Prayer to save my job

by SML (Toronto)

Dear God, & St Jude patron saint for miracles with God’s help, please help me save my closest friends DS’s current job placement. Her job was under appraised and invalidated by a person who was confused and misguided.

This school will surely suffer as will the children without her guidance and consultation. Please help me save her current placement so that her expertise, giudance, and love for the children and her job will keep them on the right path to ensure a good future.

We are in a needy area where the children lack attention love and nurturing. We need all the help we can get to get through to these kids so that they can have bright futures with the right attitude. She knows how to get through to them, help them deal with their anger, and resentment and teach them to work through their problems.

We can’t lose her please help to keep her at our school for the children;s sake and mine. We need a miracle to save her for us.


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