Prayer when you feel lonely

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression – Music and Lyrics

A Prayer for Loneliness and Depression
Lord, I feel so lonely at times that I am becoming more and more depressed.. when I am left on my own, with no one to talk to.. and I find that I am trying to fill my life with activities and people – which do not address the root issue of my loneliness or what I am going through.

Lord, I know that You have promised to help the afflicted and set free those that are all alone in families.. I pray that You would do just that in my life – so that I may rediscover the joy of my salvation and overcome the depression that sweeps over me so often, when I find that I am on my own and have no one to talk to.

You have promised to help the afflicted and to comfort those that are hurting. Turn Your loving-kindness towards me at this time I pray, comfort my hurting soul and renew a right spirit within me – this I ask in Jesus name,

Heavenly, Most Loving, Gracious Father, we come before you to humbly ask that you comfort us in our moments of loneliness, that you be our shelter in the midst of the storm, that you walk beside us every step of the way.

Lord, at times we feel so alone, crying out for attention, in desperation, looking for some sort of acknowledgement from a single soul. Remind us that you are always there, right at our side, whenever we call.

No matter the time, the hour, the situation, Oh Lord, you have promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

Lord, there are times we think we can turn to loved ones and friends in our time of need, but they forsake us.

Oh Lord, you alone know what we are going through. Sometimes we vocalize our thoughts but no one understands. There are many times we cry out to people to listen, when we need a friend, but they hardly ever take the time to show compassion.

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression

Give us strength, dear God, to carry on when we are down and out and have no one to turn to. Let us always remember that You are our friend and our companion in our time of need.

God, let us feel the Holy Spirit as He comforts us. Help us to realize that You are the only one we need, especially in times of trials.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalm 28:7

Touch the hearts of the people who feel lonely today, Oh Father. The ones who are broken-hearted. Those who are bullied. The ones who have everything and everyone around them but they still feel alone.

People who have lost loved ones, and have no families, the single parent. Dear God, reach out to all of them.

Father, guide us as we pray for strength to fight against the feeling of loneliness and depression, help them all to experience peace, love and joy in these difficult times, in the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression prayer when you feel lonely

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression

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A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression – Music and Lyrics   A Prayer for Loneliness and Depression Lord, I feel so lonely at times that I am becoming more and more depressed.. when I am left on my own, with no one to talk to.. and I find that I am trying to fill my life with activities and people – which do not address the root issue of my loneliness or what I am going through. Lord, I know that You have promised to help the afflicted and set free those that are all alone in families.. I…

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression

A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression


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A Prayer When You’re Feeling Loneliness and Depression – 89%

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prayer when you feel lonely

Standing at the checkout line, I swiped my credit card and waited for the prompt to sign my name. As the woman in front of me scanned my remaining items, she looked at me and said, “Did you marry the man you loved?”

Her face was flat and her voice held no emotion. She could have just as easily said, “Paper or plastic?”

Confused, I asked her to repeat herself. I thought maybe she thought I was someone else she had spoken to before. She asked the question again.

“Yes.” I answered. “Why do you ask?”

She then went on to describe arranged marriages in her native country. With disappointment in her voice, she talked about her own arranged marriage. She spoke with longing about the way marriages are made in the U.S. I listened to her talk more about the custom and why she didn’t think people in her culture should continue the practice.

“You sound lonely.” I remarked. She nodded and then someone came up behind and began placing their items on the belt. She turned her head, ending our conversation.

I left the store saddened. Not because she was married to someone she didn’t love but because she didn’t know the Bridegroom. She didn’t know the One who could fulfill all her loneliness and love her unconditionally. She didn’t know the One who could complete her and make her whole. Because what she needed more than a happy marriage was a relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ.

So many people are lonely and seek to fill that loneliness in ways that could never fill their need. They think the cure to their loneliness is found in change or things or shallow relationships. Or maybe they seek to fill that void through shopping, social networking, blogging, keeping busy, hobbies, the gym, clubbing, or online games.

Even those of us who are believers find ourselves at times lonely, longing for a deep connection with someone else. The ache of loneliness is so intense, we are immobilized and remain stuck in our sadness. Perhaps the loneliness blinds us to what we already have in Christ.

