Prayers to lose weight

Utilizing a prayer diet is a great way to lose weight.
Like many things in life that are difficult, praying to god can make
it easier to make positive changes in your life.

The most important aspect of a Prayer Diet, is consistency. You must pray on a daily basis, every morning, in order to keep your goals front of mind.
By starting this dialogue with god every morning, with his help, youll get the energy
to make the daily changes needed to become healthy by eating better and exercising.

Here is a great prayer example for you to say each morning to help focus the mind on your goals.

A Prayer to Lose Weight

Guide me lord, as I strive to lose weight
You are my light and my anchor, and with
you I know all things are possible.

Help me this day to make healthy choices and
give me the strength to fight against destructive
cravings that negatively effect my health.

You said, The LORD upholdeth all that fall,
and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.
As I bow before you today, raise me up
help me towards my goals.

I have been taught that anything that replaces
God is an idol. Help me to reject any unhealthy
habit in which I seek false comfort. For you
are my one true comfort and salvation.

In your name I pray, Amen.

A Prayer for Strength to Succeed

Lord, I come to You today to ask for affirmation. I have done all things and stayed away from all the food I am not supposed to have. Bless me, Father, for more strength to keep it this way.

Give me the grace to be stronger and encourage me to keep pushing on. With you, my God, nothing is impossible. I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you, Father for listening to my plea. I pray this with all Your angels. Amen.

A Prayer to Resist the Cravings

Today I pray to You to grant me the strength to stay away from anything that is unhealthy – alcohol, junk food, carbohydrates and mycotoxins.

I pray that this will help me lose the weight I have gained. Help me stay focused on being healthy and fit, dear God. I believe that I can do all things through Christ, your Son, who truly strengthens me.

May this enable me to steer away from all the unhealthy choices that I face each day. I pray that this strength will keep me focused on disciplining my body and do my workouts religiously. I pray that anything I do, eat or drink only be for Your greater glory.

I pray for a support group to push me towards the finish line. I ask for all these in this prayer, O Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Use these prayers, or write your own, and make sure to say it
every day before your first meal. Keep focused. The prayer diet is a great way to…

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Lose Weight Healthily

As you continue towards your goals, make sure not to fall for easy-outs and false prophets.
There are plenty of people that will gladly take your money and hand you a box of magic pills
that will solve all your problems. However, like most things in life, it takes time and work
to make real change.

So, lose weight healthily by eating right, and exercising each day.

Weight Loss Resources for Christians

From Spark People: Bible Verses to Inspire Your Weight Loss.

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The attitude to food over the last hundred years has changed. In Europe, people no longer starve, on the contrary, the problem has become a constant overeating. This is understandable, because the products are available, and the culture of entertainment is at a very low level for many. The eating traditions that existed among the religious Russian people are now completely destroyed and replaced by a food cult. Everyone knows that food should be balanced, correct and environmentally friendly. And the fact that one does not always have to eat until full saturation, many even do not suspect.

That is why overweight is a scourge of many Russians andEuropeans. Fighting him is not just a job for the sake of a good figure. Obesity makes more likely diseases such as diabetes, arthrosis, cholecystitis.

prayers to lose weight

It is difficult for a man to walk and actively move. To combat diet and special dietary schemes are used. But for many, this is work and deprivation of pleasure, and they turn to the church for help in order to learn prayers for losing weight. Of course, it’s good when a person resorts to God with any of his problems, but in this case the church can not help. There are no such prayers. But Orthodoxy can help to look at the problem much wider. After all, obesity often overtakes those who misjudge food, displays gluttony. That is, prayers for losing weight are prayers against this sin.

prayers to lose weight

If a person comes to the temple with the desire to get rid offrom gluttony, the Orthodox Church can offer him help. This is one of the deadly sins, so prayers for slimming in the form of a prayer against gluttony are very common.

In the Orthodox tradition there are four posts: Great, Christmas, Petrov and Uspensky. Food restrictions during these periods are very significant. Believers ask God to help them overcome their addictions and desires, their passions. For example, the prayer of Ephraim the Syrian is practically a prayer for slimming Orthodox, and it is pronounced repeatedly every day of fasting. According to the charter, during a short prayer, 4 earthly obeisances are performed (kneel, bow to the floor) and 12 waistcloths, with which it is supposed to touch the floor with only an outstretched hand.

