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Prayer for health and strength

May 7th is the National Day of Prayers in USA. The studies undertaken by Paw Research Center Study have revealed some interesting facts regarding prayers trends among the common people of USA. These extensive studies reveal that 55% of Americans pray daily. 23% pray once a week or even once a month. Only 21% of Americans rarely or never pray. In general humans pray daily, no matter whichever religion or sects they belong to. The main objective for praying lies in the fact that they offer Prayer For Health and well being for themselves and also for the loved ones around them.

What are the benefits of praying regularly?

One of the most mystical questions, which people often ask is why we pray. Below we have tried to understand a few basic facts.

You receive an inner strength

Most people are of the opinion that when you pray regularly, you receive divine strength from God.  When you are going thru extreme exigencies, which could be private or sensitive in nature. You pray and ask for his solutions. For example if your loved one is suffering from cancer, you would diligently offer your Prayer For Health every day. You would request thru your prayer to God, that he cures your loved ones of the disease. You would also receive tremendous inner strength which would help you to overcome the personal exigency. This inner strength is created when you pray daily.

Decrease the level of stress that you are facing

We as human beings, all suffer from different types of stress levels. This could be due to personal or professional reasons. When you face extreme levels of stress, you do not know what decisions to take and thus you surrender to prayers. Experts believe that the moment you surrender yourself to God, immediately after you pray, you would feel a sudden sense of calmness envelope you. After a few minutes of simple prayer, you know longer face the acute stress level, which you had faced earlier. Now you are more confident that you can face the challenge and conquer it.

You create an opportunity to understand yourself in a better manner

When you pray, you are speaking to God, in your own language and in your comfortable time. If you have developed ill health, which could be the result of your bad lifestyle practices, you speak to God about your inability to control your vices. This simple acceptance of the fact, that you recognize your shortcomings, in your prayer for health gives you tremendous morale boost. This indicates that you are taking a positive step to recognize our limitation. This recognition and the power of prayer would help you to remove bad practices from your lifestyle and help you to have a better opinion regarding yourself. In the end this confidence boost, would help you to take positive decisions, which would improve the quality of life in general.

Cultivate positivity and hope

Today we live in a world which is fast spaced and you like most people want to be successful in every department of your life. You want to be a good mother and a good working professional. Sometimes you may not get the results you are looking for, due to certain circumstances. This could make you feel at loss. However when you pray, you cultivate a positive attitude towards life and you develop the ability to understand the reasons regarding your failure. You have faith in the healing touch of God and hope that he would create a better future for you. This positive attitude or hope would help you combat the exigency or problem. In fact if you can offer effective solutions, you would get noticed in the professional environment and the long awaited promotion would be yours in a few months time.

You are healthier

When you pray daily, even for a few minutes,, you are more healthy. Here being healthy could be related to both positive and mental health. There have been various studies which have indicated that when you pray with single mindedness, you get healed. There have been number of stories from around the world which have indicated that when you pray for good health, the miraculous touch of God heals you. In fact praying daily for a few minutes would help you to develop a strong immunity system and also lower your blood pressure.


Cancer happens always unexpectedly. This diagnosis is always shocking. It’s shocking not only to those who are diagnosed, but also affects all other family members as well. First reaction usually is anger, frustration and fear.  We are afraid of the pain of treatment, the uncertainty in cancer progress and our future. Death and sickness for some people are challenges that threaten their faith. It becomes difficult for our faith to be nourished and strengthened in the love of God when we are faced with this difficult disease. In such situation can help prayer for healing and strength, prayer for healing cancer, health and comfort.

Really the only way to stay strong in such situations is to address God with our prayers. Even those people who feel far away from God, try to find some hope and encouragement in His words and say prayer for healing.  God always gives us a hope, He is always with us as Isaiah 43:2 says: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you”. So you need to be: “strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Keep hope alive

In cancer situation we need to stay strong and keep hope. The Word of God is the most powerful weapon we have as His children to ward off threats to our faith. We should know that although the sickness might be exhausting, we need to rely on God’s will and mercy.

prayer for health and strength

God is with you every time of the day and even in this trial time, He knows you inside and out and knows the pains you are experiencing right now. He alone has the power to help you in such situation. The Word of God in Matthew 11: 28 says: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” This is only one of many promises of God for you in His word. The study of the God’s word help you to discover many truths in the Bible pertaining to you.

