Prayers for premature babies

A premature baby is born more susceptible to illness due to their weakened immune system and inability to fully develop in some areas. To help quick the healing process, recite any of these great prayers for premature babies.

Prayer #1

God bless the little child behind the plastic wall
For all he knows is the ringing of the bells and
the blurred images around him. He has been taken
from my womb without warning and I long to hold him
in my arms.

Lord, I ask in your name that my child be healed.
I am willing to accept your decision no matter what
it will be. I am willing to take on the responsibilities
for caring for this child. I am willing to give this
child love and understanding no matter the cost.

Please Lord help me to accept reality and what has
happened without explanation or warning. Help me
face the fact that this is not my fault and that
I was given a special task to complete here on Earth.

God give my child the strength to make it through another
second, minute, hour and day as each moment is
a blessing and a triumph from heaven.

God, may you give the strength and compassion
to the caregivers and nurses that take care of my child
May you keep my child protected and free from all injury
and pain.

Please take away the guilt and burden from my heart dear
Lord. It is heavy and I feel it is all my fault.
Take it away dear Lord. Sweet Jesus allow me the stregnth
and understanding I need to communicate with the Doctors
and Nurses.

As you see dear Lord, I am at your mercy for the life of
my child. Please leave him here on Earth and know that
I will provide all the love and understanding that
this child needs. I accept the challenge and will be
your humble servant dear Lord.

Prayer #2

Dear God,

I have a request to make.
Just a moment of your time it will take.
You see, my parents, are heartbroken and sad,
and they have prayed to you with all they had.

Could you just hug them and remind them you care,
as they are wishing I was at home, not here.
This time is confusing, unlike how they pictured it would be,
But I want them to know that you take care of me.

Although I am sleeping in this little bed,
and I am often too tired to raise my little head,
please remind them that I know they did their very best.
And that at night I am protected as I sleep upon your chest.

They think I am so lonely when they are away,
and if I could tell them, I would say

“I know this is hard, and God understands,
But just know He has never let go of my hand.
He is always with me, like He is with you,
and all this has a purpose too.”

And God, while I am in this temporary N.I.C.U. home,
I just want them to know I have never been alone.

Prayer #3

Dear God, as you look down upon us,
We know that you might have to squint.
We’re located here in the NICU
It’s the nursery that we rent.

There are many alarms and sirens,
Connected to condos and flats.
The nurses tape our booties on,
And dress us in funny hats.

We have a lot in common;
All of us were in a hurry.
For many different reasons,
Our storks came a little early.

Some of us don’t know why,
We bursted out from our bubbles.
We entered into this world,
Never meaning to cause any troubles.

Mommy and Daddy are worried sick
About the odds that we must beat.
Please God, help them to realize,
That seeing us grow is a treat.

Breath by breath, we’ll learn to breathe.
Ounce by ounce we’ll tip the scale.
We’re like a boat in the ocean,
That knows not sink- only sail.

For we are living miracles,
Mommy and Daddy must simply believe,
That you have angels watching over us;
From the time we arrive, till the time we leave.

Prayer #4

Our gracious heavenly father, thank you for this precious
child that you have given this family.
Lord, we know from your Word that you never leave us or forsake us.
We call upon your name for comfort in our hour of need
for you are our strength, our only refuge, and we seek
peace in this time of uncertainty.
Our hearts are overwhelmed with fear and doubt.
You, Lord, are the Great Healer.
We ask that you pour out your great healing
power on this precious little lamb of yours.
Bless and keep this little one surrounded with your
abundant love and mercy.
This is the prayer of our hearts. We ask these things in the precious
name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer #5

Almighty God,
bless this dear child,
born before their time,
yet made in your image
and perfect in your sight
and Father, we ask that if it be
Thy will, that this beautiful
infant grow strongers and
healthier with each passing day.
Give us, O Lord, the strength
to entrust to your care,
this precious little one
so very much beloved,
and grant us the grace
to pray as Jesus taught us,
that ‘Thy will be done.’