Of course, believers do not perceive the prayer work of Lent as a prayer for losing weight. But if you approach them physiologically and psychologically, they are exactly that.

prayers to lose weight

Many psychologists have investigated the problem of superfluousweight, increased value of food in the system of values ​​of modern Europeans. And the desire to lose weight in itself takes a special place. It is necessary to completely stop thinking about nutrition: calorie, taste, virtues and lacks of dishes. If the interest in food is superseded by some more significant interest, for example spiritual values, religious life, then the person himself will not notice how he will lose weight.

Many people use what they call themselves”prayer for weight loss.” Feedback on the results depends on the general mood of the person. If he is ready to radically revise his value system, usually the weight gradually goes away and does not return any more. And if the food and personal pleasures are still on the first place, the struggle for harmony can last a lifetime, but it will not be won.


Yes, it is possible to lose weight, get fit and healthier through prayer. I know prayer works with weight loss and health challenges: I’ve lost 150 pounds and maintained it almost 20 years only by the grace of God, eating more healthfully and through “re-creation.” Without God’s help, I would have been dead long ago.

There are so many weight loss diets, pills, diet “food” products, exercise equipment, clubs, gyms, surgical interventions, books, videos — it’s impossible to keep up with them all. I know about those, too. I tried a bunch of them and spent a lot of time and money, but they didn’t ultimately work because they’re mostly one-dimensional. A lot of them are outright bogus and only exist to get your money. What I learned through years of dieting and nutritional interventions, failing a lot, losing weight and gaining it back, was that I had to also put my mind and spiritual beliefs into practice. I couldn’t just focus on my body. I had to deal with my emotions, mental beliefs and improve my spiritual life as well.

Being someone who was addicted to overeating, I discovered nothing in this material world could ever satisfy me. Stuffing myself with excess food, stuffing my emotions down and avoiding moving at all costs just never satisfied. Being with God through prayer and being guided by Him is far more satisfying than any food, emotion or material thing. These days, my prayer consists of only seeking the will of God, through the Jesus Prayer, asking for His help in everything I am and do.

Twenty years ago, when I was desperate to lose weight, there was nothing available that combined body, mind and spiritual solutions. I had to discover my own methods, and after exhausting every diet imaginable, including diet pills and dangerous fasting, and lots of therapy and counseling, all that was left was to ask God for help. So I did, and miracles happened. I was able to focus my mind, resolve a traumatic, emotional past, and finally learn proper nutrition and enjoy moving my body on a regular basis. I reached out for God, and He answered my prayers.

Everything I needed came into place, and I began to slowly, consistently lose weight, enjoy recreation, express myself, and train and educate my mind. Because there wasn’t anything that combined spiritual weight loss with emotional work, logic and exercise, I wrote a book (“” target=”_hplink”>The Joy of Weight Loss: a Spiritual Guide to Easy Fitness”) and produced two DVDs on the subject (“Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss” and “Big Body Yoga”). I speak publicly about the power of prayer, to groups and in workshops, because so many people ask me how I lost so much weight and keep it off. I’ve also been a spiritual weight loss coach for many years. I want to help people as others helped me when I weighed 400 pounds.

It’s not enough to just pray away the pounds, though — we need to become healthier on all levels: in body, mind and spirit, together. Sound familiar? Not just the YMCA’s motto, or the Trinity, but Plato in his “Timaeus,” around B.C.E 363., taught us that human beings are a composite of not just physical matter, but of mind and spirit as well. The world is seeking balance, and so are we. Plato wrote that humans are like a chariot being pulled by two horses, with mind (intellect) as the charioteer in charge. One horse, the physical body that craves food and drink and pleasure, is unruly. The other horse, representing our higher aspects, is more manageable and calm. Most importantly, Plato reasoned that it was our spiritual self, connecting with our Creator through logic and prayer, that keeps us in balance. We need to nurture and manage all our parts, always moving toward union with God as the highest realm.

