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Prayer For Healing After Car Accident – as the technology advanced and the cars became a normal item to posses and use, the number of car accidents increased. It is a huge tragedy. Not only for the people who were involved in the accident. But also for their family. If your loved one had a bad car accident and struggles to survive, this Prayer For Healing After Car Accident might be useful.

This Prayer For Healing After Car Accident is a very powerful prayer for God. But you can be creative, this is not a standard prayer. This prayer is only a example. If you formulated your own prayer, write it down and carry it with you. Say this prayer as often as you can.

Prayer For Healing After Car Accident

“Dear Lord, please place your healing hands on -Your loved ones name-.

Touch his/her body and soul. And bring him/her healing.

Oh Lord, please heal him/her fully.

Please help him/her in his/her recovery.

And please give the doctors all the strength and wisdom they need to heal her.

Please give comfort for his/her soul and his/her family.

And please give strength for his/her parents and brothers/sisters.

Please recover her fully with your healing love.

Help him/her to wake up and go home to his/her family.

Please Lord bring him/her to a whole recovery. Amen”

Prayer For Healing After Car Accident

Before saying a prayer, make sure that you will not be disturbed. Because saying a prayer needs focus and concentration. It is almost like a meditation. If you say the prayer at home, you can light a candle. This intensifies your prayer. Before starting to tell your prayer take a few deep breaths and relax. It is a hard period for you, because what happened is a tragedy. But you have to concentrate on your mission to ask for God to heal your loved one. Because he/she needs your help.

By Kansas

My name is Kansas Romportl, I am 20 years old, I’m going to be a junior in college at UW-Eau Claire, and I’m recovering from car accident that happened about 3 years ago on June 14th, 2004.

In my accident, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and was in a coma for a month with a score of 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale (which ranges from 3-15 – ***I’ll go into more detail about that later on in the talk)

(***note: I don’t remember much of the day of the accident, I’m going to tell you bits and pieces of what I remember personally.  However, my friends and family have told me things that have sparked memory of that day, but a lot of it is still foggy in my memory… also, all of the events (and more) that I talk about are on my website under the journal history.  I still update – and even though my site isn’t visited nearly as much as it first was (the day the site was up and running, there were hundreds of messages from family, friends, and those in the RL community) I still update and have been even when I’ve been away at college. The address to my website is:

*How my car accident happened:

I was out the night before, and didn’t get much sleep.  I went home the next morning to do some chores around the house (that morning my dad had called and questioned about my being out so late – he said I needed to come home and get some things done around the house, so I said I’d come home and do them. I only had gotten about 2-3 hours of sleep (my parents didn’t know that though).

Later that day my friends called me at about noon to go wakeboarding.  I hurriedly finished everything I had to do around the house, so I asked my parents if I could go on the lake with my friends.

I got the ok from my parents, and then left in a rush to go hang out (keep in mind this is with very little sleep), and failed to put my lap belt on, but did have my automatic shoulder belt (which probably kept me in the car).

I live right by hwy 53 where it intersects with 26th Avenue.  I pulled out of my driveway and headed west towards 53.  I stopped at the stop sign, then crossed into the median to wait for traffic, and sped through the other lane (not seeing the van that was in the southbound lane).  I was struck on the passenger side of my vehicle, which then flew through the air and spun around to land in the ditch on the east side.

In the accident, my right ear had gotten sliced where it was just hanging on by a thread (it got caught in my hair).  My front teeth hit the steering wheel, and were knocked out of socket (there is some discrepancy as to if the steering wheel caused the damage or if the tracheotomy (trache) did).

I was unconscious from the moment I was hit, and was rushed via ambulance to the Rice Lake hospital, where I was airlifted to Luther Hospital in Eau Claire.  (I stopped breathing for a few minutes in the helicopter, that’s why they inserted the trache, and also just so I could rest better).

I was in a coma for about a month (or 28 days, with a score of 3), and was given a very bleak prognosis.  I have been told that if I was an elderly woman, I would not have survived; but because I was athletic and healthy, my survival rate was better than most in my situation.

When I did wake up from my coma (officially on July 9th, 2004), it was gradual; and I made considerably rapid improvements for the extent of the brain injury I had.  About a week after I was declared out of my coma (on July 9th 2004), I attended my sister Chelsea (Romportl) Becker’s wedding on a four hour pass (on July 24th 2004).  I could not walk fluidly on my own yet, so I went to the wedding in a wheelchair.

I still was not able to talk at this point, but was communicating with my hands. (I do not remember much of the wedding, as I was still in the ‘waking up’ stage, however, I did smile for the first time since my accident on July 8th, 2004).

Back at the hospital, I continued to make rapid improvements (considering my prognosis), which surprised all the doctors that were taking care of me.

A nurse had told my family to go ahead with the wedding as planned thinking I would not be able to be there.  However, I exceeded her expectations and many others and I know God played a major role in helping me do that!!

I KNOW that the power of prayer had a great deal of influence in my recovery.  (For example), the second I was in the accident, my dad had heard the crash and came and found my car in the ditch (any father’s worst nightmare).