Check out the following video for a powerful prayer on healing. Reciting these words will help ease the pain and seek a blessing from God.

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prayers for stillborn baby funeral ideas babies

planning a funeral for a baby born stillborn is one of the hardest decisions a family will have to make. choosing what prayers to use can also be quite tricky. so here are some ideas you can freely use when planning a babies funeral.

  • To look at the stars and know you are near, love lasts a lifetime and memories so dear, sleeping so tenderly is our little lady,sending hugs and some kisses to our sweet little baby. Dear God as you keep close near to you, tell her to be good as she stays there with you .
  • Father God our baby is in heaven with you, you will love and cherish her so much like we do, we pray that the angels will teach her a new things and read her a story and do heavenly things amen.
  • Dear God in whom we put our trust we pray you will strengthen this family at their sad time of loss. As baby …. is now in heaven above we prayer you will shower this family with your love amen.
  • Lord Jesus baby …. is now up above singing with the angels and to know only love.we thankyou for this life so precious and sweet keeping baby so safely until again when we meet.amen

when you pick a prayer to read out you could also write your own theres no rules. and if you need inspiration you could incorporate all the things in this world that remind you of love or of babies or of precious flowers etc. when a stillborn babies dies especially if early on in pregnancy there wont be memories of baby crying smiling taking first steps etc. for poems ideas for a babies funeral you can check out these ideas here

also here are song ideas too for when a baby was born stillborn

Due to the sensitive topic of talking about stillborn babies dying if you are looking for prayers on the internet there are many adult ones .these talk about memories created within a whole lifetime that families spent with their loved one.

our baby bereavement site something precious has a whole section on prayers for a stillborn babies funeral service feel free to use any of them located here



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I confess this day according to God’s word that I shall have whatsoever I say, that the Lord perfects all that pertain to me in Jesus name. The Lord who started this good work of creation in me will make a completion of it. (Philip 1:6) I confess my pregnancy is perfect in Jesus name. Every part of my body. The tissue organ,kidney, bladder, liver, affected by the pregnancy shall function perfectly for the formation of the baby in Jesus name. My blood shall circulate effectively. Everything that passes from me to the baby be perfected in Jesus name for the development of the baby I confess I am strong, my bone is strong. I confess God’s word in Exodus 23:26 that I shall no have miscarriage or malformation of the baby in Jesus name I shall be a joyous mother of children. My womb is fruitful; I am fruitful vine by the sides of our house. My children like olive plants round about our table. As the baby grows everyday, every minute, every seconds and every month. The lord perfects every stage of its growth, formation and development in Jesus name.

I declare that every disease germs, dies now in Jesus name. Nothing take into my blood through the mouth shall not harm my baby in Jesus name. God word says if a drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm me. I confess that as I go to the clinic, the Lord shall direct the doctors and nurses as to what medicine and care that suit me and the baby in Jesus name.

As the pregnancy progresses, the Lord shall fulfill the number of my days. I shall not have premature baby but fully-grown baby. My baby shall come out alive, strong and healthy because nothing shall harm my young baby.

I also confess that according to Isaiah 43 that when I pass through the water He will be with me if through the rivers, it shall not overflow me and if I walk through the fire, I shall not be burn nor shall the flame scorch me therefore, I confess that I shall pass through the child delivering without any pain nor hurt in Jesus name.

The Lord shall take away from me sickness of pregnancy and child bearing and those that accompany complication according to Duet 7:14-15. Therefore, I shall not fear because I have been redeemed from the course of the law. The curse of bringing forth in agony. Galatians 4 I boldly confess Isaiah 66:7 that I travail, I will give birth and before any pain come, I will be delivered of my baby, moreover, according to I Tim 2:15, I will be save in child bearing because I continue in faith, love and holiness with self control.

I confess I shall go into the delivery room confidently in Jesus name. The Lord has given me perfect peace because my mind rest on Him. My trust is in the Lord and Jehovah God is my everlasting strength.