So, what to do if you’re struggling with overweight or obesity? Give up! Say a prayer right now, and put whatever faith you have into gear. Pray to God, saying out loud, “I need help, I cannot do this alone, please help me.” If you’re Christian, as I am, pray to Jesus Christ and put your weight problem in His mighty care. If you’re a believer or a member of another religion or tradition, ask your Creator as you know him (or her). If you’re atheist or non-religious, no problem! Put your problems into the care of your Higher Power, Higher Self or to Nature. You might also want to go to the next Twelve Step group, such as Overeater’s Anonymous. There you’ll find others who you can speak confidentially with, and share in prayer. Or your church, synagogue, temple or shrine.

By praying and giving up your weight and health problems and asking for help, you’re accomplishing many things: you are saying to God and the world that you believe, you’re admitting that you cannot do everything alone, you’re surrendering the burden and literally lifting the weight off your shoulders. As you’re praying, try to be in a peaceful, or even silent place. Enjoy the feeling of being with God in silence, connecting with prayer. Know that God or your Higher Power is not only with you, He’s inside you, hearing the prayer. Do this as often as possible, when waking up in the morning, during your daily work and before going to sleep.

Prayer is the first step in a program that’s balanced with nutritional education, eating well so that you’re satisfied and getting all the right nutrients in smaller quantities, feeling and expressing your emotions, and sharpening your mind and intellect.

With God, all things are possible — especially getting healthier, losing weight and becoming a whole, happy person.

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You undoubtedly came to check out this post about prayer for weight loss because you are currently on a weight loss journey or you have been combatting weight issues for some time. I welcome you and hope you find some peace, encouragement, hope, and love in the prayer for weight loss I’ve written for you.

Dieting is often a rollercoaster because there are so many factors that go into losing weight especially emotions – and oh boy do I know that. I am currently on my own weight loss journey, and I have learned a lot in my endeavor of dieting and seeking a healthy lifestyle.

One of my biggest lessons in all of this has been that I have surrendered to weight loss being a journey and a journey is just that, a journey. Sometimes we will have good days and others we will not. Dieting is hard because we have to eat. We can’t just quit eating! So we have to eat. What’s important are the foods we choose. I pray you choose well today. I pray that temptation does not win. Keep staying on the road, it is worth it!

It really is worth it, seeking after your goals and being able to stay on the course is the ultimate goal. I hope that prayer for weight loss brings a lot of encouragement for you on your own journey!

Also before we get started with the prayers:

Lasting weight loss requires a life change, and we have a free 7-day Challenge to help you walk in God’s strength and love during your diet. If you follow this plan, we believe it can help you overcome the obstacles in the way of being the person you want to be.

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Prayer For Weight Loss

prayers to lose weight

Gracious God, I have a goal and a desire to be more healthy. I know only true health comes from you. While it may be tough, I know if I stay the course I will succeed. However, some moments and even days are tough for my mind wants what will cause me to fail. Help me fight off those temptations. Help me to stay the course. I need your strength, and I need you to provide my determination. Help me to find clever ways to stay focused and on the path, for you are the Creator of all and You know what I need. Thank you always. Amen.

prayers to lose weight

God, I want to lose weight. I have been in a cycle for so many years being in the body I do not want to be in, so I need You. I come to You because You can aid me in my journey toward health, for you are the God of health and restoration. Guide me and help me to follow You, please! Amen.

prayers to lose weight

God, I do not know how to feed myself properly. I gravitate to foods that are not nutritional. I do not know how to crave an apple or a salad. I really know how to crave fast food. I need you to switch my desires. I need you to come and help me. Amen.

God, the scale hasn’t moved in days, and I am getting frustrated. I am doing everything right, but this “lack of progress” makes me want to give up. Please help me overcome this small hurdle so that I can stay on the path toward my goal of health. Amen.

prayers to lose weight

God, I confess I overeat. I find myself eating and eating and eating some more until I am really full. This comforts me, and I do not know why! Reveal my brokenness in this bad habit. I need Your wisdom. Amen.

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prayers to lose weight

prayers to lose weight
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