Prayers for emotional wholeness

Creator of All Center is a place for Prayer, Intervention, and Support. When you or someone you care about is facing mental and emotional health challenges, it’s vital to have proper support. People who have been there before and can help you. Remember, all things work together for good. There are prayer therapies that will help you or your loved one to return to a sense of hope.

As humans, we crave order and control. It’s a natural impulse. Through order, we have a structure that allows us to achieve goals and plan. Through control, we can prioritize our desires and achieve what we want. At times, however, we lose order and control. At such points, our mental and emotional wellness can be adversely affected.
In order to regain emotional and mental stability, it’s important to look at the emotions you are experiencing. If you’re feeling fear, anger or despair, those emotions might be standing in the way of your trust in the Creator of all and prevent you from sustaining trust in the Creator of all as sustainer. It is vital to first acknowledge these emotions, and then turn to the Creator of all to help you regain your peace.

At Creator of all, we help you rebuild your relationship with the Creator to attain mental and emotional peace. By understanding and experiencing the Creator in a healthy fashion, you should be able to nurse yourself back to health in emotional and mental terms. Once you allow the Creator of all back into your your life, you’ll begin to feel more secure, and be able to experience a deeper level of peace.

For assistance to live a healthier life, regain physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual wellness, book an appointment with us at Creator of All.

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