He proceeded to call my soon to be brother-in-law Josh and told him to start praying and letting others know so they could pray too.

Hundreds of people began to lift me up in prayer, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Yes, I did have wonderful doctors; but there’s nothing better than the Divine Healer working on your side!  Those prayers helped me more than I will ever know, (I still meet people that knew of my accident and prayed for me!).  There was so much prayer for me.

After my accident, a prayer meeting was held at Red Cedar Community Church, and many people were there to sign a journal that was later given to me that I still have.  My sister Chelsea’s father-in-law, Marty Becker, posted “God Heals! Pray for Kansas Romportl!” on the sign at the end of the driveway to his dealership.

Immediately following my accident, someone called WWIB and prayers were instantly sent heavenward on my behalf.  All the people that wrote on my website said they were praying for me too – I was in the prayers of a lot of people, some who did not know me, but I believe that their prayers made the difference!

On July 27th2004, I was able to walk about 50-60 feet with the help of a walker and a therapist (but I still primarily used a wheelchair to get around).  On July 28th 2004, I whispered my first words!  (Up until this point I had been using hand signals and a letter/spelling board to communicate).

I was able to go home for an overnight visit (to see how things would go) on August 7th, 2004.  Then I went back to the hospital in Eau Claire for about one more week of intense therapy.  I was able to go home for good on August 20th, 2004, after over 90 days since my accident.

That fall, I continued to go to therapy 3 days a week, and also school.  I started my senior year of HS the fall of 2004, with my one and only class being Spanish 5 (where I had the help of an aide to take notes for me, etc).  (A highlight was that I was crowned homecoming queen that fall, and at the time, couldn’t fully walk on my own yet, so all the girls on court held my hands and walked out with me).

The following semester I took Spanish again, and third semester took two different courses.  Fourth semester I took 3 classes, and was able to graduate with my class the spring of 2005 (only because my junior year I had taken some advanced courses in hopes to graduate early, but the extra credits I had allowed me to take my senior year slowly).

I graduated on time with my class in June 2005, and re-took my drivers test with Dr. Loftsgaarden’s orders (I passed!) just days before I walked the stage.

I had applied to college in the spring of 2005, and wanted to go to UW-Eau Claire, but my parents wanted me close to home at UW-Barron County.  That was a battle, but in the end I won J.  Luckily, I had taken my ACT’s just days before my accident, so I was good to go there.  I started my freshman year of college at UWEC in the fall of 2005.  I have been going there ever since.

I just completed my sophomore year at UWEC, and am a Social Work major and Spanish minor.  I am looking forward to next year at college, where I will be a junior, and living off campus with two really good friends.

I am also looking forward to going to Mexico again this spring- I have gone to MX the past two years on mission trips, and have really enjoyed being able to use the Spanish I know and have learned (I’ve taken two semesters now of college Spanish courses).

At college, I continued outpatient physical therapy, first at Luther hospital, and then at Sacred Heart hospital (after my insurance changed).  I regained the ability to run this past winter (06-07) in therapy, and have since regained more mobility…

Now, over 3 years post-accident, I am still recovering, and continue to go to physical therapy here in Rice Lake.  I will be discontinuing that at the end of next month, as my therapist thinks that I can continue rehab on my own now.

Ever since the accident, my social life and friends have changed quite a bit.  For the first couple of months when I was home, all my friends were always calling and wanting to hang out.  However, as time went on, I began to see that a lot of them were just hanging around me for the attention.

The winter of 2004 was a very hard one for me relationally, as almost all of my friends abandoned me.  Only about 4-5 friends that I had known before the accident remained loyal, and they all happened to be away at college (I had made friends with kids above my grade level as well as below).

One thing that the accident did was it showed my so-called ‘friends’ true colors.  The friends that left me were more superficial while the ones that stuck by me were lifelong friends that I can trust and depend on whatever happens.  Only problem was, that they were all away at college, and I was still in high school.

So, I made new friends, and they are friends that I still talk to now.  I don’t see them all a lot, as we are all very busy – but two of them invited me to their weddings, others called me to go boating with them, and I have visited one friend in the cities.  Both times I hung out with my friends, I could not swim yet- but they treated me like anyone else (I actually was able to go tubing with them; I (of course) wore a life jacket though).

A true friend is someone who treats you for who you are inside, and bases their decisions not on your physical characteristics, but on your personality.  That is something that never fades or goes away.  Friends like that are hard to find nowadays, and I feel that the friendships I have are priceless.

There were many times in the hospital where my sense of humor shone through my situation.  An incident when my sense of humor really came out was on July 15, 2004.  I was in speech / cognitive therapy and was spelling out different words on my letter board (this was before I could talk).

My therapist, Tom, was asking me some questions.  One of them was: “What is your favorite food?”  I, (being the smart-aleck that I was), proceeded to spell out the words ‘dog food’ with a huge grin on my face!  My mom wrote in the journal entry for that day that when I did that, she and Tom laughed so hard they almost fell off their chairs!!  So, even though I did lose a lot of different abilities and functions, one thing that I did not lose was my sense of humor!