God is aware of what you are going through.  He only wants you to talk to Him and trust Him. God will give you hope and confidence in the healing, health and strength in your situation. What you need to do is as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 say: “pray without ceasing”. In this article, we will list some powerful prayer points for the healing of cancer and giving strength in disease situation. Don’t lose faith and God will touch you at the very point where you need Him.

Your faith is needed in prayer for strength and healing

I know how your hope may have got dashed when you got the report from your doctor concerning this disease. Gоd’ѕ Wоrd says the рrауеr оf faith ѕhаll heal the sick. Go tо God today іn fаіth аnd аѕk that Hе heals уоu frоm ѕісknеѕѕ. We rесеіvе hеаlіng by faith. Oреn yourself uр tоdау to God’s blessings, hеаlіng аnd mіrасlеѕ. Let аll worries lеаvе уоur heart. Dоn’t fоrgеt and believe that уоu hаvе the Gоd who саrеѕ, who lоvеѕ уоu ѕо dеерlу аnd wіll nеvеr lеt уоu go.

Prayer for healing

Your level of faith is proportional to the healing you get. You may never understand why God allowed this to happen to you but you should trust His word in Jeremiah 29:11. His plan for you is to prosper, give you good health and a future. See your future from today; refuse to believe that this disease would terminate your plans.

Your level of faith is proportional to the healing you get

Although the questions “Why me? Why should this happen to me?” may be on your lips, we should understand that God allows some things to happen on purpose. This doesn’t mean He loves you less or  that it is  punishment for your sins. Do not underestimate His love for you. Accept this situation as part of your life and keep the hope in your heart, that even if God have other plan for you here on earth, you will reign with Him eternally.

Christian prayer for strength and healing cancer

God, I know the burden of my healing is upon your shoulders, therefore I place this burden of cancer into your hands and I ask that you lift me up in body, soul and spirit even when my faith is shaken and hope is declining.  I pray for hope, strength and encouragement. Please work in my heart, please take away all my fears. I pray for consolation and reconciliation.

And I thank you for your love you give to me. I know that you are aware of what this illness is causing to my body right now, I ask you God, be merciful for me. Your word in Psalm 107:19-20 says that when I call out to you, you will give the command, heal and rescue me from death and diseases, I have read of your wondrous healing in the Bible and I believe that in the same way  you will heal cancer in my body.

I know that there is nothing impossible for you, so I ask  you for healing in this situation of my life too. Please let me know and understand your plans for me and help me to feel your presence like never before.

My experience in life has taught me that it is not everyone who falls sick gets healed. If that happen to be me in this situation, help me to know and understand your plans for me and let me be calm.

I thank you God for my hope of healing and health. I pray you God, that you guide the doctors in the treatment of my disease. Amen. 

Hold on to your faith, the promises of God and keep the hope alive. Remember the daily prayer and enjoy the peace of God. God bless you!

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Hey everyone,

I just went through a bout of terrible viral flu. For the most part, I was stuck in bed.

Praise God, that I have healed. However I am dealing with a lot of weakness at the moment. I find it hard to even hold a spoon or a pen.

My body just refuses to cooperate. I don’t want to go through another session of medicines and what not. I am really tired of it.

I’ve been taking my multivitamins and eating a lot, but every time I exert myself, I get really dizzy. I’ve been sleeping a lot too. Almost 12 hours straight.

While rest is good, I am afraid that I am taking too much of leave. Please pray that I can make up for this lost time. I am scared about this.

I am also afraid that I’ve been a trying burden to my friends and family. Please pray that they forgive me for this.

Please pray that I recover my health and if you could share some encouraging scripture too, I would be grateful.

Yours, in love and gratefulness



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