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Dear Lord, I am feeling pretty good today and I thank you for your blessings of peace. I am not as worried and concerned and obcessive about things as I was last week. I always feel comfortable about going to the church I go to. Although, the pastor is not all that friendly and outgoing as I would like.

But, I am more interested in the people there and the services. He does conduct a good sermon. I always learn something out of it. He is good. I feel no pressure to go to Sunday School, either. It is low key there. People wear what they have to wear to church and jeans and t shirts are no problem. I can wear my work clothes there and feel at home. It is different than a structured Baptist Church and I like the music a lot. It is not those old timey songs I have heard all my life that were written in the 1800’s. I like the new songs.

They deliver the same message as the older ones do. It is so enlighten and the people there are no uppity by no means. They aren’t put ons and I always recieve a welcome there each Sunday. It makes me want to return each Sunday. Something I have not felt anywhere else. Thank you, Lord for leading me there. I feel it is where Tara needs to be with her problems. Michael seemed to like it there and met someone he use to know.

I know Randy and Ernestine and that makes it feel more like home to me. It is unlike all the other churches. It caters to poor folks and those who have fallen and have pulled themselves back up with your help. I know you are present in that church and there are few hypocrites, if any there. I don’t see a lot of put ons there or at all. It is where I need to be, Lord. It seems to be in it’s purest nature. I want to thank you Lord, again for leading me there.

O Lord, I pray you make this be a very good week for me to live through. I need encouragement from you each day. I feel safe with you now in my life and we can have more conversations now. I feel your presence within me Lord. I worship you each day as though it is Sunday.

You are with me seven days a week 24 hours a day. I continue in prayer with you and I will continue to talk and walk with you as I go out walking. I enjoy our conversations. Please help me to not draft away from our conversations. I sometimes lose my train of thought while I am talking to you. I feel a calmness from you, my Lord, especially today. I want to feel a sense of safety and to feel a sense of well being from you. I know you will protect me and lead me to do better and better things in the future. I have turned away from bad things and turned to you for guidence and strength.

You are my Saviour, my Lord! I look up to you for everything in my life. Lead me through the rest of this month and the following months without anymore unhappiness. What happened, with Tara, Saturday and what she did to me the way she done it to me was horrible. Please save me from that ever happening again. In your name I pray. AMEN

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