This prayer is for the lonely at heart to seek God at the throne of grace:

Dear Father in Heaven,

I come before you today with a heart heavy with loneliness. I feel like there’s no one who cares, no one with whom I can share the real me. I even feel alone in a crowd of people, like I’m the only one in the room.

Will I ever feel like I belong somewhere? Will I ever feel connected to others? Will I always feel like an outsider?

Even as I pray these words I know I must confess that I’ve forgotten what I know to be true. I’ve forgotten that I am never alone. Because of Jesus’ sacrificial death for me, I have become your child. You have adopted me into a forever family. I’m no longer an orphan wandering alone in the wilderness. Because of Jesus, I am part of a family that is as large as the number of stars in the sky. And as your child, I can come to you whenever I want. I have unlimited access to my Abba, my Father.

Forgive me also for trying to fill my loneliness with counterfeit gods, false substitutes, and temporary pleasures. Nothing and no person can fill the void in my heart that was made for you alone.

Help me to seek you in my loneliness. Help me to find my comfort, not in things, but in the love Jesus secured for me at the cross. I know that you will never leave me or forsake me. Help me in my unbelief. Help what I know to be true to be what my heart lives out as truth.

I pray for others who are lonely that you would show them their need for Jesus, the only perfect Friend. Help them to know that he will never leave them, reject them, or turn away from them. I pray that you would use me to encourage the lonely with the love you’ve given me.

Help me also to do the things I don’t feel like doing–becoming a part of a community of believers, participating and using my gifts, encouraging others, serving and giving of myself. These are all hard to do when I feel this weight of loneliness. But then I remember Jesus and how everyone left him alone in his final hour. And how you had to turn your back on him when my sin was placed on him. That was true loneliness and because of Jesus, I will never have to feel that separation that he experienced. May his great love for me propel me to love and serve and join, even when I am hurt, alone, and wounded.

Give me gospel joy even in my aloneness. Blanket me with your grace and loving kindness to ward off the chill of rejection and loss of friends and family. Help me to feel your presence and trust that you are always with me. May this season of loneliness draw me ever closer to you.

Because of Jesus I pray, Amen.

This article is part of our larger Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can’t find the words to pray.

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Yesterday on the Facebook page, we took prayer requests. One of our precious readers, Joeann, lost her husband two years ago and she is feeling so lonely.  There have been times in my life when I felt deep feelings of loneliness and my heart aches for Joeann. I was thinking about her during my run today. We’re all praying for you, Joeann! May this prayer provide comfort to her and to you.

A Prayer When I Feel Lonely

Dear Father,

Thank you for listening to my heart;

Your patience with me is to be praised.

Today I had that feeling again-

The one where I feel so alone.

It seems that no one understands…

Even my family and friends don’t “get” me at times.

Though I can be in a room full of people,

I feel lonely…

And I feel alone.

I know You said You would never leave me.

Your Word promises this and it’s true.

These feelings are but signs of my human form.

Would You help me to sense Your presence  in my life?

Would You reveal Yourself to me

In a way far beyond my imagination?

Thank you for the peace beyond my comprehension

That can only be provided by You.

In Jesus’ name,


prayer when you feel lonely

Be blessed!

He with earthly cares entwineth, Hope and comfort from above; Everywhere His glory shineth: God is wisdom, God is love. —John Bowring, hymn

I was shopping for a birthday card for my daughter. As I scanned the rows of cards words leaped out at me: “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” “To my beloved wife.” “Happy Anniversary, Husband.” My happy mood was gone and familiar traces of depression settled on me. I was alone with no husband or sweetheart.

“If we can get Guideposts inspirational stories into the hands of people who may not have a devotional life, they can share the true-life stories of how God works in the world. The joy of Guideposts is their free, donated magazines to my hospital.         –Rob C.,  Director of Pastoral Care.

prayer when you feel lonely

Then I glanced at a row of cards with different captions. “Thinking of you.” “Just to say hello!” “To someone all alone.” No, I wasn’t the only lonely person in the world.

When I went home I started writing letters to people that I thought might be lonely. I told them I was thinking of them, that God loved them and I would be praying for them.

I was no longer alone and, suddenly, I no longer felt depressed. I felt God’s love all around me.

Now, whenever I get lonely I write people to remind them that God loves them — and me, too.

How can I be lonely, Lord, when I can reach out to others and to You.

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