your family, and your life. it you have a question what to pray for in the world today, then follow prayer points for the year 2019. This will lead you to a blessed and prosperous life in 2019 year.

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On September twenty-first, the world celebrated International Day of Peace, where it strongly advised people to put aside their differences and come together as one, as the people we are supposed to be. The theme for this year was “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”, and according to the UN’s website these goals are “integral to achieving peace in our time, as development and peace are interdependent and mutually reinforcing”. In today’s world, we are sadly seeing many issues that make it impossible to find peace within each other nationally as well as globally.

It is a sad thing for children to grow up and learn about terrorism and violence in school, as well as having to see it on the news as their parents watch. My mom always tells me that what we see now in regards to violence and crime, she never saw in her youth. I tutor a young girl and she had an assignment on the recent terror bombings in New York and New Jersey. When I was in sixth grade, I had no idea what terrorism was. Sure September Eleventh had already taken place, but shootings and bombings were never everyday occurrences like they are now, to remind you the bad shape the world is in right now.

In a world full of mass shootings, frequent terror attacks, racial divides, corrupt politicians, abortion, wars, police violence and violence against police officers, lying, and overall violence, it breaks my heart that we all have to go through this. We all are not meant to live in fear and shy away from experiencing life the way we want to.

As I sit in church, I hear the lectors read the Prayers of the Faithful, and we pray for all people. We pray for the living, the dead, the unborn, those we do not even know. If everyone took a few moments out of their day to pray or even think about other people’s challenges, maybe we can come up with solutions. If we take time out of our day to substitute the hate we feel for things with love, then we can make a tiny impact in the reform we desperately need.

Prayers and love go hand-in- hand. Yes, we can pray and ask God for help in our times of need, but we also need to do something about the issues seen in today’s world. We do not need to turn to violence because of violence, as seen in the riots in Charleston. Why would anyone think that burning down buildings and killing other innocent people would result in any good outcome? The concept of creating extra violence to an already sticky situation will not produce any good, and I am ashamed of those partaking in those actions.

We can fight back with prayers and love. We can stop trying to divide the world and the country just because someone doesn’t agree with you. We all have the abilities and the knowledge and the strength to eliminate the violence and issues seen every time you turn on the TV. We can’t rely on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to fix these problems.

We can rely on each other and put aside our differences. For once, we can remember that we are one. We are all humans. We all are here to do good.

God hears all prayers.

“When life is rough PRAY. When life is great PRAY.”-Unknown

Lord, in the midst of our grief over the bombings in Sri Lanka, we celebrate the good news that the entire crew of the helicopter that went down off New Zealand has been found alive and well. When this chopper, carrying two pilots and a medic, disappeared on its flight to do a medical evacuation, loved ones were so concerned. Then to find wreckage but no people… we are delighted that all three were found walking on a beach and that they have been evacuated to safety and to receive any necessary care. We pray for the investigation into what happened in this incident. May it be a productive investigation that will help prevent similar incidents in the future. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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