According to psalm 118:187. I confess that I shall not die at childbirth nor shall my baby suffer death. We shall both live to declare the work of the Lord in Jesus name. My service shall be fully dilated and the passage big open enough to allow the baby pass through with ease. The delivery shall be perfect in Jesus name. No evil shall befall me and my bay. No weapon of the devil that is fashioned against me nor against my baby shall prosper in Jesus name.

I look forward to the day of delivery with high expectation and joy. The power that raised Jesus from the death is at work in me now to quickening my mortal body. My baby shall come out well, strong and alive in Jesus name. The Lord is the strength of my life, whom shall I be afraid. He is my deliverer, my God my buckler and the Horn of my salvation. The Lord is all I need to take me through on that day. He will strengthen the bars of my gate he has blessed my children with me. Therefore, through the Lord I shall do valiantly.

Look forward to rearing of the children after birth. I confess we shall bring them up in the way of the Lord. The children shall grow to know and Love the Lord from their youth. I also confess that the Lord supply all our needs during pregnancy and for the babies after delivery in Jesus name.

Blessed be the name of the Lord because of the Lord because I shall have what I say I Jesus name (Amen).

Pray these prayers daily untill you give birth.


MONDAY 1. Lord, I thank you for the work of creation that you started in me.

2. Lord, perfect your good work of creation in me in Jesus Name.

3. I command every part of my body to function perfectly for the formation of

the baby, in Jesus Name.

4. I claim divine health during and after be pregnancy in Jesus Name.

5. Blood of Jesus, be transfused into my blood.

6. I claim the life in the blood of Jesus for me and my baby, in Jesus Name.

7. Lord, envelope me and my baby with Your Fire in Jesus Name.

TUESDAY 8. I stand against any malformation or abnormality of my baby in Jesus Name.

9. I stand against any form of abortion or premature delivery, in the Name of


10. I break all curses placed on my elders/head, in Jesus Name.

11. I break any covenant my parents had made with the earth and spirit husband,

in Jesus Name.

12. I break all family curses in Jesus Name.

13. I break all covenants I made with the earth and spirit husbands in Jesus


14. Lord, envelope me and my baby with Your Fire.

WEDNESDAY 15. I break any evil covenant in my life consciously or unconsciously.

16. I break any conscious/unconscious covenant with the spirit of death, in

Jesus Name.

17. I break all covenants placed upon me by my elders/head, in Jesus Name.

18. I break any covenant my parents have made on my behalf with any demonic

powers, in Jesus Name.

19. I break any covenant I made with the earth and spirit Husband.

20. I break all family curses in Jesus Name.

21. Lord, envelope me and my baby with Your Fire in Jesus Name.

THURSDAY 22. Lord, let the blood of Jesus flush out any poison that I might have taken

by mouth

23. consciously or unconsciously, in the Name of Jesus.

24. I drink the Blood of Jesus and I eat the Fire of the Holy Ghost.

25. I soak myself and my baby in the Blood of Jesus.

26. You my baby, receive the Fire of God.

27. You eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood, begin to eat your flesh and

drink your own blood in the name of Jesus.

28. All dead and dying cells in me and my baby should receive the power of

resurrection in the Name of Jesus.

29. Lord, envelope me and my baby with Your Fire, in Jesus Name.


30. You stubborn pursuer of my life, begin to die after the order of Pharaoh.

31. You enemies of progress in my life, receive destruction after the order of


32. All those that are gathering together against me, receive confusion and be

scattered by the thunder fire of God, after the order of the Tower of


33. Ant evil tree planted in my womb contrary to the perfect growth and

development of my baby, be uprooted and be roasted, in the Name of Jesus.

34. No weapon formed against me and my baby shall prosper, in Jesus Name.

35. I reject any spell, divination or enchantment issued against me, in Jesus


36. Lord, envelope me and my baby with Your Fire, in Jesus Name.

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