Prayers to find a job immediately

by Cary (India)

i have been without a job for almost 3 years, and i haven’t got any job as yet. i feel i have been cursed, sometime i feel like ending myself, i’m 53 i don’t have a house of my own, i don’t know what is my future.

is it worth living or its better to leave this evil world and go. they say to commit suicide is a cowards act, i don’t feel what other say, i know what i’m going through, its easy to say hard to help. all these people who talk never help. i have given myself some time if nothing happen i will end myself. i can’t take it anymore.

i have a lot of loans to pay. maybe i will go and see if there really exist a god or we are just in an illusion world. and open all those false believers eyes. i use to believe in god not anymore. if there is a god then there wouldn’t be any poor, or if prayers were answered there wouldn’t be any poor. i personally don’t feel there is any god, its just a misconception and a fairytale,

i have prayed to so many saints, nothing just nothing. yeah if i die i would love to find out if there are any so called god. i have lost all my will to live and not scared to die, i even told my people don;t bury me, burn my body and throw the ashes into the sea.

i will come back to pay my visit to all who hurt me. i hate sympathetic words, it makes me angry, i hate when people talk like fools to me. don’t use the lords name when he doesn’t exist. i need proof and for me seeing is to believe, i’m not a blind believer. i have read the bible and i found it to be false. to much lies and manipulation.

no truth to prove it authenticity, i can question you on so many topic and you wouldn’t have a clue or an answer. like i did questioned so many priest and they were lost for words. ever since i lost my faith and gave it up. bottom line nothing is gonna happen even if you pray, who are you gonna pray to. there is no god.

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