One thing I cannot emphasize enough is how huge the power of prayer has been in my recovery.  There have been thousands of people that have prayed for me, many of whom I do not even know; but at the same time, I am extremely grateful!

My dad just told me yesterday how amazed he still is at my recovery and how it has progressed – I enrolled myself in swimming lessons a week and a half ago, and now, am swimming again!  (I had taken a course in HS phy-ed and also have gone to the beach with friends..)

It is my prayer that Jesus blesses your life as He has mine – and that you entrust to Him the pen of your life! J  It is said that prayer can move mountains, and I’m here to tell you – it can also awake people from comas, and miraculously heal them too!  Prayer and God’s healing touch are the two main reasons I am alive and well before you today, I cannot emphasize that enough!!

***A song that I found relates most to my recovery is the song ‘Beauty From Pain’ by Superchick.  The song depicts my accident almost exactly!  Not to mention, the song is so pretty!!


Having a car accident in your dream can be a powerful symbol with strong emotions. In this complete dream interpretation post, we will go through the major themes and symbols that you may encounter with your dreams involving car crash and accidents. Being inside a car accident can have multiple meanings and it hugely depends on the context of the car accident dream itself. You will need to note the surroundings, the background causes, and the possible dream injuries of everyone involved in the car accident dream.

Also, depending on the damaged car parts inside the dream due to the accident. The car accident dream can mean different things.

Dream About Car Accident as a Driver

To dream that you are in a car accident as a driver symbolize an error or mistake that you have made, you are not proud of something that you have done in the past and the guilt is revealing itself within your dream.

Or it could simply represent your fears of being in an actual accident, especially if you are a new driver, you may have car crash dreams because you feel nervous about driving and your mind is warning you of potential accidents that you may face.

How you act and react within the car accident dream may give clue as well. If you are driving too fast within the dream and end up crashing the car, you have to ask if you are “driving” yourself too hard? Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster.

If you dream about crash the car because of fog, lost direction, or bad signs. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path. We will go deeper into the various dream car crashes causes and their underlying symbols.

If you dream that you die or get seriously injured from the car accident and actually see the reactions of others, then it suggests that your reckless activity is affecting those around you. This car accident dream is a your inner wake-up call for your reckless behavior.

Also pay close attention to the damage and what happens after the car accident inside the dream. The results can offer important clues to your auto accident dream interpretation as well.

Dream About Car Accident as a Passenger

To dream of a car accident while being a passenger symbolizes your inner emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears that are outside of your control.

Riding on the passenger side while being in the accident could mean you’re taking a passive role in life, and that passive is hurting you.

And if you’re in the backseat when the accident happens, the misfortune is completely outside of your control since someone else is calling the shots for you.

Dream About Various Car Accident Incidents

We will go over some various common car accident dreams and their meanings or interpretations.

Off a bridge or pier and crash into the water:
Your goals may not go well and will result in an emotional depression once you do fail. The dream is the same if the car gets flooded and you cannot get out.

Into a tree:
Life will deliver a blow to your intended plans.

Crashing with another car:
Another person may hinder your goal and future plans.

Wrecking into a truck:
Be careful about overworking in real life, it can interfere with your other life long goals such as spending more time with family.

Crashing into Road Rail:
Although minor damage may occur to the car, hitting the guard rail instead of falling off a cliff means that your rules keep you on your path. You may hit some road blocks but at least you will not hit fatal catastrophe.

Crashing into Building or House:
The type of the building that you have accident with inside the dream may have their own symbolism. For example, bank means financial well being and high rise business buildings symbolizes business success.

Car Accident Dream with Bus and Trains:
Dreaming about accidents with buses and trains means that your personal goals may clash with groups of people that hold very strong ideas against your own.

Dream About Other People Involved in a Car Accident

Dreaming about seeing or witnessing that someone is injured in a car accident means that you cannot control the action of others. They have to live with the consequences of their own decisions.

You may or may not know the person involved in the accident in the dream, or that someone can be your loved one or friend’s, or even parents car accidents.

However, if you dream that a loved one dies in a fatal car accident, the car accident death is also symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Perhaps you need to let go of this relationship.

Dream About the Aftermath of Car Accident

The aftermath of the car accident itself is important for you to access the type of damage or result that may foreshadow from your behaviors.

No Damage or Bumper Damage Only:
This dream serves as a wake up too to remind you of the potential damage that it could be.

Cosmic Damage to the Car:
The result of your behaviors may harm your reputation.

Major Damage and Flip Over:
The accident incident will turn your life up side down, and you will need much time to heal.

Car Catches on Fire:
You may burn out from achieving your goals, or fail to succeed because you have burned up your available resources.

Car Accident Fatal Death:
The fatal dream accident means that it’s time for the dreamer to reflect on his goals and his method of attaining them. Or it could mean permanent loss of the relationship if it is a loved one.

People rush to car to assist after the crash:
You will most likely receive help after any life incident in which he is hurt or delayed. The persons that come to help can mean different ideas as well. For example, emergency personnel that come to help means that important people will come to your aid.

Angel or angels arrive after a crash.
Look for divine inspiration, direction or guidance after an incident that changes your life journey.

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