Prayer to conceive

by Susan (Suomi)

Dear Lord God Almighty,

I come to you humbly Lord and thank you for all the many blessings of life that you have given me. I ask Lord, for your forgiveness as to the mistakes I have made concerning my body and my fertility, but I know O Lord that you are able to heal me and reverse the mistake that I have made. You are the giver of life Lord. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my tubes be healed and I am allowed to conceive one more time. All things according to your will God. I will praise you anyway Lord. You know heart God and the desire of my heart. I put my faith and trust in you Lord. Amen

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by Eulanda (Trinidad And Tobago)

dear lord , thank for life and health and strength. forgive my sins and bless the world , even the people who doing wrong and don’t know right from wrong.lord father i was living in a abuse relationship. but i meet someone who i feel like i could have a good relationship with . but i was trying to get pregnant and i realise that after having my son i never get pregnant again. so i when to the doctor and he send me to do some test h.s.g. so i did the test and when it came back it was my left and right tube block. that day when the doctor explain me i will not have a baby until i unblock my tube , i feel so sad and hurt , i feel like i was paiding for my sins and there is no happiness for me .the doctor told me to do the surgery is about 30 thousand dollars , well that get me so week because i didn’t have that KIND OF MONEY, so the doctor join me to the hospital clinic. when i went the doctor finally give me a date after 3 meeting of him for surgery . i did surgery on the 30th 2011 old year morning . it been coming to 1 year since i do my surgery and no luck. father lord hear my cry and supplication open a way for me , lord you have the power to bless my womb and to conceive , o lord have mercy on me please ,if anyone read this please pray for me please.i want to change around my life and be happy , i want to make my boyfriend happy he deserve and lord forgive all my sins i did deeply please thank you lord in jesus name

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