Prayers before bible study

Lord, inspire me to read your Scriptures and to meditate upon them day and night. I beg you to give me real understanding of what I read, that I in turn may put its precepts into practice. Yet, I know that understanding and good intentions are worthless, unless rooted in your graceful love. So I ask that the words of Scripture may also be not just signs on a page, but channels of grace into my heart. Amen. (Origen, 184-253 AD)

 —Bookmark used by Holy Name of Jesus Bible Study in Minnesota

Indulgence that was granted by Pope Leo XIII in 1898 to all the faithful who “shall read for at least a quarter of an hour the books of the Sacred Scripture with the veneration due to the Divine Word and as spiritual reading, an indulgence of 300 days.” (Preces et Pia opera, 645.)

Bible Study Prayers

God, my Father in heaven, I am about to encounter your written word in Sacred Scripture. I come before you with a deep appreciation and profound reverence for your word, through which you reveal yourself to me. I believe that these human words, written under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are truly alive in the fulfilling form of the Eternal Word, your beloved Son, Jesus. I know that these are not just words to be read, but a way of life to be followed, modeled for me by Jesus during his earthly life. Through these words you invite me into personal communion with you. And so, Father, through Jesus, I implore you to send me your Holy Spirit to enlighten me and teach me; to unlock the mysteries that will allow your word to come alive in my heart and in my life. Come Holy Spirit and lead me to the truth that will bring me authentic freedom. Guard me from reading more into this sacred word than is really there, and prevent me from removing anything from its fullness. Come Holy Spirit and help me in my weakness. I want my life to be directed and shaped by your word. Allow this holy word to build up my faith and hope, so that I will be empowered to live a life of charity, and will be drawn into a deeper union with my God through knowledge and imitation of the Eternal Word, Jesus my Savior. Most holy Mother, Mary, I entrust myself to your intercession as I read, study and pray this blessed word. May I keep it always in my heart as you kept it in yours. Amen.

“Lord God, I reaffirm my faith in Jesus Christ, Your Son, who died for me on the cross and was resurrected that I may now have life in Him.   Thank you, Father, that I have the authority of Jesus Christ over every evil power.  In the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His cross and blood, I bind the spirits, powers and forces of the earth, the underground, the air, the water, the fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.  I bind all interplay, interaction and communication of evil spirits as they would try to affect me in any way during this time of Bible study.   I claim the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over myself, including my eyes, ears, hands and mind as I read the Bible today.   Thank you for your protection, Lord. Please prepare my heart and help me to receive your Word with understanding and without distraction from the enemy.  Please send your holy angels to fill my home and minister to me especially as I read Your Word.   I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

bible study prayer

Lord Jesus the Messiah of Nazareth, Son of the true and living God, who was born of the Virgin Mary over 2000 years ago, who was fully God and fully man, led a sinless holy life, voluntarily died on the cross to conquer sin and rose again on the third day to conquer death, as I come before You to study Your Word would You please free up all of the human parts within me who would like to join together in Your Name to study Your Word and to learn according to the ministry of Your Holy Spirit and Your truth.

As I read my Bible and all study aids please cleanse and purify Your words and allow them to remain whole and in context. Do not allow Your truth to be twisted or changed in any way. Please allow Your Word to fall upon fertile soil within me and to edify all who hear it. I renounce the enemy’s efforts to block or steal or to fragment Your truth as I read it and I pray that all inside would be allowed to discern truth as it comes from Your Word. Remove the spiritual blindness and deafness that keeps each of my alters and fragments from seeing and hearing from You. Please soften my heart and allow every part of me to discern Your will for my life today. Please impart to me Your spiritual wisdom and discernment and allow me to hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I embrace Him who is the truth, the Lord Jesus the Messiah, as my strength and protection from all of Satan’s deceptions. I desire that the truth of God’s Word shall constantly gain a deeper place in my life. I pray that the truth of the Word of God may be my heart’s delight to study and memorize.

Please prevent all internal and external distractions that would keep me from staying focused or cause switching. Please block all internal and external interruptions that would occupy the time that I have set aside for You. In Your holy Name, Amen.

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